swaragini: true friendship (episode 8)


Thank you guys. I need your help guys. I don’t have nice pics of swaragini cast. I want some good photo collage of swaragini,  varun and manik. I’m not able to manage those photos. If any one of you good at photo collage please do send me through the link. It’s my humble request. Thanks in advance. . Here is the 8th part. Please comment.

Trip gets started with the pairs who are tied up. All pairs start their trip from different positions in such away that no one meet each other before the cliff.
Ragini follows manik.
Manik: ragu.. talk something.. its so boring.
Rag: what’s there to talk.

Manik: tell me about your self dear. .
Rag: by knowing that what will u do?
Manik: what I will do?  Nothing much. By the way ragu. . U r still like angry bird as always. But I just recognised one thing different.
Rag: what’s that?
Manik: u look beautiful angry bird where as u were cute earlier.
Rag: aha. .? R u flirting me?
Manik: what for? ?

Rag: how could I know. U r telling flirting dialogue so u have to know what for?
Manik: I just said what I feel.  If u any problem then ignore it.
They again start walking holding sticks on their hand. . Meanwhile they found small pound there. There are some rocks. Suddenly rag hear some noise. ..
Rag: manik I heard some noise. Have you heard it. 
Manik: ha. . Ya. But Don’t worry I’m here na. Nothing will happen.
Rag sees backside where she found a snake. . She got afraid. Rag: (with horrific tone) manik. .. She runs to manik who is not aware of these things and looks forward with stick. Ragini runs on manik and hits. Manik turns to hold her but both lost their balance and fell on the muddy pond with screaming voice.  This time ragini is on the top of manik. Both clears mud on their eyes and see each other. Both end up in intense eye lock.

They both comes to sense.
Manik: hello madam. . Will u enjoy being on top me or what?
Rag: what? ???????
Manik: just now what have u said? I am flirting with u right?  Then what are u doing?  See where r u?  It seems that u intentionally jumped on me. Ragu. . Don’t take advantage of solo man in this forest.  Please is there any one.. Please help me from this girl. . He shouts. .
Rag close his mouth with hand.

Rag: stop it… what are u doing? ? If any one listen this what they would think. ? By the way I did not do it intentionally. There was a snake. I was afraid and ran to u but.  Because of this rope I’m over u. Nothing much.
Manik: acha. . Then where is the snake.. show me? ?
Rag: there.. she points the direction.
Manik: but there is no snake. .
Rag: it was there earlier. May be it went.
Manik: k first u get up.

Rag tries to move on the top him. Manik also tries to get up. Because of mud they again fell down this time manik is on top of rag.
Manik gets impressed with the beauty of ragu where as her face and body all are covered with mud.  He places his hand on face and wipes mud on her lips and cheeks. Ragini lost on him. She feels his closeness and feels happy in heart. She composes her self and pats manik’s cheek and ask him to get up.  Both feel bit awkward. Manik wants to divert the topic. Manik laughs loudly. .
Manik: see. . Look at ur self. . U look more beautiful than ever. U looking like a mud devil. But I think something is missing. Ya.. I got it.  He takes some leaves and some small thin sticks and places on her head. Now its perfect… He teases her.

Rag takes out those leaves and sticks and tells
Rag: acha. . Then look at ur self first. U look handsome like this as u always looks devil.. I think it is ur more suitable appearance so far. It really suited u a lot.
Manik: if you done with your talk. Shall we go to clean this. .? I can’t see devil for more time.
Rag: I’m also feeling the same.

Manik: let’s go.  It’s a mud pond means there will be some water over here nearer.  So search for it.  They go to the direction of pond.  They find a water falls. They both go to waterfalls and clean themselves. While cleaning manik able to feel ragini’s beauty and mesmerised. Rag sees him.  Manik turns and cleans himself. They about to go. . Manik stops rag and shows her mud on her waist.  She asks him to turn around and cleans.

Swasan walks sanky keeps on talking to swara..
but swara was lost in thought.
Sanky pats her shoulder.

Sanky: Swara.. where are you? I’m keep on talking to you.  But u r not listening.
Swara: sanky. I want to ask you something personal. Shall we sit and talk for sometime.
Sanky: ya swara. . Sure.
They both sit on rock.
Swara: sanky.. ragini, u and me are besties right.
Sanky: yes.
Swara: I’m new to both of u but u made me feel that you are with me from my childhood. We were very close to each other in such a short span.
Sanky: ha.. I know that.  Y r u telling all this?
Swara: I want to be with you both forever. I want to know about u both guys. Can u Please answer my questions.?
Sanky: sure swara.. y not?

Swara: ragini has one sister right?  Where is she?
Sanky shocked to hear.
Sanky: how do u know about her?
Swara: answer my question.  If u think I’m ur bestie then tell me so that I can share ur pain too because u both always shared on happiness with me.  I want to share my friend’s pain too. .
Sanky: k I’ll tell u everything.  But don’t talk anything about this before ragini. If u speak anything she will feel more bad by remembering her past. I hope u understand.
Swara: ha Sure sanskar.promise.I won’t talk about this with ragini.

Flashback starts:
sanskar: I was at 5th grade. It was my first day to my new school. I went to class late and my teacher scolded me. Everyone laughed at me. I got so angry because I was very arrogant at that time. Richness made me spoiled too. After class I called my father that I don’t want to join this school. But before leaving the school I wanted to take revenge from My teacher so I planned to throw colour on her. Ragu just came in front of me and stopped me.  I was shocked because I know that she is my classmate.
Ragu: sanskar..! What are you doing? U can’t do this.. It seems not at all good.
Sanky: who are you to tell this?

Ragu: I’m ragini. U can call me ragu.  But sanskar y r u doing all this?
Sanky: She scolded in front me. All laughed at me. I want revenge.
Ragu: see sanskar. U were late so she scolded. What’s wrong in that.
Sanky: are can’t u see my pain? Because of her no one talked to me too.
Rag: hey. Don’t think like that. See if u r wrong then u have to be punished. So don’t do any wrong thing so that you should not have to be punished. So bother about at all.  Sanskar.. u said no one is talking to you right.  But I’m here talking with you.  So forgive her for this time.
Sanky: hm. But why are you talking to me?
Rag: I felt bad when all laugh at u.  I thought you are good.
Sanky: oh.  Then shall we be friends. .?
Rag: of course sanskar. ..

Sanky: hey call me sanky.
We both became friends. She changed me a lot.  She thought me what is good and what I’d bad. . She is the only person I liked a lot.  We both became besties.  We both the go to each other’s home frequently. Ragini has elder sister (aradhya). She is nice. She is the reason for ragini’s good behaviour. Rag loved her a lot.  I too loved her.  We trio became one for each other.
We are at 8th grade A tsunami came to our life mainly in ragini’s life.

Credit to: Queeny

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