swaragini: true friendship (episode 5)


Thank you folks for your support.  here is the fifth part.
Episode 4

next 3 days passed by visiting to essel world and adlabs imagica and gateway of India.  They have taken more selfie, groupie..
trio enjoyed to maximum extent.  mainly swara loved it. because everything is new to her. She impressed with the recreation activities in those parks. They all don’t know when the four days got over.  days passed as seconds.  but they all had really a great time where they capture every moment in  their heart.
last day at ragini’s home has come.
swara packing all her baggage. ragu went to sanky for some work.  While collecting things she got one dairy she sees it and reads.  It was ragini’s dairy when she was at 8th class. she has seen one photo with in it. In that photo two girls are smiling.  swara recognises ragini but she has no idea of another girl.  She wanted to know about that. . so she has started to read the diary.

its a nice moment to write what I’m feeling.. I enjoyed a lot with my Di. . she is world’s best sister I have ever.  I love her a lot not only as a she pamper me but also she is my guide, lovable cute sis. she always give happiness to everyone.  she is so good at heart. I also imitate my sis to be seen like my sis as I think she is the most beautiful and wonderful girl in  this world.
swara holds photo:  ragu u have sister.. u didn’t tell me before.  she is so cute.  yes u were right.  she is the most beautiful girl.  She is perfect as u described her.  But why u didn’t tell me about her? ?
Di. . I remember when I was small u were climbing the tree to get me mango. I remember the bruise on your body while plucking the mangoes. I remember when you gave all ur gifts and toys that papa gave you( he already given mine). u always protected me from scoldings even when I was wrong you were with me to tell what was good and bad. Di I remember the way we both go to school by doing all masti. . I remember each and every moment of us Di. . I won’t forget all. .
swara thinks what great bonding? it seems ragu loves her a lot.  But where is she?  she didn’t mention me anything before??
She turns the page.
rag: di. .. I’m sorry di. . I’m really sorry. . It was my mistake. .. I was really mistaken. .. If would not leave u alone u would have been with us now.  I’m the reason for ur death. . I’m selfish di. . I have seen my happiness.. yes I’m murderer..
swara shocked.. and continues reading it..I don’t how much pain u were going through di. . I was not able to see u in that condition di. . I felt dying when I saw u that position. di. . I can’t imagine my life with out u. .   she turns the pages but all were blank. ..
swara was shocked.. what happened?  what happened to her? ? I don’t know anything.  I can’t ask ragu. . I can’t ask aunt too.
swara is very disturbed. swara decided to ask this to sanky who may know all about this. 
She places the diary in original position and waits for ragu. .

ragini with sanky:
sanky tomorrow we will come to your home.  have done all the arrangements?
sanky: yes ragu. . I have done all. But I don’t know how papa react with you.  I mean u know him already so no problem.  But what’s with swara? ? I thought that papa will be out of station as per his schedule. . but what if he comes in this week? ? but don’t worry I’ll manage all.. but I am very happy. I’m eagerly waiting for you both to show my hostage.
ragu: ha baba. . I already know na. .
sanky: ragu. . can I ask you something?
rag: ha sanky.  ask? ? when I said anything wrong when u ask me? ?
sanky: hmm. . why did u lie when I ask about the dream house at the beach. .
rag: when was I lied sanky. .? it was not lie. .
sanky: so have u forgot him? ?
rag: no. . I don’t and won’t too…
sanky: then why didn’t you meet him? ?
rag: sanky don’t u know the reason.
sanky: I know.. but. .. k leave all that. . will you talk to him if he meet u. . u understand what I’m telling right? ?
ragu: hm I understand. I don’t know I would talk to him are not. . first let the time comes to meet him.
sanky feels happy and they talk about all the matters.
ragini comes to her room. . she finds swara mood off. .
rag: swara what happened u look like u r mood off. .
swara: nothing like that ragu.
rag: acha. . so u feel not going from here right?
swara: yes ragu. . its very beautiful here.  I loved this place and aunty.
ragu: swara if you want we can come here for every holiday. . swara we all go to sanky’s home.  u will enjoy there too. . so be happy ma darling. ..
swara smiles and nods.
rag: that’s my baby doll. . she hugs her and pulls her cheeks. .
now get ready we will go to sanky’s home…
sanky comes to ragini’s home to pick up them. swarag bids bye to aunt and leaves. . swara is silent thinking of that diary.  sanky observes her..
sanky: what happened swara?  y are u upset?
rag: she doesn’t feel to leave my home she loved it seems. .
sanky: oh that only. . then don’t worry swara. . We will do so much fun at my home. . swara smiles and act as normal.
at last they reach maheswari’s mansion. .
There is big gate. . where security came to open the door after listening to car Hourn. They go inside and stop at main door.  its big mansion.  It’s just like a palace.. There is a big garden. and well maintained too.  swara sees the around there.
swara: sanky is it ur home or palace.  u have a such a big house and it is good. and garden is superb.
sanky: thank you swara. . come inside swara. u will find even more interesting things. . guards picks up language and places in respective rooms which is instructed by sanky.
trio comes to main hall which is fully furnished and clean.  There are lot of royal paintings. They are nice. . come swara.. I’ll show you all the house.
rag: sanky u r giving much importance to swara now a days. u didn’t ask me anything. what’s going on? she gives grinning expression.
sanky side hugs ragu. . hey ragu. u have seen all this before an. . but swara is new to here.  so I’m asking her. don’t say this again.  u both are my best friends that means u both have equal importance. now come..
swara smiles and they go to all rooms.  All rooms are very neat and we’ll maintained. In each room one middle class family happily stays. They are that much big. There is a swimming pool besides garden area.

  at last they reach to sanky’s room. as usual it is also big room with royal blue painting and having small chandelier at the center.  The total roof ceiling designing is like clouds passes and stars appear in between. One of the wall there are lot of trophies. One side guitar is hanged. another corner there is small football goal area. the are two foot balls there. There two seaters beside his lavish bedside. there is big lounge with flower pots. 
swara observes all this.
swara: it’s very nice sanky.  your room is fabulous.  u know I loved it.  sanky you didn’t tell me before that u know guitar. ?
sanky: oh that.  We didn’t have any of the topic so I didn’t tell u. I know guitar.  I play guitar when I feel more emotional either it is happiness or sorrow.
swara: that’s really good.  I want to listen when u play guitar in happy mood.
sanky: sure swara. .
ragu jumps on the bed. oh I’m tired.
sanky: what have u done that u r so tired??
ragu: don’t u know what I have done.  I have walked 1 km continuously last 15 minutes.
sanky: what? ?
rag: yes  da. . u are shoeing all the houses and rooms all over the place right.  I’m getting leg pain. she winks at him.
sanky: so u tired so early. .
rag: ha….
sanky: then u will get tired even more.. He throws pillow on her.
rag takes another pillow and hits him mistakenly it hits swara. now swara start hitting rag with another pillow.  trio hit one another and finally get tired and fall of  bed and laughs loudly.
swara: sanky. who all live here. We are shouting from so much time but nobody comes here. .? is here anyone else other than we and servants.
sanky:ha swara. .mom and dad are divorced.  my dad is busy businessman so he always in business trips. mom is  staying separately. I go to mom sometimes.  I have dadi. I think she went to temple. she may come soon. We have relatives here but all money minded they all r staying in overseas. that’s it.
swara: oh. . so what do u usually do in free time? ?
sanky: i will be with friends and play games that’s it.
rag: hey u r so boring yar. . u talking like new couple talking at marriage proposal time. sanky u tell me what are plans to this 5 days? ?
sanky: I have lot of plans. . but let be surprise for now.

Credit to: Queeny

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  1. so nyc…. keep swasan scenes more yaar

    1. Thank you dear. yes I do as per of the story line.

  2. Nice dr

    1. Thank you hayathi. .

  3. Plz…..dnt pair up ragini wth laksh….I lve theju

    1. hahaha. . I introduce new character.. if u would like to see lakshya then imagine him. If not u can imagine path Samathan(manic from kaiser Yeh yariyaan)in that character for your convince. .

  4. Hey write abt rags also

    1. Yes of course.. I could not able to wrote more scenes because it’s about her truth and rag also very well about sanky. swara is new to the atmosphere so her feelings are more appropriate to describe all incidents. anyway first experience of any unexpected/surprised is awesome so i tried to convey all in swara’s point of view. I hope u understand my point. .

  5. Ultimate update next part soon

    1. Thank you divya shankar. . I’ll try to update soon. I think it will be uploaded tomorrow’s morning. Please don’t mind me dear.

    1. Thank you ammu dear. .

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