swaragini: true friendship (episode 9)


Sorry for late updating. . I’m really sorry to make u wait for long.  Here is the 9th part.


One new person has joined.. When he entered the room all looked at him. Mainly all girls lost them. Ragu is not exceptional too.  Because she is simple girl.  Teacher informed all of us about him.  He is manik. He is really handsome and heart throb of everyone. He sit next to Sanksar. After class all are introducing themselves to manik. But Ragu is doing something.
Sanky: Ragu. . What are you doing here? Come here. .
Rag: I’m planning for project work.
Sanky: manik. . This is ragini. . My best buddy and ragini this is manik.
Manik: hello ragini. Nice meeting you.
Ragini: h… hello.

Manik: Sanky.. I got a call from dad. I will meet you tomorrow bye.
Sanky: sure manik. .
Sanky: ragu.. what happens to u?  What’s the kind of wishing hello. is there any problem?
Ragu: nothing Sanky. . I’m ok.  I don’t know how it comes..
Sanky: leave it. Come. Let’s go.
Both go to their homes.
Rag comes to home sees aradhya lying on bed.
Ragu: Di. . U came so Early today?
Aradhya : my classes were over early today.
Rag: oh that’s good di. . Shall we have ice cream?
Aradhya: Sure. First fresh up. Ragu don’t u think we should invite sanky too? 
Ragu: yes di.  I’ll inform him.

At parlour:
They sit at parlour. manik comes there.  Sanky sees him
Sanky: manik. . How come u r here?
Manik: ya.  Actually my sister wanted to have ice cream so we are here.  But she went forgetting her favourite barbie here so I came here to collect it.
Sanky: oh.  Have u collected it. If u r free then join us.
Sanky: di. . He is manik.  Our classmate.
Aradhya: hi manik.  Nice meeting. I must say U look handsome manik.
Manik: thank you. Di. . Do u always come here with Ragu?
Sanky: she is ragu’s sister na.  She will come when ever they feel to go.  They invite me too.
Manik: is she ragu’s sister. I thought ur’s. I’m sorry. 
Ragu: no problem at all.  It doesn’t make any difference manik.
Manik: k then.

Aradhya: what’s your order?
Sanky: chocochips.
Ragu: same here too.
manik: I don’t want any. Sorry.
Ragu: why can’t u?  Just have something.  This is first meeting of ours so u have to.
Sanky: ha manik.  U should.
Ardhya: now tell me ur order?
Manik: anything u r wish.
Aradhya: k then.  Sanky can u please come with me.
They both goes.

Ragu: Manik? Tell me about ur self?  What do you like?  Hobbies?
Manik: what’s there to tell about myself.  I love to be with friends but I don’t have any. I’m feeling bored here.  No one is here to pay with me. I love music a lot and travelling too. I want to join for guitar classes but I didn’t find any. .
Ragu: it’s interesting manik.  Why are u bothering that no one is with u.  We r there na. . We will help u. By the way call me ragu.  My Friends Used To me ragu.
Manik: so we are friends. .
Ragu: yes of course. Don’t take any tension.  We will help you to get music classes and my house is nearer to here.  So u can come to us if u get bored.
Manik: sure. .

Sanky and aradhya come and join them.  They all have chit chat for some time and  go to their home.

At home:
Ardhya: ragu. . What are you thinking?  Y r u smiling?
Ragu: Di. .. actually I wana tell u something. Please don’t tell this to anyone including Sanky.
Aradhya: ha k. Promise.
Ragu: di. . When I see manik entered in our class I felt I’m having wings and my eyes are having sparkles. Butterflies are around me. I felt something very differently. I don’t know why. . But it gave me so much pleasure.  When Sanky introduced him.  I lost words. I was struggling to talk to him. He is so good di. . I got to know him when he is with us at parlour.
Ardhya: hahaha. . Ragu. . It’s all infatuation.  U like him. So u r thinking like this.  It’s All Common In This Age. Just be friendly with him don’t think anything else.
Ragu: sure di. .

Days passes. Ragsanman becomes good friends.

One day:
Manik: today is my birthday day.  U should come to party at evening after classes. Please don’t tell me any excuses.  I don’t want to listen anything from both if u. 
Ragsan agrees.  Ragu goes to aradhya to inform her that she is not going to home with her.
Aradhya is getting tensed.
Ragu: what happened di?  Y u look tensed?
Aradhya: nothing ragu. U go with manik and Sanky.  I’ll go to home. Ragu:k di. Tell me if u need my company.
Ragsanman enjoys in party. Manik drops rag to her home.

Rag enters into her room she doesn’t find di.
Rag: ma. . Where is di. .?
Ma: what? is She didn’t come from college. I thought she too came with u.
Rag: no ma she didn’t come with me.
Ma: then where is she?  It’s too late. . She gets worried. She cries a lot.  Seeing her ragu too cries a lot. Ragini papa go to out for searching her.  Morning he come to home.
Ma: (hurriedly) Where is aradhya?? Have u found her? Tell me. Speak out something(shouts at him)
Papa: (with shivering voice) I didn’t find her anywhere.  I filed a complaint in police station. They are also searching for her.
Aparna breaks with tears for aradhya.  Ragini cries holding her mother.

Sorry guys I tried hard to write this episode good. But I know it’s worst. I’m not at satisfied with my narration this episode. I know u don’t like it too.sorry again u need to bare this for next episode. I will try to write the next part today itself. Thank you for reading.

Credit to: Queeny

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