swaragini: true friendship (episode 10)


Thank you for baring my ff guys. . Here is tenth episode.
Previous episode:

Ragsanman bonding.  Aradhya missing. .

Total night passed still ragu family didn’t get any information about aradhya. Police also searching for her. Afternoon Police inspector calls ragini’s family to come to hospital as he has some news regarding aradhya. Family goes there.

At hospital:

Ragini’s papa: inspector why have u called here ? Is everything okay?  How is my child? Please tell me something.

Aparna gets worried.

Inspector: sharma ji.. don’t get tensed. But we have a bad news for you. When we get ur compliant we searched her everywhere.  But we got one call after from an unknown person that one girl is laid on isolated area. When we went there we found aradhya there. We got her admitted here and informed u.

Papa and ma: (Shocked).
What happened to my aradhya? ? Is she alive? How can be she alone at that isolated place. .?

They shouted. Ragini listening all this from one corner.

Inspector: sorry sharma ji. . Sorry to tell u this. She was gang raped.

Parents shocked?
Parents: what? ?

Inspector: I know u will hurt but it’s my duty to tell u what happened there. when we reached there we saw her lying on the floor naked. She is having so many bruise on her face. She has so many rashes on her body. We found strong hand prints on her body which indicates that she is slapped hardly. We got to know that she is molested after seeing her position. She still has breathe so we admitted here. She is in ICU. U need to ask doctor for her condition. We don’t know anything about who has done this. But we will find them very soon.

Aparna and sharma breakdowns.  They didn’t expect this all.  It’s all shocked. The ground under their feet got shaked. They cried loudly. Ragini got scared listening all this.

Doctor comes out from icu and asks for her parents.

Aparna and sharma: doctor. . How is my daughter? ? Is she alright? ?

Doc: now she is in critical situation. She is civiourly injured. She was gang raped. She was rape by 5 members. They treated her very harshly. She is just 17 years old she can’t handle that much pain. She is internally bleeding in abdominal. She has multiple fractures.major fractures occurred at her rib.by her position I can say that She was struggling a lot but the people didn’t leave her it seems. She tried to protest them. So they attacked her and beaten her very badly. We can’t tell her current situation but all I can say is she is in very critical condition.  At this time she need to be more strong to respond our treatment.

Parents: can we see our daughter once?

Doc:i should say no. . but as parent I can understand ur pain.  u can see her once. Please don’t cry in front of her. Give her courage to fight with situation. May be by ur words she may get strength. Please don’t make her week.

Aparna listens all this and goes to see her.  She sees aradhya. She can’t see her in that position.  She is not able bare all this. Suddenly all her vision got blurred and she collapsed. All hold her and make her seated. She get consciousness.

Aparna: aradhya. . What happened with you.  Why this all happened with my Child.  She is so good. She even never harmed any person unknowingly. Then how had all this happened with her. 

She cried loudly. Her tears flooded. All people at hospital got tears seeing her pain.

Ragini doesn’t understand all clearly but she clearly understand that her Di is suffered a lot and she has gone through so much pain. She cried a lot by holding her parents.

Sanky family also come there. Sanky is with ragini. Manik also comes there. They go to ragini. She holds them so tightly.

Rag: (sorrow voice with swelling eyes which are still shedding tears ) Sanky. . . See. . What happened with Di. . I don’t understand what happened with her.  But what all I understood is she was beaten hardly.  She is so nice na. How could any one think to harm her? She was undergone so much pain.  Why this all happened with Di. . See ma and papa crying a lot. . I can’t see them like this. I can’t see di in that position. Doctor said that She is in critical condition. It is very tough to recover her. she screams di. . She cries loudly. .

Sanky has tears in his eyes and wipes her tears and hugs her consoles her with heavy tone.

Sanky: ragu.. see me.  See.. nothing will happen to di. She will get fine.. don’t worry. God is always with us. He will get her fine. Don’t worry.  Just pray god that everything will be good. Have u seen di. ?

Ragu: no Sanky. . Doctor asked us to see her once. But mom and dad had seen her once. I want to see her once but they didn’t let me go to her as they thought I’m not enough courageous to see he like this. But I want to see her.  I want to tell her that I need her the most. she still crying.

All listen this. Sharma ji crying seeing her daughter’s position. He understands ragini’s pain so he asks to go and see aradhya. .
Ragini reminds doctor words to be strong in front of aradhya. So she wipes her tears.

She pushes ICU door.  She sees aradhya lying on bed unconsciously. She doesn’t have sense too.  She has bandages on hands and legs. her body is covered with only blanket. She has so many bruises on her beautiful face. She is breathing through oxygen mask.  All pulse detectors and medical equipment is there besides her. Ragini is shocked to see her like this. But she controls her emotions for aradhya. . She goes near her places her hand on aradhy’s hand.

Rag: di… pleas get up di. . Nothing happened to u. We will be there for u di. . Just be strong. Please get well soon di.  I want to be with u.  I want to have ice cream with u.  I want u share all my feelings with u.  I want to play with u.  I want to be every moment with u. Pleas di. . Please get up for my sake. I won’t go anywhere leaving u. I want to listen ur stories di.  Please get up. She cries. . Suddenly she feels aradhya hand moment which she has hold. Ragini smile seeing her.

Aradhya: smiles (hardly collecting words to speak)ragu. . I can’t be with u forever.

Rag;: di. . Please don’t say that.

Aradhya: promise me ragu..
Please take care ma and papa.  Be a good girl. U r my angel and always be.  I won’t be alive.  I know that. It’s very paining ragu. I can’t bear all this. Promise me ragu.. promise me u will be strong and make everyone happy. I…. I… love. ……..u………… she lost her last breadth.

Rag screams di. …. All comes inside the room and doctor checks her.

Doc: I’m sorry she is no more.
All screams for aradhya and cries except ragini.  She is shock and mentally disturbed.

After two days of cremation:
Ragini is still shock.  She is not at all crying.  She is just a doll. Ragini’s parents are much pained seeing their another daughter in that position.  They tried to talk to her.  But it all went vain. Sanky tried to talk with her.  But no use.

Inspector comes to ragini’s home.

Inspector: sharma ji.  We caught the people who molested ur daughter.  We are going to be produce them in court tomorrow we need ur support to get them punished.

Sharma ji: yes they need to be punished civiourly. What my daughter has done to them that they had tortured her so much and killed her.

Inspector: sharma ji. Actually those people are following her from so many days. They tried to misbehave with her before once. them. She warned them not to come way by slapping one of the gang member. They got angry and they have done this all pre planned.

Sharma: what? ? Y she didnt tell us this all. We could have done something if she informed us before.  He holds his head and cry.

Ragini listened this.
Sanky and manik come to her.

Sanky: ragu. . Please talk to me. . Please. I Can’t See U Like This. If u want to cry.  Cry na.. Please throw all the pain through tears.
Ragu: Sanky. . U know I’m the murderer of di.  I’m the reason for her death. If I was with her that day.  She could have be with us today.  I was so selfish that I have seen my happiness instead of her pain.  I observed her so tensed that day.  Still how I left her.  I hate my self. She screams. .

Maniki listen all this and feels so sad. He is guilty for inviting them on party.  He goes from there.

Sanky: don’t talk like this ragu.  It’s not your fault. It happened without ur mistake. How could you know that these all happen with di. Think about di’s words. U need to be strong ragu.  U had promised di that u would y are care of aunt and uncle.  If u are like this then how would they feel.  They already lost di they are suffering a lot. Don’t give more pain by thinking like this. U r only hope for them don’t let them weak ragu. . Please. . For di’s sake.. be normal. .
Ragini hugs Sanky tightly and tells.

Rag: u r correct Sanky.  I am the only hope for them.  I can’t break di’s promise. . Thank you for reminding my promise. .


Sanky:ragini takes 3 months of time to get out from what all happened. It is really very tough for me.  I know how much she cried. How much pain she was going through then. I’m the only witness of her sorrow.

Swara has tears.. she hugs Sanky. My heart felt much pain listening to this.  At that age how she is used to manage this. This is all because of u sanky. U r friendship made her strong.  I am very happy to have a friend like u both. I loved you both as friends but my respect has been increased for u now.
Sanky consoles her.

Sanky: k.. be u r the luckiest person.  Please forget this all and be normal with ragu. .

Swara: sure. .

Sanky: shall we go now? ?

Swara: hmm..

Credit to: Queeny

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