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Hi guys….I am Moni..i am writing analysis of swaragini as i am totally confused on this track.
First of all this shahil is really annoying…i just hate him..doing cheap tricks to win swara.?
Then, the story writer he actually don’t know how to balance two couples…why to make two lead couples if he can’ t bring their story simultaneously. I am both swasan and raglak fan and i like both of them.

Now, we will get to revive swasan love story from kissan track..it’s good..it will be a treat to watch although shahil will try to ruin about it.
But what about raglak…what about their story..the only satisfying episodes were the jail one and laksh taking care of her and their marriage..only 3 episodes till now.
Now laksh and ragini they are shown like for a minute..that’s not it but what we get to see in that one or two min is laksh and ragini crying seeing their respective siblings.
And yesterday’s episode if ragini is planning to adopt sumi’s baby…i don’t understand how she will do it. She may show fake baby bump but how will she hide sumi’s and then what about delivery and all other circumstances. The writers have gone crazy.

There are two statues in this show Adarsh and RP..i wonder they will be happy if they get one dialogue a month and soon joining them will be our RAGLAK.
I think swaragini is heading toward story similar to rab ne banadi jodi. I think now swara will be fond of kissan meanwhile ragini will be reminding her about sanskar and then one day kissa will propose her but she will remember sanskar and leave kissan and go to him and ghen she will knoe sanskar and kissan are same and in between sahil will try to bring differences but will not succeed then he may try to harm sanskar..it’s just my prediction and in all this ragini will be involved in swara and fake pregnancy..laksh will just keep numb and see the situation
On a nutshell swasan story is ok but writer should also concentrate on raglak.

Thank you and share your views on comments. There may be many typos and errors..sorry gor that and yes SWASAN and RAGLAK rocks.

Credit to: Moni

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  1. Its really awesome yaar. Fabulous. Waiting for next part.??

    1. Yaar you know that this is an analysis not a fan fiction you are talking as if it is a fan fiction. ??????. But moni I totally agree with you it’s like how Harry Potter comes in between hermione and Ron. ???. Sorry am a Potter fan???

      1. Haha …i am also a potter fan??

  2. Agree with you writers of swaragini is very much annoying from last 6 months they only concentate on swasan. Already stopped watching this partial show hate it from the core of my heart

  3. CVS should start something from their part as well. let swasan solve their love story and raglak their. in yesterdays episode raglak looked very cute i loved them. And i am really disappointed with Swara why she is behaving like this with Sanskar it really pains

  4. Agree with you Moni.. Hope that RagLak gets more scenes together.. Both are getting individual scene but RagLak as a cuople is sidelined.. NW RagLak going to meet with an accident.. Don’t know what cv’s are upto.. Nd sahil character turned cunning.. Swara is she blind.. Can’t she see true love for her in the eyes of sanskar.. His pains reflecta in his eyes.. And her all family is supporting him.. Still she beleive that sahil.. Poor sanskar..

    1. Yes you are right nitu….i just came to know about accident…hope they bring nice track for raglak and i wish this sahil drama ends soon

  5. Hie….i am really soorryy to say but this serial doesnt worth watching….uk really i jz watchd it fr two months bt i literally regret watching it…its jz a bullshit making no sense no logic its jz a crap……nd coming to leads thz writer shld learn somethng frm serials like EHMMBH dey used to give imp to both the leads…….instead of watching swaragini its bettr to watch serials like KUCH RANG PYAR KE AISE BHI…ya it may nt be diff story bt its simple nd cute which makes some sense reality……anyways i only read ffs on swaragini evn i tried to watch it only fr sanky evn i failed i cant evn bear it fr 5 mins…anyways itz jz my opinion AND I AM REALLY SORRYYYYY IF I HURT ANYONE BY THIZ…thank u

    1. I watch KRPKAB☺…At first all shows are good later they spoil it

  6. Hey didn’t u hear that raglak will meet with an accident after that ragini will start hating laksh for some reason. So chill we will get raglak scenes also. but swasan,raglak separation feeling sad for that.hope for best

    1. It may be rumor also.not sure

    2. Hey ragini goin to hate laksh?? From where did you read it?

      1. Nitu, Reethi from where did you get that accident news

      2. There was sbas segment.. a cute romantic scene if RagLak inside car ans voice over about accident

  7. i agree with you…first of all they made two lead jodis n than give impotence to one jodi n now they almost ruined swara character…this days is really annoying to watch swara’s dumb act she just lost her memory not her personality n again about raglak they r the lead actors bt they hardly have any dialogue n 2 min scene of them that too for their sibling concern….laksh he is just a showpiss of the show even other side character have more dialogue than him now the serial is everything about swara swara swara i would suggest them to change the title swaragini to swara the attending seeker…

  8. I agree with you, heard in news that raglak will met with accident, if it is true I will kill cv’s, they should give scenes of raglak not ragini crying everytime or doing detective work, they should make her stronger Characters.
    No offense but they are ruining Swara’s character now because how come a girl believe a stranger completely not even her own family including her mother and everytime she says that sanskar try to shoot her then why can’t she remembers at same point someone is keeping her head at gunpoint and why she is not searching for bullet marks, and out of no where how come sanskar has got criminal record on him barely he was thought to be dead for 5 years.

    It’s completely logicless track, if they want to write like this story for ragini I will definitely hit the writer’s, can’t they just show ragini try to bring Swara’s memory with cute raglak scenes n sanskar but noo…
    they are showing swasan by killling swara character…they are not using ragini properly.
    And I don’t understand why maheswaries are bothered about sumi pregnancy, and stating reputation as reason when they can do drama of laksh marriages, kavita drama,masi drama in front of everyone and send their bahu to jail and they themselves end up in jail..big time funny they are talking about reputation…

    1. if its about criminal record then swara has been imprisoned maximum times
      she should check it…lol

      1. Haha meesha except ragini all have criminal record…she is the only one who have not been to jail yet..but i am sure they will send her soon?

      2. Even i thought the same, hoe come she didn’t get her own or ragini criminal record…
        then i thought they are leads so except them everyone will have one….

    2. Yes xxxx i was thinking the same, she is not using her brains…and trusting stranger sahil instead of her own sister and mother

      1. i hate the writers for ruining the character, they are just doing the same as they did with ragini…

  9. U r absolutely correct

  10. I think raglak will get more importance in this track bcs dey both r trying to remember swara about sanskar and fake pregnancy ragini is being most pampered by all…as i saw in olvs

  11. Ya agree with you

  12. Yup i agree with u moni…. cvz are dumb … they are writing stupid things.. evrytym they bring new ppl into show nd make fuss.
    nxt one they are not able to balance swasan nd raglak properly…
    swara memory loss drama hate her to core….
    raglak were trying yoo patch up swasan dat scenes wt awrsome.. nd raglak taking care of their siblings ws wonderful one….
    dp rp adarsh has no role at all…
    and i need pakka equal balance for all characters…
    last bt not least waste of shail entry.. he is jst adding oil to flame…
    hate cvz…. atleast read ffs nd chsnge ur story plot….
    poor swasan nd raglak.

  13. *swara memory loss drama hate dat too core.. not swara…. cvz ur thoughts are making characters characterless…

  14. Yup they couldn’t maintain two couples. They are just going like sapne suhane but at leat in that rachna got a band of heroes but in this crap show Swara is only on action mode and she only gets band of heroes too.
    Honestly saying l started hating character of Swara so much that l couldn’t bear any story in which she is lead or given more importance than other characters.

  15. Anyone pls tell me from where did you all get news of accident. Thanks in advance.

  16. Swara remembers sanskar shooting her ,blood on her face can’t she rem one person(rajat) standing beside her wit gun..I think CV’s thought viewers r brainless….nd y she behaving like tis she already knw she lost her memory can’t she listen to her mom…trusting a person whom she knws 1 week before nt trusting her mom who gave birth to her…nd coming to raglak oh im watching tis show oly fr tat but no track of tem…just hate CV’s..tey nt even show proper swaragini bonding which I wanted to watch at first

    1. Agree with u…cant she see the person behind her….really its beyond reality.,…

  17. totally agree with you moni. .. in reality no girl will believe on stranger rather than her own family but CVs are too far Away from reality making show worse day by day ..

  18. Ya even I’m fed up with current track instead of keeping the serial name swaragini they should keep the name swasan.

  19. U r ryt di…actually i will say that the writer of this show should watch ehmmbh…how they took both leads and pairs…but this show is not worth watching…. I hate this partiality…. Jaise swasan ko dikhate hai vaise raglak ko nahi dikhate…hamesha swara toh ragini ko kya….she l only stand and shed tears y cant they make her strong..there many serials where the heroine become strong after the leap n all..but y can’t they make ragini… I l suggest cvs one thing..if they dont want to show raglak and they want the leads to be side roled…then pls make raglak die… I m damn sure temish l get a great series where there l be no partiality…. Hmmm just fed up of this crap.. I used to watch krpkab and sr by changing but now i m not watching sr while break of krpkab…i watch yrkkh…really this serial is one of the worst….if they want to show only one lead of the show then they shouldn’t have wrote the story of sisters Sorry if it hurted anyone ….but its my POV… I didn’t know any of the track which only concentrated on raglak…bad cvs ever…temish only got bashing cmnts to work with this cvs…no bashing cmnts pls..its just my POV…

  20. I agree with u…but in my p.o.v all r sent to jail except ragini…i hate her character but cvs didnt atleast show her guilty feelings also…first all said cvs making swaras character mahaan…so that all started to hate her…and now cvs r showing her as a human…but now also all r saying hate swara and cvs is making ragini char. Mahaan…but i lve swaras character…cvs is trying ruin her char.

    1. Yes I’m 100% agree with.. First they made swara mahaan then all ragini fans start to hate her.. Now again dey r ruining her character make her own fans hate her

      1. But i cant hate swara character…bcs now she is suffering from ml…after gaining her memory,how much pain she will get and her love for sanky will be beyond..all know that according to swara what she see with her eyes she believe in that…when ragini was kidnapped…swara thought he kidnapped her bcs of some misunderstanding…everytime she will time to understand her feelings…after knowing truth she always bear the pain

  21. Plz show more ragini track plz…..i jst watch dis serial coz of her…already dey hve ruined rags charecter…plz gve equal importance to rags….n its ma request to show more scenes of rags as tejaswi brthday iz cmng…love ragini..

  22. zelia rockzzz

    The most proper decision is to leave this crap Show. No logic no reality no optimism nothing only full of drama, pessimism,nonsense & partiality. Fed up with this bakwass rs serial. Moni u r 100% ryt.

  23. It was better earlier when ragini was a villain atleast raglak got importance at that time ..serial full of their many scenes …lol now its not swaragini ..it should be something like SASURAL SWARA KA …or something .like …KASAM SWARA KE PYAAR KI ….or something like …SIRF SANSKAR KI HAI SWARA …and here goes the next ..YEH HAI SANSKAR KI MOHABBTEIN ….actually writers are mad after two months they will rahul ..karan …and someone else …and sanskar then will become ..kanhiya …krish …after that swasan fight occur ..and then it will leap in the show ..showing junior sanky and junior swara …and in raglak they will show …side character always trying to unite swasan ..only

    1. It made me laugh. U suggested such good names. Lol

    2. hahaha u r right n u gave good name to this this serial lol

    3. Ha ha ha ha lol
      You are absoulutily write

  24. Haha nice you made me laugh

  25. Agree I mean totally agree with you Moni, mayby Ragini’s will faken her pregnancy and then get caught or maube she would be really get pregnant lol don’t mind it was just a crazy idea came in to my mind or the CVs have some other idea which always break our expectations currently Im having the same problem as you but what we just have to do is wait and watch hope they don’t ruin the story completely. Anyways thanks for the analysis it is just a good way of dicussing and putting out your frustration and yeah about RagLak they get least importance and Im hopefully waiting to see their track in future!!!!

  26. totally agree.i ave stopped watching tz serial long ago.jz reading d updates with a hope tat tr will b raglak scene.even we raglak fans r gud in number n r waiting fo raglak scene.why r they nt considering us…swasan got best jodi so consider oly swasan.tz z wat z gng on hilarious..its really sad…

  27. n i agree with Amna.i too am so much frustrated tat i dn even read ny ff where tr z swara.jz bcz f cvs…mad cvs…

  28. i totally agree with you … its like swasan are only the leads … no offence to them but the cvs hv just forgot raglak ….they hv not given importance to them even once ……their marriage was also done within half episode n no date no special romatic scenes btw them ………….fed up yrr …n every new character in the show falls for swara n later will turn into negative ….this is not done at all……they shoul balance each n every character …..dp rp adarsh n uttara also…..they r just standing like statues over there ,,,,rightly said moni ……………..
    ffs are better than the orignal track ……..they are just strecthing it unnecessarily …………….

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