swaragini: true friendship (episode 7)


Thank you so much guys. . I didn’t expect this much response.  I am very happy that u all liked my ff. but guys u have thrown me in such a situation that I can’t understand to whom I need to pair up ragini. . as I said earlier I will follow majority.  but u guys has given 49% and 51%.  It is very tough for me to decide. as the original track of swargini pair up with laksh so many of you have seen their pair. For a change I opt manik for this time. all have seen raglak so give a chance to manik for current story. u will like it.  I am sorry for lucky lovers.  but guys don’t worry u can imagine namish in manik character if u want.  Just read this story and imagine loved one’s then u will enjoy it a lot. keep reading and commenting. I’m sorry for updating late.  I said I have exams.  so I’m bit busy with studies.  here is the 7th part.
instructor announces the names.
last pair. . ragini and …… manik.
rag is hocked to listen his name..
All clap for them. She sees the person coming in front of her. She sees him and shocked. He is so tall and look handsome.  He is wearing very shaped red t shirt. He is looking really hot. He smiles seeing her.  she acts as normal that she doesn’t bother at all.  sanky observes this all.
instructor: so guys common take 10 mins break and talk with your partner and be ready for trip.
All people go to their respective partners.
rag is lost in thinking.
manik comes to her.
manik: hello ragini. . how are you?
rag: I..I.. I’m fine.
manik: rag. . common.  u r still like this. When we met for the first time u were like this only.  u have not change. I think u have starting problem. He laughs…
rag: no manik.  u r wrong.  I have changed a lot. u can see  my change further.
manik: wow ragu. . It means u want to be with me further. .. that’s sounds really great darling.
rag: yes of course.  I have to be with u until this tour has to finish right.
manik: ya. . We have to be.
rag: how are you?
manik: see.. I’m like this he points him.
rag: oh that’s good enough. If u have done with your talk shall I go to my friends?
manik: oh ya. . sure.  u may go.

mean while swasan:
sanky: hello swara. . do u think u need my introduction. ..? he winks at her.
swara: ha of course. . as u r my partner I need to know about u ryt. what if u have advantage of me?(at her grinning tone)
sanky: aha.? so swara are not u giving me some interesting ideas. He winks at her.
swara: no.. no.. its not like that.  I’m sorry.  I tried to be smart but I can’t be smart with you. By the way I trust my friends a lot.  so I need not worry for any thing.
sanky: k let’s we will ragu. .

Two couples meet each other.
sanky: hello manik.. nice to see u here dude.. how are u?  where are you?  how come u r here manik? ? I am really surprised seeing you.
manik: yes. . it’s really pleasure meeting you all after schooling. I’m fine.  How are u all?
sanky: I’m good. by the way this swara she is our bestie.
manik: nice meeting you….
swara: hello..While they are talking.
ragsan talk each other.
rag: sanky. This is not coincidence.. I know it.  u did it right?
sanskar feels that his truth got out but acts normally.

sanky: what r u talking about?  I didn’t understand.
ragu: don’t act smart.  I catch ur lie. I know u have planned all this.. but I don’t understand why r u doing all this? It doesn’t make any difference.
sanky: I know what makes dear.  just enjoy the trip.
swara manik comes to them. They depart.
instructor: so guys. let’s start the trip.  here we will spend 2 days and one night.  We will reach the zeneath and stay there to night.  tomorrow we will come back. One more thing. The theme for this trip is “two be with you”. We will tie the two partners with small rope so u guys need to reach with other’s support. It will be protective to go anywhere without that.  Don’t worry the rope is of 10 feet distant to ea c how other.  I hope u all understand. All clap and start. .
manik wear a band is tied to ragini waist band. swasan too tied up. They start their trip.


sorry for late and short episode. I will upload next episode with God length. Once again Thanks a lot for your response.

Credit to: Queeny

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