SWARAGINI A tour that changed my life.part 2

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Diary cont’d

What I saw just snatched my breath away.
Tears rolled down my cheeks…
How can you do that Sanky?
There in front of me I saw my Sanky kneeling down in front of Kavitha…
I could have said that my eyes are betraying me but then my ears confirmed it.
Sanky – from the day I saw you.. I fell for you
You became my life from that very moment
Yes I did a lot of timepass with other girls
But I never stopped loving you.
Will you accept my love and me
Will you be mine forever? ‘

Oh so I had been a timepass… Wow Sanky who spents so much for timepass?
I looked at the ring. And threw it on floor
I hate you Sanky
I could not take anymore. And ran home
Kavitha would have accepted him ofcourse. She always had a crush on him.

After reaching home I stormed in my bedroom.
I wanted to cry
Cry for myself, for trusting him,losing him, for dreaming to be his forever.
But my crying was disturbed by my phone
It was Sanky.
Sanskar -hey shona whatsupp? You okay…Why did you sit in the car?…Shona you there

Wow you are such a grand actor..

Me- sanskar..m okay…And ya one more thing
Dont waste so much money and time on timepass

Sanskar – what are you saying?

Me- what will I say Sanskar?I don’t have any right to say anything.. Leave all that..forget me..bye.
I didn’t hearhim.l cut the call and resumed my crying..
But them my phone started beeping again
I was going to throw it away but the caller id caugth my eyes
It was Sahil ceo of world ‘s most popular fashion industry
Long back I had sent some of my designs and application forms to Paris and now he was calling me back. Was I selected?

I took a deep breath and attended the call
Me.- hello?
Sahil- hello
M I speaking to Swara Gadodia?

Me- yes you are
(that foreign accent was so irritating)

Sahil- well then Swara Gadodia. I am Sahil Malhotra. ceo of fashion star industry

Me – yep I know

Sahil- so Swara, I went through your designs and yes I liked them.we offer you $3000 per month
So would you like joining us?

I thought for a moment
I was not about money I knew that but I wanted to be away
Away from everyone.. Away from Sanskar
Away from my dream of becoming Mrs Maheshwari…
Yes I wanted to forget my past and start another life..and this would be a good opportunity

Sahil- Miss Gadodia? U there?

Me- yes sir I will take this job…abt the flight?

Sahil- oh no worries…..we will send you Visa today itself..

Me – but sir so fast I mean how?

Sahil- oh no worries.. This flight has been booked only for our industry candidates. And from the application you have send we got all required information.. So when would you like to come?

Me- is there a flight today?

Sahil- yeah we can arrange in half an hour.

Me – okay then half an hour

Sahil- but are you sure? I mean don’t you want any time to think or discuss with your family?

Me- no… Its okay…Can you send me airport adress

Sahil- yeah ofcourse… I will mail it to you.
So see you in half an hour?

Me – yeah ofcourse.

I ended the call.
Was he in India?
I rolled my eyes over this thought.
Just when I was going to throw the phone away it started beeping… Gods I hate this phone.
It was Ragini..
Oh no..
As soon as I picked up her call. She bursted on me
Ragini -hell Shona. Wat the hell is this? I m trying from so long but you are not lifting mycall.with whom were you talking?.

Me- err Ragini I was just busy..
I sounded so dumb

Ragini – well leave that…Sanky had called me is everything okay? ‘

Shit I should have expected this question. Now what should I tell her?that m leaving in few minutes? No I cannot say that but she will understand right? No she wont

I took a deep breath and said
Me- Laado listen ma leaving.

Ragini – this world or me?
She asked jokingly.

Me – u all

Ragini – what?
Now dhe sounded serious.

Me- look I got a job in fashion star industry and m leaving in few minutes…

Ragini – Swara. Leaving where?

Me- to Paris
Ragini – what the hell is this Shona how can you leave like this..no na Shona don’t go pls.

She was crying.
Me – Laado m not dead okay..and I will keep in touch..okay?

Ragini – wait we are coming.. Where is ur flight

Swara – no Ragini no one can come…. U know me right if you all come then I won’t be able to leave

Ragini – then stay na..

Me- Ragini. Pls
I was crying again.

Ragini – okay Shona keep in touch.

Me- l promise…

We ended the call and I packed my bags
I informed mom and dad and left…

From today I won’t write in this diary.. I shall leave my memories and shall continue only when m coming back
That too if I ever do….
________________________diary end ______________

Swara closed the diary
‘Sorry Ladoo this is the only promise I could never keep’ she muttered
Her phone beeped again.
Swara- yes?
Person – m I speaking to Swara Gadodia ceo of fashion star world industry?

Swara- Sahil shut up okay?

Sahil- anyway Swara I have made SWARAGINI industry papers ready so sign them okay…And Swara inspite of being owner of world’s best industry why are you opening next one?that to music?

Swara- Sahil tell me why did you handover Complete charge of fashion star industry to me and started law?

Sahil- well Swara because I always wanted to do law and you know I had never been interested in fashion it had just been my dead sister’s dream so when I found a perfect successor I handed it over to you.and see you increased it to fashion star world industry.

Swara- similarly Sahil SWARAGINI has always been my and Ragini’s dream….indian music in Paris..

Sahil- yeah I know Miss Gadodia.

Swara – sure you do Mr Malhotra. Anyways beat of luck to world’s greatest lawyer.. And now bye my flight came.

Sahil – yeah bye Shona..
Call ended.

Swara took her flight and entered in.

Air hostess saw her pass and was shocked.
Air hostess – mam is this Swara Gadodia ceo of fashion star world industry? Mam there has never been any photos of your… Oh my gosh.. I cannot believe.

Swara – it would be better if you don’t. No one should know that u saw me get it.

Ah – sorry mam…

Swara went ahead

She sat in her flight and flight took off.

‘so India I am coming. SWARA GADODIA IS BACK’ Swara thought as she closed her eyes.

Precap – Swara back.. Swasan meet

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