Swaragini – Tere Bina (Chapter 9)

Hello guys. I am really sorry for not updating for so many days. Actually, my laptop got virus and I had to give it for service. I’m really sorry for that. So, let’s start today’s episode.
@ the backstage.

Swara: I hope so, Uttara.
Laksh: Come on, Swara. You saw, right? All the judges were amazed by our performance.
Ragini: Yes, Swara. Please try to believe in yourself at least once.

Everyone laughs while Swara shows fake anger by making a pout face.

Swara: Sanskar jiju, don’t laugh. How could you do this to your saali?
Sanskar: Sorry, my dear saali. But, I seriously can’t resist it.
Ragini: Oh hello. What is this saali and Jiju all. Swara, I’m not married yet, understand?
Sanskar: So what, Ragini? Our marriage is something that for sure is gonna happen.
Ragini: Oh Mr. Romeo, our marriage will only happen after Swara’s, remember that.
Sanskar: If that’s the case. Swara, please find someone for you quickly. If not, I will get you married to Lucky.

Swara and Laksh look at each other for a moment.

Laksh (in mind): Hope so, bhai. I don’t know when, how and where. But, I am in love with Swara, my Jhansi Ki Rani. And today I will show her that.
Swara (in mind): Jiju, I will be happy with that. Don’t know since when, but I love Lucky.
Ragini: Then do one more thing. Get your sister married to my brother too as they both love each other.
Uttara & Shravan: Ragini?
Ragini: What did you think? You can lie to me? I have seen both of you chatting in messages, then going out together.
Shravan: That’s because we are friends.
Swara: Acha? Only friends? Ragini, have you seen any two friends holding their hands in public. Then, Shravan bhai, I never knew that you can kiss your friend publicly.
Laksh & Sanskar : Kiss!!
Uttara: Aisa kuch nehi hai, bhai. Swara di is lying.
Swara: Fine. I can lie, but these pictures don’t do. (Swara shows Uttravan’s pics to Sanlak while they were totally shocked).
Sanskar: Uttara, what is all this?
Laksh: And Shravan? I never expect this from you.
Shravan: Wo… (Sanlak immediately hugged Shravan while he was completely confused)
Sanskar: We knew this right from the beginning, Shravan.
Laksh: Yes, and we were with Swara and Ragini while they carried out the jasoosi.

Swaragini were standing at the corner while laughing.

Shravan: You both… (he folds his hands). Please don’t tell mausi, mausaji and dida about this kiss matter.
Ragini: Oh no, bhai. Today morning only I showed Dida all this pictures.
Shravan: What have you done, Ragini? It confirmed that today I’m death by Dida’s hand.
Swara: No, bhai. Dida was really happy for you. In fact, she wants to talk to you about this later.
Shravan: Really? Oh my god! I’m really happy. Thanks you both.
Swara: And you, Uttara? Get ready to become a dulhan and also our bhabhi.
Uttara: Swara di, aap bhi na
Laksh: OMG! This is the first time our Uttara is feeling shy, right bhai?
Sanskar: Yes, Lucky. Ek kaam kar, take a pic so that we can show everyone at home.
Ragini: If your bak bak is over, shall we go? It’s about time for the result.

@ the Auditorium

Anchor 1: So, the moment you all been waiting for. The winner of the
Anchor 2: Your one and only….. Swara and Laksh.

All 6 of them were on the 7th sky and share a group hug. Later Swara and Laksh went up the stage and received their trophy,

Anchor 1: Any words from you?
Laksh: Thanks to all our fans who supported us throughout the competition. And I need to thank my friends and siblings; Swara, Sanskar, Ragini, Uttara and Shravan. Before I leave from here, I would like to say a few words to Swara.

Suddenly, he goes on his knees while the crowd went aww. Ragsan was shocked about the situation.

Swara: Laksh?
Laksh: Swara, you are my passion, my life, my love. Without you I would have no reason to live. All the stars in the universe could not replace what we have together. I thank you for the love we have and your gentleness. Never forget me, as I will never forget you. Will you be mine now and forever?
Swara (in tears): Of course, Lucky. I mean, I love you too.

Both of them share a very passionate hug, neglecting the crowds who were clapping for them.

Ragini looks at Sanskar who was also clapping for Swalak. She hits his elbow.

Sanskar: Ouch! What’s the big idea, Ragini?
Ragini: Did you see your brother? How courageous he is. I mean, he proposed Shona in front of the world. And you?
Sanskar (in a funny way): My faith is not that good. I didn’t get such beautiful girl for myself.
Ragini (strict tone): Fine then. Find someone else for you. I’m leaving.
Sanskar: Arey, Ragini? Listen to me?

Ragini went from the auditorium in an auto. While Sanskar stood at the entrance realizing his stupidity, the others joined them. Sanskar tells them about whatever happened.

Swara: What have you done, jiju? Ragini is very sensitive and she can’t hear anything bad about herself.
Laksh: Looks like you need to do something big for her to compromise, Sanskar.

Sanskar starts to think. After a while, he smiles about a plan.

The screen freezes on Sanskar’s face.

To be continued…

Precap: it’s all about Ragsan

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