Swaragini the unsaid truth chapter 1


Thank u for giving so much love for ff, and i will clear ur doubts it is swasan second marriage(remarriage) when my ff starts,i was really upset the way their turned ragini’s character and arshi is arnav and khushi but sorry arshi fans arshi will play only supporting roles for sometime,my concept is different i hope u like it and i already posted the prologue please read it.

Recap:sanskar and family worried for swara,swara driving car thinking something,ragini,swara and kavitha confrontation

swara:ragini i am such a fool i should understood that u will never love laksh but ur acting so super,i really felt u love laksh,cannot u tell one time as a best friend u know me from childhood and we studied in same college and stayed in same hostel for ten years without knowing of our family,whenever we came to holidays we acted in front of our family as strangers so that their do not break our friendship , u know i did feel hurt because of my sister’s betrayal but my best friend’s betrayal whom i shared everything with from childhood who shared with me everything and today i came to know she did not betray me but was forced to betray .
Ragini:swara stop it come with me today is ur marriage,everybody are worried there.
Swara:ragini ur strong u proved it but please stop acting like stop acting like stone hearted person,we will first tell everyone truth and then think about marriage let maheshwaries come to know because of their enemity we are suffering okay.
Kavitha:ragini swara is correct , we will tell the truth first and then marriage.
Ragini: u both are mad if the truth comes out, our truth will be out also swara that we know each other from childhood and are best friends,we came here only to unite our parents and go back to london to achieve our dreams and dadi,massi will think u spilled my mind from childhood and taunt u and maa very badly.
Swara:ragini we came to know about parents accidently when shekhar baba unknownly gave blood to me in hosiptal when my accident happened in college baba came to know that ur friend is in hosiptal and donated blood seeing ur tears for me without even knowing me and that doctor because of his confusing nature after taking blood matched it and did dna test, then gave blood to me,we got dna test report with my other documents, when we asked the doctor he confessed his mistake,that day we got doubt in mind.
Kavitha: u two decided give a chance to ur doubt and when went to vacation next time u went like bffs and when u came back as sisters forever.
Ragini:that is because i took hair of papa and swara , got it dna test which was positive then our doubt got cleared but before we can do anything our vaction got over,but we were happy that we were sisters and we decided unite our parents and came back,first i was apologic to swara but she forgave me and papa so easily.

Swara:that is because we were friends, friends we will never tell sorry but ragini i am angry with u ,u hidden the fact about aakash and you,u both loved each other for 4 years,u broke up with me stupid.
Kavitha:really that aukudo hidded this thing from us, u drama queen u also did,let we meet aakash i will see him.
Ragini:(with teary eyes) i hope i do not see him i do not strength to face him after what i did with him,swara i wanted to inform u kavitha and first about us,kavitha u was not there that time u just left us,we taught we lost u but u know happy was to see u again,swara i was afraid of dadi, u know naa how she threw arnav bhai and khushi bhabhi got married just because of caste problem of khushi bhabhi,dadi till will never understand love happens with heart not caste,i was ready to go against dadi did not want to hurt her and then this drama started the great laksh maheshwari and my enagement which i and swara tried to stop.
Swara:ragini i know what happened with arshi but i was suprised to know arnav bhai knew about me first only.
Kavitha: then he explained that he noticed some similarities between swara and shekhar uncle first only,did dna test first only and found out the truth before anything can be done sumi aunty came to know truth arnav knew truth and took promise to bhai to not do anything and bhai was forced to hide the truth.
Swara: i was very happy when bhai accepted me whole heartly,he used to come to meet ragini sectrely after being cut all the ties from the family in hostel,he was suprised to see me there and gave me the same gifts which he brought for ragini,i was happy to feel brotherly love for first time,i was afraid when i told the truth thought he will break the ties and take ragini away from us.
Ragini:to my suprise bhai hugged swara and said he knew the truth, and was forced to not tell it because of sumi maa promise,he even gave rakhi to swara to tie it i was very happy when bhai said realtions are made by heart not blood and joined our name swaragini.
Kavitha:bhai said the meaning of asr groups means

swara:bhai took us to london for one year without knowledge of our family and1year we studied in london university.
Kavitha:how can i ever forget that ur bhai tried to bride our principle to lie to our family u swaragini cannot come to ur house even for vaction one year and because of ur principle’s honesty ur bhai buyed whole college and atlast took us,my bro agreed easily to go to london.
Ragini:oh god one year was heaven for us,we learnt western dancing,guitar,violin,snowsliding,swiming and all that,made many
friends,bhai used to give all freedoms, our day started with disco and ended with parties at 12am sometimes.
Kavitha:swara do u remember how aakash followed us to london and studied with us.
Swara:first we thought we came as our friend and missing our besti group but today i know he came back of our drama queen.but ragini now it’s time to bring back that days.
Ragini:swara that days never come back now u know the truth we are in darkness.
Swara:ragini my best friend used to say when darkness comes light will definately come, i think its time to prove it.ragini thank u for bearing this darkness alone but not anymore,i promise ragini i will break this majboori of u come kavitha.
Ragini: swara i am already in darkness please leave it if anything happens to u two i will surely die,kavitha atleast u listen,i know feeling of loosing u one time not again think about ur bro atleast na. But swara , kavitha did not pay deed for ragini’s word.
Swara:ragini dead is better than seeing u like this,ur not my sister who used love herself,firtly or enjoyed life,this days u fulfilled duties of sister now it is my time.

Kavitha:swara is right , ragini enough is enough swara start the car.
Ragini:see swara i am same firtly ragini and i am very happy, (controlling her tears and looking down) i really started loving laksh,kavitha i am the most selfish friend to save my sister i wanted to marry sanskar even though it meant separting her love from her,i did not know swara to go through what i went through due to the enemity of maheshwaris,i thought she will atleast alive from them,please swara do not do this.

Swara and kavitha(with teary eyes):sorry ragini and swara drove the car,leaving behind a shouting ragini with pain to stop.

Precap:kavitha and swara discuss to end ragini’s majboori,maheshwaris complain against ragini .

Guys i am really sorry u have to wait till 3 episodes to see swasan/raglak scenes because the story needs more swaragini and kavitha scenes. i will give three actors choice to start opposite ragini for sometime as aakash
1)parth samathan
2)yuvraj thakur
3)pearl puri or dhruv(mantu of tere sheher mein)

Credit to taani

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  9. Pearl v puri but plzz its a bit confusing I mean I don’t understand plzz expain me briefly ur ff but it is super I am going to read ur ff and I read ur ff n my point of view is that shekhar has 3 children swara ragini and arnav but swara is sumi daughter and arnav n rags r janki children so swaragini n kavita were studying together n were best friend n akash is kavita brother he n rags were in a relationship but didn’t tod swakav arshi love each other but didn’t accept n threw arnav out of the house arnav came to no swara is his sis n told sumi but sumi make him promise not to tell anyone then arnav send his sisters to in London n hide this from their parents n then they thought kavita is dead they came to India to unite their parents ragini wear traditional clothes bcoz of dadi but in London she wear western clothes dadi fixed her marriage with laksh she n swara wanted to break the engagement then swalak fell in love but ragini was blackmail to marry laksh she had to be bad in front of all when she is not ( the story continue the same in as in the serial ) but wen kavita came back swara kavita n ragini had to hide that they knew each other then swara discover that rags is innocent n the three besties confront each other n swakav decide to prove innocent rite ?? Plzz clear my confusion taani

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