Swaragini-A Thread (Episode 4)

At cabin:
Sae and Ragini is waiting.
Ragini goes near door n someone pulls inside the door n she is going to fall but Laksh hold her n he gets mesmerized by seeing her.
He sits on his chair.
Ragini:Hi…i m Ragini n she is my frz Sae..
Ragini:She is totally impressed by all your work.
Laksh:Thank you for your appreciation.R u married?
Saee:Itni badi lagti hu mai?
Laksh:But not so young also,I mean perfect age.I can find 150 matches for you.
Ragini:bdw…i want to have an important discussion with you
Laksh:Ya…go ahead
Ragini:In your form you have a column regarding your past or anything spl.
Laksh:No no…that is for divorcee and widows or any disease having ppl.
Sae:Ok…ohk she looks at Ragini.
Ragini:Means a affair is can also considered as past?
Laksh:Yes…it is considered as a past only…and nowadays affair r like so common…vicks ki goli lo kheech kheech dur karo…n i don’t think ki someone is so honest even the one who tells about it n the one who listens
Ragini:But someone wants to tell?I mean that affair was that much serious so?
Laksh:Last round is there…if you feel you can tell.
Saee:Of we tell about that then you will find a match according ti that?
Laksh:No we keep transparency…at the end they both r getting married..
Ragini:Apne kabhi koi odd shadi krwae h?.
Laksh:infact every marriage is odd.I have decided the one who wanta to get married with any condition i will surely get a perfect match for them…i we have 100% success rate.
Saee:I k sure you will find a perfect match for Ragini.
Laksh:That’s good that you have trusted me but if you have given me challenge i will also accept that.We have our tag line that’s y..
Sae:Tysm for your time.

They all in the lobby and talking with each other.

A boy comes on bike very fast…..Ragini look at that direction.He is Sanskar.

Sanskar and Ragini walks opposite to each other n he stares at her….n then he leaves.
She is talking to someone n found Laksh is starting at her n then she left the office with saee.

Precap:At thread office…announced 10 entries of grooms and brides


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    Wowwwww shanaya owsm dear!!!!!!!!!!!1 really very nice . loved raglak’s 1st meeting!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv u darling!!!!!!!!!!!!

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