Swaragini-TRUE LOVE IN MY HEART…. Episode 10


Swara shottered and cries while huging siya. She broke the hug and says while crying ” how can i forget that i married girl and sanskar wife. But he did nt love me! Siya! Only i love him. For these my mistake how can i let my family suffer? I loved him my whole heartedly. So i can wait for him my whole life. But for my selfshness my family respect goes at rain. So i take this desition to marry Laksh.”siya asks”what happend swara?” swara says” u will tell all truth to u. I dnt know how many days i waited for to cry my whole heartdly and to let my burdan on heart decreases” and remember the her past.
At same time sanskar sitting at bench at mm garden staring at his photos with swara at his cell. And remember his happy moments with swara.

The flash back,
at agra,

after swasan first meeting. Siya and omi fallen love with each other.
At sanomi room:
sanskar looking photos in the camera. He c his photo holding swara, he remember their meeting, eye lock, fight a smile comes at his face and he thought” why i m feeling something special to her? She did some magic on me. But i cant show it to her!”
at swasiya room:
same thing happend to swara.

On 3rd of the tour:
swasiya roaming at some streets to happily. Siya behind at swara. Suddenly some one grabs siya at small street. Siya shocked. She was about shout a hand close her mouth. It was omi. She become happy and hugs him and confess their feelings to each other.
Swara who was unware of siya left. She unknowingly holds one hand and start draging that person assuming that siya. Swara about to say something she see siya and become shock to c sanskar there. They start arguing each other at blaming each other. Swara”what are u doing there and where is siya?” san” how can i know about your friend. I sure that she went away to u because she cant tolerated by your nonsences talk. How much u told ur chat box?”swara become angry and start throwing some tomattos which is presented on near to her. Same time siya and omi heard the arguging sound of swasan. The tomatto which is swara throws on sanskar hit omi face who come middle of them. Sanskar and omi become shock.

Siya shock and stop at safe distance. Swara whose concentration on throwing tomattos on contineous it but it maximum hit it omi than sanskar. Sanskar also start throwing tomattos on swara but it also hit omi who was trises to escape but unsusfull. At last their faight stops because the tomattos are ended. Siya comes to omi who was like bathed at tomatto jusice. He start crying like child and trises tn clam him. Swasan eyeing each other angryly and their drag their friends with them and they went opposite direction and but they inside become happy with their meeting and fight and feel smothing at their heart.

But swasiya walking on street angrily. Swara felt someone hand at her waist she angrily slaps him and she it was raj and rocky. They are brothers and classmates of swasiya. They are split boys. Raj has crush on swara and racky at siya. They trises to misbehave with both girls. Somehow both girls beat them and escape at that place

Credit to: Bhavani

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