Swaragini-A Thread (Episode 5)


Hello guyz…i know i left it in between due to less response but i want to complete the story…don’t want that yoy ppl will blame me for an incomplete end….so going to complete this story….

Ragini got selected in the 12 pairs….all the selected ppl went to an resort so they can know each other n will take decision of getting married.Sanskar was among on of that boys…during this process he fell for Ragini n while arranging all this Laksh also starts feeling for Ragini but always ignore ld hus inner voice but hus secretary Ananya knew what is going on.
At the last round the selected couples have to tell each n every secret of them to their partners…
Ragini and Sanskar went outside…
Sanskar was damn excited but Ragini told him about her relationship with Aniket….Sanskar said i know that like you know about my past relationships….
Ragini:but…me and aniket crossed the limit of marriage…we did that
Sanskar gets silent n hesitantly said that he also did that with her gf….
Ragini:but i gave birth to one boy….i m mother of one child…
He gets shocked…

Then all ppl gathers into lounge for further details….even Ragini’s jiju n tai didn’t know about this.
Ragini: Me and ankiket was clg frdz….he really loves me….but one day we crossed our limits…n i got pregnant…i was scared but Aniket stood firm by me… N next day we r going to married….but destiny has something in itz way…
He died in the accident n left me….i don’t want to do abortion so my uuncle took care of me…i don’t want to hide anything but mom took promise from me…sry everyone….but i didn’t saw that child once after giving birth to him….yes i want a partner but also a father for my child….
Sanskar’s parents gets angry n wants to leave ths resort….but Laksh anyhow convinced Sankar not to leave bcoz he can’t bear the loss for his company l….Laksh convinced Sanskar for marriage by giving him examples for extra marrtial affairs n Sanskar also get ready for marriage.
Laksh inforns this in media that first time a matrimonial site is going to do marriage of kuwari mother but due to ppl gossips Sanskar hurts Ragini n cancels this marriage.

At the end all 4 couples get married n on that ceremony Laksh proposed Ragini n accepts her….
But initially she thought he is doing this bcoz of his loss but later Ananya told her everything….that he lovea her from the very first time when he saw her….so she also said yes….n they got married.

Don’t relate virgity of girl to her character….thats the moral of this story

I hope you like it

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  1. Yashasvi

    hey shanaya yrrrrrrrrrrr kitne tym baad dekha tera ff , ohhh n it was the last epi ????????
    really sad…………….. bt u start new 1 and ya yr mujhe teri wishes ki zarurat hein 9th se mid-term exams he toh plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………..

    keep smiling n stay blessed……………..

    Yashu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaad h na me kon hu………… ❤❤❤???

    1. Shanaya16

      Hiee…dear all the best….i know you gonna rock ur exams…stay blessed ?

  2. Ragz_teju


  3. why did u complete so soon

    1. Shanaya16

      Due to less response

  4. Megha123

    Missed u really happy that it ended on a good note bt why did u end it soon ?

    1. Shanaya16

      Due to less response

  5. Yaar y u ended it soooquicklyy….its an awesome ff dear n ur messege is superbb!!!loved dat raglak got married!!!!keep smiling dear n stay blessed???…

  6. You end it. So soon. Why why.. …..
    This ep was superb and I really love laksh.
    He support ragini although knowing the true.

  7. Sreevijayan

    Nice one dear….

  8. Akshata

    you ended it so soon, laksh is a sweetheart. loved it. come back soon with a new story 😀

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