swaragini : teri meri love story (Part 2)


Ragini helps swalak to do decorations she goes to mall to buy some gifts for orphanage childerns she buys many gifts toys and chocolate sanskar has arrived to Mumbai with ansh the mall were ragini is near to airport sanskar comes out ith ansh driver takes the bags and arranges in car sankar gets a call he’s attending the call ansh is standing their when he sees a pubby he goes behind that the pubby is in middle of road he goes to pick ragini is walking at same path holding bags she sees ansh walking towards the pubby he picks it a truck is coming their she quickly keeps her bags and runs towards ansh in nick of time she picks him and saves him he got saved

Ragini cares his face
Ragini: beta r u fine
Ansh: yes didi I am fine
Ragini: u r so cute what’s ur name
Ansh: my name is ansh
Ragini: so cute name its suits u
Ansh: thank u

Sanskar cuts call he doesn’t find ansh their he asks driver but he responds negative he’s searching for him
Sanskar: ansh………………… ansh……………..
Ansh: didi my dad is calling me
Ragini gives him chocolate
Ansh: dad says we should not take anything from strangers
Ragini: he’s correct but I am not stranger u called me didi na so u can take it
Ansh thinks for a while and takes it and runs from their waving buye to ragini
Ragini has a simile on her face
She picks her bags and goes from their ansh comes to sanskar
Ansh come to sanskar he kneels down he’s caring his face
Sanskar: how many times I said u to not go like that where u went
Ansh shows him chocolate
Sanskar: who gave u what I said we should not take anything from strangers
Ansh: dad u know I saw puuby and went to it that didi came and picked me she said what if something happened to me she gave me this chocolate
Sanskar: we should say thank u to her
Ansh: dad she is gone
Sanskar lifts ansh they move to MM

Ap was eagerly waiting for his arrival swalak and dp were happy
Soon they came ap did their arati sanskar hugged ap and dp
Swara: bhaishe hugged him
Sanskar pulled her cheeks
Sanskar: how is teddy
Swara: bhai plsz don’t pull my cheeks it hurts
Sanskar: what can be done my sis is so cute
Swara:we missed u so much
Sanskar: me too
Swara: if u had missed me then u would have come long back
She turns her face
Sanskar: really I missed my teddy ansh u know I bought these special chocaltes for ur bhua but if she’s not interested u can have that
Swara: no ways its for me then how can u(she grabbed chocaltes form his hand )
Sanskar: cuttie u’ll never change
Laksh: u forgot me what
Sanskar: who can forget best buddies
But what happend to ur hand
Laksh got his hand facture
Laksh: ask ur dear sis she broke my hand
Swara: oh hello its just fracture nothing more
Laksh: just fracture I can’t use my hand for a week these bandages oh god
Swara: its because of ur mistake
Laksh: wow u break someone hand instead of asking sory ur scolding him
Swara: if u had listened to me nothing would have happened like that
Sanskar: stop it
Ansh: dad they r fighting like tom and jerry
He laughs

dp: beta worse than that they r together for some time atleast
ansh: dadu u r great ti handle them
dp: yes but know I have my champ with me
laksh: champ ur bua is dangerous be careful from her
all r have nice time
whole time swara is with sanskar swara feeds sanskar
laksh: break someone’s hand and feed someone else
ansh: don’t worry chachu I am their na
he feed him
ansh: chachu why don’t u bring chachi she’ll feed u if swara bhua break u hand then
swara start to laugh
swara: ansh who’ll marry this monkey
laksh: and who’ll marry a poisonous chipakali ansh u know if someone comes to see her by seeing her face only they run away
swara: very funny
laksh: no its not at all funny if we do competition btw u and bootni u’ll win for sure u look more scary than her
swara: monkey be quite otherwise I’ll break ur other hand and this no fracture pakka I’ll break
laksh:see sanskar ur sis is trying to sacre me
swara: I am warning u
laksh: I am scared (he acts) warning me in fornt of my buddy
ansh u heard na what ur bua said if she harms me I’ll call police u should tell them everything
ansh: dad why r they fighting
sanskar: beta they don’t have other work so
laksh: no I have work
swara: really to go for date with ur GF’s bhai this is only his work
sanskar: still I thought after handleling business u would change
swara: bhai they say na kuthe ki puuch kabbi sedi nahi ho sakte same way u know what his many
GF’s r our and his office employee
sanskar:seriously u r too much
all have great time

At ragini’s house
Ragini is all lone their that loneliness is killing her from in
She never used to be that what she is know her family hates her daily she calls their but after hearing her voice they cut the call ragini has tears in her eyes rembering her past moment that how happy they were when they were at bangalore ragini completed her studies from their she was topper in studies but when time came for biggest opportunity her family forced her to get married for sake of the promise which they made for them their respect in this stupid society was more than their daughter’s happiness and likes dreams and everything she was happy for what she did but living life alone for ur sake is not so easy dp knew everything she shared with him but she was unable to judge what was happening was right or wrong
The next day

Ragini woke up she got ready and was ready to leave for office she took her cars keys and droved her car
For sanskar it has been a long time when he had a peaceful sleep he’s always disturbed by the thoughts of those accident he helds himself responsible for that but was it his fault or it was game of destiny after that incident he had only two things in life take care of ansh and his work after his wife’s death for him the world was as if it was dead no fun nothing everything was over for him the arrogant sanskar maheswari the man who gets angry very soon who don’t care for anyone leaving his son’s and mother’s emotions nothing bothered him he showed mercy on no one
He got ready made ansh have his break fast swara and laksh were taking his care it was his b’day he didn’t wanted to spoil that he wanted some fresh air he decided to meet CEO(ragini) he drove his acr to office on the way he saw gift shop he decided to buy for ansh he went their ragini got invitation for party from dp she decided to buy gift for ansh
Both were in same shop it was a big shop both buyed gits sanskar kept gifts in his car and started to drove when suddenly someone came in fornt actually it was ragini her bag fell down to pick it she bended sanskar’s car was about to hit her he stoped with a sudden break

She stood up she didn’t notice the car
Sanskar came out and shouted at her
Sanskar: how dare u come in fornt of my car of u want to die go some where else
Ragini: excuse I am sory actually(sanskar cuts)
Sanskar: what actually because of u today a accident was gone happened because of u such girls only accident happen and u blame other for it

Know ragini’s anger crossed all limits
She yelled at him
Ragini: just shut up u fellow it was ur mistake don’t u have eyes I am sauing sory I am telling my bag fell to pick it I bended but u r just screaming on me
Sanskar: how dare u to talk with me like this
Ragini: wh r u ha some prince charming
Sanskar: mind u r tongue
Ragini: that u should do don’t know from where u people come
Sanskar:its waste of time to talk to u
Ragini: who wish to waste time with u
Both move in opposite directions
At KARMA industries office
Sanskar entered the office their staff greeted him after couple of min ragini came all greeted her too
At Dp’s cabin
Dp is their sanskar comes and greets him
Dp calls ragini
Sanskar: dad what’s CEO’s name
Dp: ragini singh u would be impressed by her I am sure but what happened to u
Sanskar explains him what happened
Ragini calla dp and informs about laksh present their
Dp: sanskar u have to wait laksh is here
Sanskar: waht’s he doing here
Dp: for contract he’s here its important u be here I am going
Sanskar: sure dad

After sometime ragini comes their sanskar is sitting facing towards the wall his face is not visible
Ragini greets him
Sanskar: plsz be seated
He turns around and both r shocked
Sanskar: what r u doing here
Ragini: I should ask this question
Laksh enter their
Laksh: hey bro
Sanskar: what she’s doing here
Ragini: lucky u know here
Sanskar: lucky that means u know her
Laksh: wait
Ragini he’s sanskar and bro she’s ragini singh CEO
Ragsan : what
Laksh: ha u both know eachother what
Ragini: u remember I told u about a kadoos just few mins back
Laksh: ha he’s
Ragini: ha
Sanskar: what the hell how dare u call me kadoos
Ragini: stil I didn’t call but know I call kadoos kadoos……………….
Sanskar: shut up
Laksh: gues gues relax
Laksh calls dp
Dp: what happened
Sanskar: dad I told about morning incident she’s
Dp: sanskar just forget about it
Sanskar: dad I don’t understand what u saw in her and u made her CEO
Ragini: oh hello I am far better than u
Sanskar: don’t compare urself to me
Ragini: why r u sacred to be compared to someone and by the way why should I compare myself to u
Sanskar: ms.ragini mind ur tongue
Ragini: if u mind ur’s its far better
Sanskar: u
Ragini: dp sir this is file that u asked I am bit busy know laksh plsz handle this
She leaves form their
Sanskar: so much attitude
Laksh: I never excepted this
Dp: ha I thought only u and swara fight but these two
Laksh: uncle its complicated if we take sanskar’s side ragini would be angry and ragini’s sanskar
Dp: ha dram sankth

Precap: swalak romantic dance
Ragsan nokh jokh…………………….

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Credit to: poonam

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