Swaragini-TRUE LOVE IN MY HEART…. Episode 1

At goa,

at evening,
one girl standing at bech, staring at sea, she wored pink dress upto her toes, we only see at her back, now her eyes staring at sea with deep thoughts, tears coming at her eyes, her heir moving with air,thinks” why u lifted me alone, why u cant come for me, why? What i had done to loose u?” she start crying. Suddenly some one came at her back. She says”swara! What are u doing here at alone at this time! U know how i tensioned about u?” swara to listen her voice to hide her tears and with a feak smile turns her side. Now we see the full face swara. With her fake smile and says” ragini!” we know the another girl face. She is our ragini. She wears chudidhar only. Swara says” nting! We are going homena! So i miss this place! So i came to c it last time!” to her self” i miss him too”ragini says” really?”swara says”really!!”then she says”Then ok” swaragini spent some at beach. And they went to their room at resurt. They complete their dinner and went to sleep.

Swara remambers one person sitting in one chiar calling at her”shona” she suddenly wakeup with exicitment. But she relises it is her dream. She c ragini sleeping like a baby, she cares her hair and kisses her forhead and says” i love u lado! Ur my medicine for my wounds! U only my life now! My life reason u only! I love u lado!” lado also says in sleep”i love u too shona!” to hear this swara smiles and thinks” why god u snatched him away to me! When he was with me i m nt dare to tell him about my love! For this mistake u snatched him! Give me one chance to tell him about my heart! Pls god! Only one chance!” and start crying silently and sleeps unknowingly.

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