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hey guys i am pathan and writer of “swaragini love me”
i think this is realy good track because if the swasan were living togather they were not showing their love story and were showing saas bahu drama from 3 months after their marriage, and it will be good track because in every love story there must be separation and pain
but as per my sugestion in this track it think that they should start their love story one more time may be in the way that swara may work as pa in sanky’s office
or may be another way as sahil becomes over possessive towards swara and swara do not love him and sanky help swara to fight against sahil

but funny thing comming in my mind that now swara will have to handle three boys sahil, sanky and laksh because i heard that she will remember lucky and think that all boys three boys apna luck azmaenge swara ke satth and will do fight each other for swara
i think now lucky will think that at last swara came in my life and now i will do romance which i could not do to my first love swara
but our sanky will say to lucky “dur rehna teri bhabhi h or use karib mt ane dena tere”

Credit to: pathan

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  1. Sanky should say to Laksh…woh teri bhabi hai pagle hehehe….everyone loves Swara…..but Swara loves Sanskar only….maantihu ki woh useh bhul gayi hai par Sanky apni Swara ko pa hi lega….

    1. True very true eva….
      Swasan ko to ek hona hi h…..
      Btw… awesome one pathan..

    2. u are correct but our swara will have to handle 3 boys at a time
      i think helly kse handle krti hogi 3 boys ko oh it is tough job

    3. Sahi pakde hain Eva ?

      Bolo Eva devi ki jai

      1. Only swasan nothing else

  2. yup eva u r right .. swasan rock

  3. Phir se yeh kya hai??
    Ragini ka kya hoga??
    Uske liye sirf ek aur swara ke piche 3-3 ladke???????
    Voh bhi 3 handsome hunks…
    Ragini ke liye surf laksh…..
    Too bad cvs, agar laksh phir se swara ke piche pad gaya toh pyar ka matlab hi kharab ho jayega
    Aur mujhe lagta hai ki sumi ki new beti hogi aur voh swara ke jaise dhikegi
    Like tapasya me hua tha

    1. arey par tabh tak sankar budha ho jaega

  4. Lakshya doesn’t like Swara anymore so I don’t think he will fight for her. He can’t even see ragini in tears anymore so it will be raglak and swasan

  5. u said ryt… i too think tht separation makes swasan’s love more deepr……. but not happy for laksh it will ruin raglak ki rltn…….. ragibi cant bear one more betrayal from laksh……. plz cvs dont do tht…..

  6. Though in pst lucky was a confused character New lucky wil never think abt swara… He only loves ragini his true love.. It vl b diffcult fr him to even pretend to love swara. Nd I don’t think der vl b swalak track cz as per d ols swara dnt even remember ragini is her sis.. So laksh is not coming into picture. It vl b love triangle BTW swara sanskar and sahil..

    1. Laksh came before swara came to know that Ragini is her sis…

      1. Yea.. But she fell for him after getting to know ragini is her sis ryt?? Before that swara doesn’t really like lucky.. She thinks.. he is a spoilt brat…

      2. Swaragini meh kuch bhi hosakta hai…??

  7. I also feel this track is awesome. Swasan’s acting is awesome. Swara will soon come to badi n will meet ragini. but i don’t know why DP is fulfilling Swara’s wish of music foundation with family. I only want Sanky alone fulfill his Swara’s wish. why Dp.

  8. it’s best track ever for swasanians specially …sanskar swara sahil n lakshya love quadrilateral ….

  9. ya u all are correct and i only write this analysis because many people were saying that this is wrong track and we do not want swasan separation but guys think yourself when u write ff than why u separate swasan and as i read many ff but in 98% ff swasan separation was 100% given than why u guys feels that cv has taken wronk track and u also think this track is much much better than that kavya and parineeta saas bahu drama because in that drama they are only showing swara or kavya or parineeta but no focus on swasan love story
    in this track every body should be happy that from now onwards serial will purely focus on swasan love story and from this track raglak love story will also become strong
    if u feel bed than i realy sorry for that

  10. If laksh luvs swara then m not gonna tolerate that… I mean pyar hai ya nailpaint… Jo baar baar change ho jata hai…. ????

    1. Swaragini meh toh nail paint hii hai..??

      1. Hanji sasuma…apki beti aur hamari nanad bilkul saahi kerahi hai..I’m so lucky ki mujhe apka sanskari beta mila???

    2. But aapne apne bete ko achhe sanskar die hai… This ek pe tika hai… Sasuma ??

    3. Esa hai nanand to tu bhool ja.. I like sautan more ???

      1. Sanskar mera hai..tera toh bhai hai…aur meh bhi dekhu zara kese banti hai tu meri nanand..agar engagement ring pehnane jaygi na toh woh rakhi bandhwanekeliye hath baraega…engagement ring pehnane nehi dega..badi ayi meri sautan banne..mammiji..deklo apki beti bigaar gayi hai….bhabi seh aise baat kar rahi hai..???

      2. Ohooo phir seh typing mistake..that should be sautan…not nanand…nanand ji sudharjao..

      3. Mein tumdono ki saas hu na…toh mein hi apni bahu select karungi…ayo ayo..mujhe patao..??

    4. Wait jb aapne kh dia hum dono ki saas ho mtlb k hum dono bahu hai aapki.. Q mummy ji…. ????

      Lots of hugs to my sautan ???

      1. Tum log poore din yahi kiya kya?? ???? wherever I go… I see you ppl…


    5. Haan anji… Pure din isi se tym pass krte hai… ????

      Wanna join us ????

  11. I don’t think so Laksh will love Swara bcz Laksh has such a beautiful and understanding wife…y ill he go bck after that swara….

    1. CVS can make him do anything… Don’t underestimate them…

  12. Swara always had a choice of choosing partners from day 1 it’s not new since writers give more importance to swara bt i feel pity on ragini – (bechari)she never had a choice & if current track focuses on swalak then she wouldn’t be left laksh too.

  13. i haven’t seen the serial in over 2 months and not planning to again either. but one thing i have observed is that this is a rehash of previous RS shows. same old plots thrown in here. in 2-3 weeks you will see swara back to the same bahu mood now taking the keys of the house, possibly after another low key quick wedding, and show reverting back to saas bahu and kitchen politics. i am not saying this in any disgruntled way, this is just history repeating itself. kitchen politics is RS show’s bread and butter. and swara = gopi + simar combined while ragini it seems might be rashi + roli combined. of course both are with small tweaks….but the core is the same.

  14. U said truth

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