Swaragini-A Thread (Episode 3)


At Adarsh’s office:
Man:Can i come in sir?
Man:Sir he is my frd Kiran…he works in consultancy form…
Adarsh:Wait wait…i don’t want any car loan,home loan and personal loan.
Kiran:Don’t worry sir…we will give you consultancy about what you need.
He hands over a card to Adarsh.

Kiran:We r match makera sir…this concept is brought by Mr.Laksh Maheshwari…he is also CEO of our company.Sir…we r not like typical matrimonial sites…we makes the match scientifically n statistically….you will get lots of matrimonial company in the market but we r unique sir…also for this our sir got most young entrepreneur award of chember commerce.
Adarsh:Sounds interesting
Kiran:Do visit sir…

At Thread office:
A man comes inside cabin wearing white shirt…black blazer n light trouser…he is Laksh…m sits in front of them..
Laksh:So..hows you Mr.Adarsh n pari?

Laksh:You came by Bajaj’s reference rights?There daughter is our client.
Adarsh:But she is..
Laksh:I know…but we r match makers…n we ties the knot of marriage for every one.
Laksh:Humara tarika pura h par work is like ultra moderm kitchen…at the end marriage means you have to collect ingredients to make a delious dish.Love is blind i know but we have still some conservative ppl in our society who opposes love marriage that’s y we came up with this concept.Further details weill be given by Ananya..senior manager Thread.com
Pari:That’s fine but what you exactly do here?

Ananya:So what we do here exactly?We collect different entries of groom n brides…n according to our system we selects 10 entries.
Laksh:About forms n their details Ananya will tell you everything…wish you have a very nice time at Thread.

At hotel:
Saee:Hmm…what an amazing brochure yaar
Ragini:Even di n jiju also behaves like you….
Sae:oh come on…if someone going to find a groom for me in such a class way…i m toh ready
Ragini:That’s y im tensed
Sae:What tension?You have decided na about marriage?
Ragini:Yes…iska reason bas tumhe pata h….but jaise jaise wo pal nazadeek aa rha h waise dar laga rha h bcoz i want to get married on my condition only.
Sae:What you r still on your conditions?
Ragini:Yeah of course….no other alternative i have…..i m going to tell my past to the one who is going to accept me as i m with my all flaws n good qualities
Saee:What i can say?All the best….

Ragini: But before that i m going to meet Laksh Maheshwari…you wanna join?
Letz go….

They are at Thread’s office:
Ragini:I want to meet Mrs.Laksh Maheshwari
Receptionist:Go…wait inside his cabin…
They go inside his cabin.

Precap:Raglak meeting

Sorry i m not going to continue this ff due to less response and comments….sry

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