swaragini: true friendship (episode 1)


Hello guys… I’m queeny. any one remember me? hope some of u…! k let me remind you all. I’m writer of swasan: a heart beat. I am really glad that u all appreciated my writing skills and I hope you will continue your support for this new ff. Please share your views reading this ff. Please do comment. let’s come to the story..  here we go…….

swara is a middle class girl from a small town. who brought up by her caring family. They love her and her family is her world. she is innocent, childish, fun loving girl at the same time she is responsible and lovable person. she is a good human being who is ready to help others and she believes in destiny that “everything happens for cause where it is good or bad. But how we have to face it and take it in a way we are is more important.” she is happy with all things happened with her except one. even though she prayed to god several times for the same thing but when it comes to her she feel it is much paining.. yes… It is… she is a bright student in school and college. she always dream of going to prestigious in situation. she got admission in one of the top colleges in the country. her dream is fulfilled but she is sad because she don’t want to leave her parents and place… its very tough for her because she had never gone to any place without them. But she has to leave the place for her future. Her parents also has mixed feelings for sending swara to hostel. but they are stubborn and to give strength to their kid and they trust her more.. so they are letting their daughter to enter another world with out them.

swara started her journey by giving send off from her be love once. Her mother and father are also going to college along with her. They want to see whether she can manage at hostel or not. They are in train. train is moving… she is feeling exciting to join in college. her thoughts are around studies..swara sits at the corner of side berth. she is watching the nature through the window.  she observes the cold weather around her. She sees trees are swinging in accordance with the air blow. but it feels like they dancing for rhythm of cold breeze. she extends her hand through the window she feel the sweetness of the breeze. she sense a cold rain droplet on he hand she is mesmerised with the beauty of nature.(actually nature is beautiful as always but it is looking more beautiful as it replicates her mood). For her she feels more strengthen than ever to achieve her dreams.

It is one day journey.They reach the college at afternoon. Her parents come to college and enquire about all things and they make he settle down. They made all the arrangements for her stay in hostel. her room mate is not yet come. she is looking at the empty bed. but ignores it. its time to leave them. swara could not able  to.. but she has to do it. so she Don’t want to cry in front of them. She bids them bye and she comes to hostel. Her heart is very heavy because it is very tough to be away with your parents for the first time and no one is there with you to share your feelings at the new place of strangers. she don’t meet her parents that easily as she has holidays after first semester. It is very emotional for any people who spend their time in hostel. she finds one girl but she ignores her because she is about to cry. she has tears in her eyes. she leans to bed and tear falls down. After 5 minutes she motivated herself. She gets up and freshen up. She doesn’t find any person besides her. She think may be her room mate went out and come back at morning. She time pass the evening by thinking about past things and she slept.

next day:
swara gets up and sees some stuff on another bed and then she able to see the person from back side.. 
One girl with sleeveless outfits seems she is coming from jogging. that girl is drinking water and she picks her towel and things and goes to bathroom and she comes back. swara able to see her clearly now. She is wearing pink sleeveless top and low waist slim fit jeans.she had head bath and she is drying her hair. she does make up and she applies chill red lipstick which attract anyone because it suits her a lot because of her complexion and body personality. She has thick eye brows. she used mascara. she wear a black hand band for her right wrist and different coloured beads bracelet on her left wrist. she has wore black over coat. she is looking very beautiful. swara is staring at her beauty as it’s all new for her. she had never seen any girl who wore such type of short cloths at her place directly.. but she feels she is very beautiful. That girl turns to swara and sees her. She smiles and “oh.. have you got up. I thought u were still sleeping….I came yesterday night. You were sleeping so I didn’t wish to wake you up at that time. oh.. sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I’m ragini(tejaswi)…” she extends her hand. .

Please guys do comment… I’ll assure you more emotional drama. . Thank you in advance.

Credit to: Queeny

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