swaragini: true friendship (episode 6)


Thank you readers. here is sixth part. guys I want one new male character name. u r suggestions are needed. Please do comment.
1. lakshya
2.  manik

recap: Episode 5

same day at night:
all gather at dinning table.  sanky introduces swara and ragu. dadi already knows ragu well.
swara: namaste dadi ji. she bends to get blessings.
dadi impresses with swara and blesses her. ragu says hi dadi.
dadi: hello beta. . sanky told that it’s ur trip. I was disappointed  because he would not have a quality time with me. But he promised me that after ur trip he will be with me only after 15 days. so I agreed.  but I can see that he is more happy than ever. something has happened to him.  He really enjoyed ur company very well it seems.
ragu: yes dadi,He is. . I too can see his happiness. but do u know the reason?
dadi: what’s the reason beta. .?
rag: it’s swara dadi. I was always with him.  But time we have our bestie swara with us.  so we are very happy. All smile. .
dadi: ha ragini. u r correct. by the swara. . will you tell me something about u?
swara: ha dadi ji.  I’m swara from calcutta. my father is doing small business and mom is house wife. I am only daughter.  I don’t have siblings.
dadi: ha good beta. I know that single babies always pampered like our sanky but u doesn’t seems like that?
All laughs seeing sanky. ..
swara: ha dadi. . I too pampered but dadi we are middle class people so I know my limits so I adjust myself when I didn’t get them and ma,  papa also feels bad when I get sad.  so I’m happy with what I have dadi.
dadi: u r so nice swara.
sanky: will u both fill ur stomach with food or with ur talking? All laugh.  They all start eating.  dadi goes to room.
night the trio go to bandhra worla sea link.  It is fabulous to see.  It gives the feeling that we are at a place where we are in the universe the lights resembles as stars and beneath of bridge we can see the sea. They come at late night and sleep.

first day at sanky’s home:
all get ready at 10′ 0 clock.  The trio gathered.
sanky: let’s go
swarag: but where??
sanky: come first then u will know it. 
They go to Hakone in Mumbai. They have participated in races and they have all the amusement works there.  time passes.  It becomes 5’0 clock at evening. sanky: guys come with me. He takes them to a place where helicopter is there.  girls surprised and shouts at a time. . yay… wow. ..
sanky: shall we go for a ride to view the whole Mumbai during sun set? ?
girls: wow. .. yes.  They are very excited.
sanky: let’s go. .
They get into helicopter. They shouted many times seeing the beauty of city and sea at sunset.  The sea is like orange gold red colour when the sun set rays touching them. After getting down the helicopter girls come to sanky.
swara: wow. . sanky it is really amazing.  I didn’t have this experience ever in my life. Thanks a lot. she hugs him with excitement. sanky too hugs her. They both leave after few minutes.
ragu: ha sanky it’s really awesome.  Thank you so much darling she hugs him. They come to home night.
They talk a lot what they did that day with dadi.  dadi is very happy seeing all the kids. she blessed all to be happy like this rest of the life. She has good chat with kids.  she tells how sanky was playful in childhood. how he used to play pranks. how talented he is an all to swarag.  Trio slept while listening. dadi sees and covers bed sheets on them.
2nd day at sanky’s home. .
All wake up and goes to respective rooms and get ready. at dining hall
rag: so. . what is plan for today.
sanky: I didn’t plan much. shall we go to H2o water spot?
rag: k then I will the clothe according to it. She goes and get ready with fitting capri and sleeves less full length top. swara wear something fitting clothes because we will go to sea about 3 km so if wear loose clothe u can’t manage.
swara: but u know na ragu. . I ever wear such type of clothe and I have fitting clothes too.
rag: don’t worry.  I have na.  use mine. she gives one t- shirt and fitting 3/4 th pant.  she looks good. ragu do some make up to swara They come out.
sanky shocked seeing her.
sanky: wow swara. . u r really looking good. I can’t believe u wear this type. but they are nice. let’s go.
They go to park. One if sanky and rag friend meets them.
raj: hello sanky.. hi ragu. . How are both. . It’s really pleasant surprise. .
sanky: hi dude.. same here. How are you dude? he hugs him.
raj: I’m good. He shakes hand with ragu.
rag: hi raj. . I has been long time we meet. where are you?  how come u r here?
raj: guys I am studying in London. I cam here on vacation. today my friend asked me to meet here.  But he did not come. I’m happy that u r here.
sanky: come with us until ur friend comes. by the way she is swara.  Our best friend.
raj: hello nice to meet u.
swara shakes hand.
raj: swara what type of cloths u wore?  see here all wore short one’s and u. .?
sanky interrupts him.  dude.. she is comfortable with this.  don’t say anything. He keeps his hands around her shoulder.
swara sees him and smiles. she sees all women wearing bikini and all gents wore small shorts with bare upper body.
They go there. It is a water adventure park. sanky prefers for jet skiing. He asks both the girls.  ragu nods happily. but she tells him that she will join raj and swasan to carry on. ragu know that swara could not able to be comfortable. swara nods no. .
rag: go swara. . u would love it.  trust me.  sanky is there na. . nothing going be happen.  go. .
sanky gets changed and comes.  He comes with short and he wore sleeveless banyan. 
swara was struck with widened eyes.  she changes her expression before he sees her expression. she feels he is hot. .
sanky: come swara. . They both go for adventurous ride. He raises speed.  swara shouts and holds him so tightly. sanky decreases speed now. She still holds him tightly and shouts with excitement. They both feel something with the touch. but they ignore it.  They come back to starting point where lucky and rag already there waiting for them. They spent some time and raj leaves to meet his friend.
next day:
trio go for shopping and buys things and have dinner they reach home evening. They about to go their rooms.
sanky: swaragini. . wait. I planned for trekking tomorrow.  It’s a day plan so u both be ready at early morning.
swarag agree n goes. morning they got up ready n comes. trio reach to pavel place where it is located in sahyadri hills.  They meet instructor there. There are so many people in the camp.
instructor: hello guys.. I’m naik. I’m ur instructor. I want you to be group of pairs. so we all can go with good company.  but I don’t want any match fixing. so I will pick up chits of all people in today’s camp. The chits decide their companion. First names sheela and ranveer. second pair surbindar and Tina…. swara and sanskar.  They both feel happy. The last couple is ragini and…………. ragini curious to listen her companion. 
episode ends.

guys I know you all love namish but some people hate lakshya’s character in original plot of swaragini. but it’s not fault of namish. . so I prefer namish for lakshya character.  If u don’t want his name then imagine parthsamthan in that character. now my question is that what is your preferable name for ragini’s companion.? is it 
lakshya ?
Please suggest your choice. . comments are needed.

I’m writing this much long episode for 3 to 4hrs of time but I’m getting less than 10 comments everyday. This indicates no one likes my story and narration. sometimes i feel that I’m wasting my time writing all this.  may be it’s common for all new writers.  but I can’t take it more because I have very important exams ahead. so I will end this ff with in this week. I wanted to stop here itself. I dont like people left things in middle. so I wont do that.  so probably I will end this with in few episodes.  Thanks a lot for ur support.  I’m really thankful to you. I’m Sorry if I hurt anyone.

Credit to: Queeny

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