Swaragini (tere liye) part 1

So guys iam Riya iam a big fan of swaragini especially ragini.now according to news and spoilers we all know that ragini is going to leave the show as her character is getting very worst.in my ff its especially showing how swara and ragini will become again swaragini. And all and all.like how swasan and raglak starts to have feelings for each other.
This ff is going to start from when swara gets to know about the mystery woman who is the reason for durga prasand’s silence.

Scene1:In market
(Swara knows about a woman who comes and meets dp silently without anyone notice).now swara is following that woman.suddenly swara collides with a man and falls by that that woman has vanish now the woman is away from her sights.swara is damn sad and search here and there for that woman.at last she decide to return back to home.

Scene2:in baadi
(Swara left maheshwari mansion only for the sake of the committe people and every day she goes there but doesn’t stay there)
Sumi:swara where were you?
Swara: no I just went to markat for some work.
Sumi:OK OK .now go and get fresh.
Swara: OK maa I will be back right now
Sumi:(as swara is really sad her face shows that she is sad) swara dear you are okay right?
Swara is lost in the thoughts .
Sumi:swaraa….are u here ???
Swara :han mom iam okay I will be back now.
Swara leaves to her room .sumi is confused by swaras reaction. She leaves to kitchen.

On the other side, maheshwari mansion
Ragini is irritating everyone.she is forcing everyone to do her works.

Precap:ragini orders ap to wear a black saree and drags her to outside,leaving everyone shocked.!!!!

Sorry guys if wasted your time.iam sorry swasan and raglak fans after some episodes only there will be swaragini, raglak and swasan scenes .
Once again sorry .and guys I need comments whether it is good or bad .please comment dears.:-) 🙂 🙂

Credit to: Riya


  1. Sahima

    Ya ya it very nice. And it didn’t wasted the time at all. It a gd start. Plz plz continue dear. Will be waiting for the next episode. I loved the episode.

  2. Its a niice start ,i suggest u to show strong bonding in btwn swaragini,i think what ragini had done with swara no one do so with ones sis ,Though i like ragini but not her deeds its just my opinion ,sorry if it hurts anyone.anyways keep writing.

    • Riya

      Thanks everyone who all commented I will upload next part today itself so please give ur comments for it also. Hope u all will like it .wants ur cooperation. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. sruthikasyap

    hey we want a beautiful and romantic love story with swasan plz do so its good and we feel u can do it so plz try do very fast

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.