Swaragini (tere liye) part 2


In MM: Ragini’s room
Ragini is in her room with dadi.suddenly her phone rings seeing the call ragini gets worried dadi asks her to attend the call as its important. Ragini attends the call,(the conversation is muted).after the conversation ragini seems to be very sad and damn afraid.
Dadi: laado is everything fine?
Ragini is lost in her thoughts
Dadi:laado ,are u here or not.?
Ragini hugs dadi and cries she says while crying: dadima I can’t bear it anymore all ready I have ruined everything now it covered all the limits I can’t take it more dadi.she cries vigouresly. Dadi consoles her and says her to move on and do the next step what we have to do

In MM:hall
Sujatha: jiji I can’t bear it anymore it already reached its limits my waist is paining
Uttra:leave it mom I will do it
Ap : no uttra if she will see that you are doing the work which is given to sujatha she will punish everyone for this.
Uttra:I doesn’t care
Ap:don’t say that uttra she will even punish your mom also for ur mistake so beta please control ur emotions
Uttra:sorry MA but
Ap:no but .do ur work before she. Comes.
Sujatha: jiji each kaho to swara ragini we 100 guna behtar hei.
Ap:yeah sujatha sometimes we will not be able to see the truth in front of us leave it .do ur work
Suddenly the doorbell rings.
Sujatha: jiji I will check
Ap:no sujatha finish ur work I will go and check
Sujatha: OK jiji
Ap goes and opens the door
Man:is this maheshwari mansion
Man:there is courier for Mrs.laksh maheshwari
Ap:Mrs laksh maheshwari hmmm.she hestately takes the packet
She closes the door and comes down with it
Sujatha: what’s it jiji?
Ap:who knows its flr ragini saying this she throws it to the near by sofa.
Ragini with dadi comes down suj sees this and says :jiji aagayi Malkin
Ap signs her to be quite
Ragini : MA who was that?
Ap: courier boy
Ragini :courier boy!! Then where is the courier??
Ap: its there
Ragini says what’s this MA ur throwing things down no problem take it from there .ap was about to bend to take it uttara interrupts and says MA I will take it ragini stops uttaraand says no uttara own things we have to keep it safe know take it MA whom u r waiting for .
Ap: own thing
Ragini: ha its for u only
Ap :first of all take it and check

Precap: every one is shocked hearing ragini asking ap to wear a black saree .sujatha mumurs what’s her new plan to insult us.ragini shouts at sujatha to stop mumuring or else she will also get punished with ap for cheating her.ap is supershocked ap: cheating!!!!!!!.

Guys sorry for mistakes .comments please waithi for ur comments .comment dears.:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Credit to: Riya

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  1. u also dnt make ur ff as ragini s being blackmailed pls…..its boring…..atleast u bring some diff idea…..

    1. Abi don’t worry there is a surprize

  2. Nice plz make it little long

  3. hey its gd but dont show rags as more hatred plz change her 2 +ve i like her pair so change her

  4. Guyzz I want u r suggestions. As Iam having 2 options to continue my first .so please say me which one I have to take.
    1 . ragini is blackmailed and forced to do that evils
    2.the one who is doing all these is not real ragini.she is her lookalike.
    So guys please suggest which one I have to take. :-):-):-):-):-):-)

  5. Guyss Iam Riya only .now am replying u from one of my cousins mobile.

  6. riya i go fr opt 1..she shud be blackmailed bt dadi..
    that lookalike track i hate it………………… n its already other in one swaragini ff

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