swaragini : teri meri love story (Part 1)


Hello everyone this is my another ff hope u’ll like it so lets start

Ragini singh: she belongs to very typical marwadi family she is very open minded girl though so many restrictions imposed on her she’s a successful business women she ran from her marriage mandap her family hated her for this deed she is staying alone in Mumbai she is inspirations for many she tried her best to talk to her family but no use

Janki singh: ragini’s mother
Shekar singh:her dadshe has two siblings a sis and bro her sis is married and bro is working their her family is staying in rajsathan in a village called villasagahd she belonged to a middle class family . her dadi is very strict according to her family she is a begadi hua ladki they don’t wish to keep any realtion with her even her mom didn’t understand her they think she loved someone so she ran but the truth is for her career she did so the person whom she was getting married didn’t wish her to work after marriage and those people were very dangerous they r still sreaching for her she changed her name to ragini form roshni she’s CEO of KARMA INSUTRIES at present she’s rich she gives her half of salary orphanage house she often visits their
Swara maheswari: she is cute bubbly girl very smart and intelligent girl full of fun and love she enjoys her life spoiled by her brother she is most beloved of her family she is their family’s jaan
Sanskar maheswari: dashing handsome guy he’s arrogant rude to all loves his sis swara a lot he was not so before but when his wife died in accident everything changed form a fun lovning guy to most arrogant gentle man he turned he was firlt before know he can’t tolerate fun around him he always bashes other he’s in US but soon he’s going to return back to Mumbai with his 5 year old son
Ansh sanskar maheswari: he’s 5 year old boy cute and intelligent he loves his dad a lot very smart fun loving boy
After sanskar’s wife death he was the reason for sanskar’s survival sanskar can do anything for his son because of him he was some love in life

Ap: swara and sanskar’s mother
Dp: their father and MD of karma industries ragini and dp share a good bond swara and ragini r good frnd’s dp treats ragini as his daughter ragini likes him he’s like his father to her she respects him a lot its been 4 years that ragini joined their but she didn’t meet sanskar till date because he’s in US form many years after his wife’s death he nevr wished to return he’s returning beause ap forced him a lot they told him that she’s sick so he’s returning
Laksh sinha: he is handsome dashing fun loving boy a filrt has many gf’s but interesting thing is he’s good in administration too he’s handling his dad’a company laksh’s dad and dp r good frnds ragini and laksh r fnrds and swalak r enemies they always have cat fight when ever they meet sanskar and laksh r best buddies fromm child hood they share each and every secret with each other laksh is very famous

Rp and sujitha sinha: parents of laksh
So lets start
At karma industries
At dp’s office
Dp called ragini
She enters
Ragini: may I come in sir
Dp: yeah plsz
Ragini: anything special u seem to happy today
Dp: ha my son sanskar is returning back from US with my grand son so why should I not be happy
Ragini: its really a good new
Dp: ha I called u to inform about borad of directors meeting after 2 days so be ready
Ragini: sure sir
Dp: ragini after 2 days we u r going to present about all profits of this year and our achievements
Ragini: ok and anything more
Dp: ha sanskar is too a borad member I want him to everything about the company so before meeting u meet him once and give him all details
Ragini: sir what r u planning
Dp: to retire
Ragini: so soon
Dp: ha I have grown old I want my son to handle all this I want rest know I want to play with my grandson and enjoy my rest of life
Ragini: u r not that old
Dp: I know that but what to do ap always tell me I am old I know am still very handsome and young
They both laugh
Ragini: ha u r still young
Dp: ragini one more thing tomorrow is party at MM
Ragini: for u r son
Dp: no for my grandson its his birth day and we want to celebrate in grand actually i want to introduce my son to all
Ragini: but why in birthday party I mean it would be better if u don’t mix personal and proffesion u could arrange another party to introduce u r son its ur grand son’s b’day and he may feel bad kids need to be handle with care he may feel bad because of business talks I am sory if I hurted u
Dp: yeah I agree but no other option if I ask him he would say NO only I am sure only ansh is their to whom he listens so
Ragini: ok may I do any help
Dp: ha help swalak they r arranging tommrow’s party
Ragini strated to laugh
Dp: what happend
Ragini: sir the party is going to be messed I am imagining what they will do
Dp: so only I said to help them
Ragini: sir when is ur son going to come
Dp: its 3pm so by an hrs he would be here and party is not going to be held at my place but at laksh place so u go their
Ragini: sure sir
At sinha mansion

Swalak r arruging for arrangements
Swara: laksh we’ll do white and pink it will look good
Laksh: no its not girls party ansh is a boy so we’ll go with something blue or red
Swara: what it’ll look good
Laksh: no ways
After some time
Ragini comes their she is shocked to see everything messed up both r messed up with flowers they both r trying to free themselves ragini laughs
Swalak: stop laughing and help us
Ragini controls her laugh she frees them
Ragini: how all this happened
Swara: all this happened because of this monkey
Laksh: no beasue of u chipakali
Swara: no u
Laksh: beause of u
Ragini: stop it
They both keep quite
Laksh u tell
Laksh: actuall she was telling to do decorations in white and pink
Fb shows
Swara: laksh we’ll do decorations in white and pink
Laksh: no ways the party is for ansh not for any girl
Swara: what yaar
Laksh: yeah the decorations would in blue or red something like boys
Swara: no ways pink
Laksh: no blue
Swara: stop arguing she sees some decorative items their she picks them and throws at him
Laksh: u have to pay for this
They both started to fight with things around their
Fb ends
Ragini couldn’t control her laugh she laughed
Ragini: sir I told u na
Dp: u both r too much
Ragini plsz handle this
He went
Swara: what to do know
Ragini: ok swara wants decorations in white and pink and laksh u want something in blue or red
Swalak: yes
Ragini: ok we would do in white and blue white by swara’s wish and blue laksh’s wish what say
Swalak : not bad idea
They both agreed

Precap: sanskar’s entry

Ragsan’s encounter……………………………
Gues plsz plsz plsz comment if u like and if u have some ideas plsz sugges
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Credit to: poonam

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