SWARAGINI (The Next Man in Kolkata) CHAPTER 3 (Part 1) Continuation

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Varun Kapoor as Manish Sharma age 27

Namish Taneja as Manik Sharma age 25

Yes Ragini shut the bedroom door behind her with a quiet click and the two women walked back down the hall toward the other wing. They walked into the kitchen and Padma clucked her disapproval. But there was a little bit of a problem before we left.

Oh the women sighed. There usually is.

Ragini decided that Padma’s observation was probably true at least from what she’d experienced tonight. Mayank still leaned against the wall but he took the ice pack from his face and peered at them through the eye that wasn’t swollen shut. You call this a little problem?

Padma shrugged We’ve all seen worse. But I thought you were too old for bar fights. Thought you were old enough to know better.

Yeah seems like there are a few things we all thought we knew better than what we did Mayank muttered.

Ragini supposed that remark referred to Abhi’s arrival on earth.

Padma sniffed Won’t hurt you much to get out and have some fun I suppose. If you can hold your temper.

Last time I take Ragini to a bar I’ll tell you that.

The black eye isn’t my fault Ragini protested wishing she could back out of the kitchen and go to bed. She should have stayed with Abhi but she’d thought she should say good-night to her host.

Mayank put the ice pack back on his face. You smiled at the guy.

I was being polite the big man had said hello to her and she had thought he was a friend of the Sharma. She hadn’t wanted to be rude despite the leer on his big square face and the way his gaze had dropped to her chest.

He thought you were encouraging him.

You didn’t have to hit him.

Oh yes I did Mayank wiggled the fingers on his right hand. I hope i didn’t break anything.

You didn’t Padma said winking at Ragini. I’m going home now. You’ll have to tell me all about your troubles in the morning.

I’m sure as hell not going to discuss that again Mayank muttered.

Thank you again Ragini told the woman. I hope Abhi wasn’t any trouble.

He’s a good boy Padma assured her pushing open the back door. Does he belongs to Sid?

Mayank answered for her i doubt it.

The housekeeper hesitated That child has a Sharma look about him. Looks like Manik did when he was that age.

All babies look alike Mayank muttered.

Not really Ragini said. She was beginning to realize that Mayank Sharma was tall and handsome. He defended her honor and protected her from a half-drunk cowboy. He’d been quite heroic even though he would look a little worse for wear for the attempt. Not all babies have a cleft chin she added just to annoy him.

His lips thinned.

To be Continued…..

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