swaragini: true friendship (episode 4)

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Episode 3
swaragsan disappointed.
rag: even though I’m kidding u both. I don’t like the feeling of leaving you for this month.
sanky: hey guys. . don’t be sad. . I have an idea. . 
swaragini: what? ?
sanky: as I and rag living in Mumbai we both can meet each other daily.  but what about you?  so I thought that why should not we all go to ours houses for one week and spend quality time there? ? I mean we three can go to rag’s home and spend one week.  Then mine. . next swara’s.
rag: wow. . such a nice idea. .
swara: it seems good idea.  But I can’t take sanky to my home as it will be problem in my house..
trio disappointed. .
sanky: hmm mm. ……. swara if I come to your home then it’s a problem.  If I stay at hotel then? ?
rag: ha.. swara. . It sounds good. They all decided their plan and informed to their parent that they are going to friends home for week and they started.

Mumbai at ragini’s home:
call in bell rings. . ragini’s mother(Aparna) opens the door.
rag: mom. … she shouts and hugs her so tightly.  ragini mom feels so good on seeing her.
Aparna: beta. . so my naughty at last came to home.. I’m so happy today.  She sees swasan. . hello beta. . come inside. .
hello aunty swasan greets her. I know beta u both are staying with us.  I was very happy when rago tell about you so many times.  I’m very happy to see u swara.. and u sanky… my naughty boy. . u have not informed me anything about your admission. she twists his ear. .
sanky: aunty I’m really sorry.. I won’t do it again. .
aparna: that’s good.. I will prepare some thing for u.
aparna ready to leaves..
swara: aunty may I help you in cooking?
aparna: beta. . do u know cooking? that’s good. . but u take rest. u just came na.
sanky: but aunty I’ll help u by finishing your food. 
aparna: arey.. sanky. u do that usually.  what’s new in that? ?
All smiles at their conversation.
rag: guys. . come on.. let’s get fresh up. sanky u can use guest room.  swara come to my room dear. .
They all fresh up and had dinner with all jokes.  everyone enjoys the moment.  swara loved the way aunty mingled with them.
All to go to their rooms and sleeps.

next day night at 12:
sanky goes to swarag room and wakes them up.
sanky: swara. . ragini. . get up. ..
rag: sanky… what? ? is it morning. .? I still feel that just now I slept. .
sanky: hey rag. . its 12.  not morning. .
swara: y did you wake up now? ? with sleepy tone.
sanky: for u only. . you have not seen beach right. . it is very good to see peaceful sea at night. u know you would if you see us  rising and sun set. . so now come. . We will go to beach. .
swarag: what? ? now? ?
sanky: it’s ok come.  We can’t get more time. We have only 10 days in Mumbai.  so we need to use every minute.
swarag agree with him and gets ready while sanky goes to arrange remaining things. .
They come out of home slowly.  sanky comes in a car.
swara: hey how did you manage?
sanky: it’s my car. . I called my driver here I’m with my car. . and swara. . you will waste time by questioning?? just come we have a lot to do in night. . come fast. .
rag: ya sanky is correct.  come. .
All are seated.
sanky: now we will go for a long drive in beach road. .
swarag: wow. . They are so excite. ..
sanky opens the top of the car.  Both swarag stand and both stretches their hands
outside Mumbai. . at beach. . traffic free road. The street lights are flashing like stars. . The sound of sea is just like a melody music.. The blissful wind is giggling their bodies. total the beauty of nature is making them more crazy.  swara is so excite and she feel that this moment the time has to stop. she enjoyed a lot. .
swara: wow…sanky thank you so much. . its really very beautiful. . its is really like a miracle for me. . I loved this place.
sanky: stop swara. . For this only. I have many more for u. . just enjoy.  I want you both to enjoy maximum. 
rag: haha. .. I enjoyed this so many times still every time it seems fresh to me.. every time I feel that it’s new.  and this time it’s really very special. . because this my buddies are with me.. I would love to be with u forever. . but. .. she lost. .
sanky: Hey rago. . u will be with us. . then what’s the question of buts?? He stops the car and hugs her.  swara joins them yes buddy we always be together.
They all break hug.
swarag drags sanky to the beach and they play with water and they all sprinkle water on each of them.  Trio hold their arms and play in water.  They tired.
sanky: hey its 4.30 now.  We can wait for one more hour  so that we can see sun rise. .
swarag excited. They do time pass by building temples and houses with sand telling their dreams of own houses and childhood moments and by seeing the sparkles of stars and counting them.
rag built a small house..
sanky: rago. . For whose this house is? ? I know for whom u have made it. It is for u and him right? ?
rag gives him a angry look.
swara: what? ? sanky what are talking about? ? What’s going on that I don’t know?  Please tell me.
sanky: it’s her love story swara.  I  our school rago has crush on our senior.  she used to tell us that he will be my better half.
rag: stop it sanky.  its all past.  I didn’t made this for them.  I did this for me.
swara: ragu. . u r cheater.  u didn’t tell me about this. .
rag: no swara.. its not serious.  its just crush at that time.  Just infatuation.
swara: hmm k.
sanky: do u have any like this swara? ?
swara: no sanky. . I didn’t feel any one interesting so far. . because I didn’t have friends in boys. u r the first one I have. 
sanky: oh. . thank u.. sanskar is the great as I’m the first one. .
Every one laughs.  The time comes.
All see the sun rising and feels the pleasant. The first rays of touching their feet which their feet is feeling the coldness of water.  It is not expressible.  no words are enough to describe that moment indeed feel it. 
rag watches the clock: oh god its 6. We have to go to home.  come.
They go home. . aparna already wakes up and arranging things.  They silently goes to their room with out her notice.
They take rest for the day
next day sanky takes them to decent pub.  its very new to swara but she liked it.  ragsan arranage a good company. The trio starts dance. . but swara doesn’t dance.  ragsan makes her dance with small steps.  she enjoys..
next day they go to temples and holy and heritage places…
last day at rag home.
The time comes to go to sanky’s home.

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