swaragini: true friendship (episode 2)

Hello guys.. thanks for ur support.. Here is the second part.
Episode 1
ragini: oh sorry. I forgot to introduce my self I’m ragini.. she extend her hand.
swara smiles and make shake hand. I’m swara.. nice to meet you..
ragini is a semi modern girl who always in western cloths but she don’t follow trend. she is from well educated family who gave her much freedom and she too know how to handle her freedom in a good manner. she is very particular about her doings. she strictly follows her time table. she is a strong enough girl. She has good attitude. she can mingle with anyone. There are lot of qualities in ragini but no one can find them. only her beloved one’s only knows her well.
ragini: swara.. nice name.. where are you from??
swara: I’m from calcutta. by the way may I know where are you from?
rag: oh yes.. I’m from Mumbai. and swara please stop talking to me formally. just be friendly. chill yar..
swara smiles and sees the time.
oh my god it is first day to college. I’m still on bed. I need to get ready early.
rag: yes swara.. u have to.. ask me if u need any help here…
swara goes to washroom and ragini picks her stuff and put them perfectly. swara wear a baby pink anarkali dress. she is elegant. she apply kajal which gives more glory to her sparkling eyes.swara gets ready. ragini wears shoe. swara prays to god asks ragini to pray as it is first day to college. but ragini denies her.
rag: swara.. please I don’t believe in all these things. I don’t believe in God. i believe divinity in human. Unfortunately no one has that but at least I expect humanity.. she lost in thoughts and she comes out of it and realises swara is staring at her. ragini diverts the topic. you carry on and come fast.
swara confuses and thinks What kind of person she is?? I feel she is correct but at the same time I feel she is very deep hearted person. my heart saying that she has bad experience.. she looks at watch she is getting late so she ignores her and she finishes her puja. They both ready to go college.

They both enter into college campus. suddenly one person come forward to swaragini. After seeing him ragini face is glowing. . she shouts sanskaar. ….. u… she goes to him and hug him tightly. . He too hug her. .
rag: sanky. . u here. . u didn’t tell me about this.. how come u r here. .. I’m really very surprised seeing u here. .
sanky: I know ragini I want to see your expressions so that I didn’t tell this u before.. It is very good to see you darling. .
They both talk each other now ragini remembers swara is there.  so she introduces sanky to her. .
rag: sanky this is swara. . my room mate and my first friend in the campus. and swara.. This is sanskaar.  my buddy from schooling.
sanky: hi nice to meet you.  He is about to hug her but swara gets about this so she extends her hand. . He got to know that she is somewhat  reserved type girl. .
swara: hi. . nice to meet you.
rag: guys let’s go to class. its getting late.

at class:
Small formal introduction given by principal which is further carried out with the college rules. All get to know that these rules are very hectic but they have no option other than following. They find something interestingly that everyone of the student must select on social activity and extra circular activity other than studies.  Every one opted their.  now its turn for our trio….

rag: I want to be social media campaigning group. I opt for karate class for extra circular activity.
The lecturer is quite impressed with her selection.
swara: I want to join in social media campaigning and join in music group.
sanky: well my options are social media campaigning and foot ball. The class is over and everyone go to canteen. seniors come to there. . Every one think that seniors are dominating and they will do ragging and all. . but twist for their opinion. . seniors all welcome the juniors.  One guys gives speech to get all extention.
guy: hello guys. . All of u think that we r seniors and u r juniors. so u need to be afraid of us. . but here in our campus it’s all prohibited.. be as u r.. don’t hesitate to talk with us. if you have any problem u can come to us. We are there for u. but give respect to us and be professional. One more interesting point we all are planning for freshers treat we will give u all the details later.  We have innovative room. . If u have any good ideas y can come to us. . Thank you guys. you please carry on. ..
All the students clap for him.  They really feel they are happy as their seniors are very good..
afternoon classes are going by some of lectures. 
evening after college: the trio are walking to hostels. 
rag: guys. . college is so good no. . I really liked it.
sanky: yup ragini. . it’s very nice. .
swara is calm.
sanky: swara what are you thinking. .?
swara: nothing sanky I’m happy. But I’m feeling home sick I didn’t leave my parents ever before. she is at verge of  tears.
rag and sanky see each other and divert the topic.
sanky given hand kerchief to her.  She feels odd. .
swara: why sanky. ? what’s the need of it? ?
sanky: u need it more for now dear. .  see.  your face become red and your eye balls become as foot ball and see your nose becomes red.  u r such a kiddo swara. . u r just look like joker.
swara gets angry. .
swara: what…!!! what have you said? ? am I looking kiddo to u? ? am I joker? ?? sanky.. how mean you are? ? u r a joker not me.. u r such a rude. . I don’t want to listen anything. She folds her hands.
sanky: acha. . see you r really such a dumbo. . u r really a kid. . He again teases her.
swara gets more angry. .
swara: sanky stop it.. If you again tell this again I won’t leave you. .
sanky: aha…? What will you do. .? I will again say that. .
swara: sanky. . she shouts and goes to hit him.  sanky runs. . swara to runs behind him. . They both are busy in hitting and laughing. . ragini feels happy seeing both of them.  ragini goes to them
guys please stop now. Let’s go to canteen.
The trio leave to canteen. After that all they go to respective hostels.
swaragini at room.
swara remembers swasan fight and she realises his caring.
swara: ragini. . I’m feeling bad. .
rag: y dear? ?
swara: sanky wanted to divert my mind but I hitted him.
rag: don’t worry ma. . He is nice guy.  He won’t feel bad.
swara: but I’m feeling bad.  I want to apologise him.
rag: sure.  give him a call and sat sorry.
swara calls to sanky.
swara: hello. . sanky. .
sanky: ya.. who is this??
sanskaar: oh swara. . u tell me.. why have called me suddenly is everything okay? ?
swara: yes sanky. . everything is okay.  I want to tell u some thing.  I’m really sorry.  I hitted you hard.  u have done all that to divert my mind right.  But I behaved like a kid..
sanky: no swara. . its ok. u felt better after hitting me right.  then it’s good. but swara let me tell one one thing. u said u behaved like kid but it’s wrong. u r really a kid. .  He burst out laughing. . she too smiles and enjoys.
swara: sanky u again started…
sanky: ok ma.. I won’t say it again. don’t cry now.
swara: hmm.. sanskaar let’s be friends..
sanky: sure my buddy. take care of my ragu darling..
swara: sure. . bye.  good night.
sanky: good night..
episode ends…..

Please guys comment your opinions. . so that I could do any changes if required… Thank you guys. ..

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  1. Twinj forever

    excuse me u have the same dp as mine

    1. Sorry dear I have not seen yours. If have seen urs then I would not use as my dp. I’ll change from next episode. and by the way I know very well that no one has patent rights of generalised dp. so u should not worry about that. .

    1. Thank you dear.

  2. Nicee let rag nd san be friends only i want to see a strong friendship bond btwn them

    1. Don’t worry dear. I too didn’t fix for any pair. . I don’t want that too. . rag swara sanky are good friends for now. and u will get to know more what’s between them in upcoming episodes. Thank you for ur support. keep following the story.

  3. U did nice job dear… loved it

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  4. soo cute n bonding between trio is super cool

  5. so nyc….. keep swasan scenes yaar

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    1. Laksh entry will be grand. But his entry will take some time.. I cant say when it will be. But i can say that his entry make the story curious… Wait n see

  9. Thank u dear. U can see their strong bonding in upcoming episode

  10. Thank u dear. I’l try. But as per my story i cant concentrate only on swasan. But there will be more swasan which u would like it.

  11. Wow its just awesome

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  13. Loved your ff.plz make laksh’s entry soon.

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