Swaragini – Tere Bina (Chapter 7)


Thank you so much for all your comments, supports and love. And I want to tell you guys that to update my fan fiction on Saturdays and Sundays are a bit impossible. But I will still try. I am really sorry for that. Now, are you guys ready for the next chapter? So, her it is.

@ hospital.

Hearing whatever the doctor said, the whole family is in shock, especially, Sanskar and Swara. Swara who cannot see her Ragini in such state ran from there but, Laksh followed her. Swara went somewhere far sobbing thinking of all their Swaragini moments. Flashes of Ragini inside the Emergency ward is consistently coming in front of her. She felt herself weak and collapsed down. Laksh who was behind her, couldn’t see Swara in that condition. So, he came near her.

Swara: Why Durga ma? Why? I know I was wrong to accuse Ragini for Shravan bhai’s accident. But, why my Ragini have to go through the punishment? She was innocent. I was wrong. I was wrong. Ragini!

Laksh (placing his hand on her shoulder): Swara, you were not wrong. You don’t even know the whole situation of the accident.
Swara: But still. I should have listen to it. If I listened to it without being carried away by my emotion, then Ragini will not be going through all this. No, I was wrong.
Laksh (cupping her face): Swara, stop it. Stop blaming yourself. Will blaming yourself bring back Ragini? Think about it, Swara. This is the time to pray for her condition to keep blaming.
Swara: Why are you so supportive, Lucky? I have never seen this Lucky in all this years that I know. Why suddenly?
Laksh (wiping her tears): Maybe this is the right time to Miss Jhansi Ki Rani who is the real Lucky.
Swara (hugs him): Thank you so much, Lucky. Thank you for being so supportive.
Laksh (breaking the hug and forwarding his hand): So, friends?
Swara: Dehkungi sochungi kal parso kuchh kahungi.
Laksh: Oh come on, Swara.

Swara: If as a friend, you can be this supportive, then… done. We are friends.
Laksh: So, shall we go? (Swara nods).

Meanwhile at the hospital, everyone was restless thinking about Ragini’s condition. Sanskar was still looking at Ragini’s picture on his mobile.

Sanskar (monologue): Ragini, please come back to me. I can’t see you on this condition. Every second of your silence is making me go crazy. I promise that I will never scold you. I will never hurt you. Please, you know right that I cannot live without you.

Sanskar’s monologue was disturbed by the nurse who was hollering for the doctor. He immediately stood up while the doctor rushed inside. After a while, he came out.

Doctor: Nothing to worry. She is absolutely fine. In a while, we will shift her to the general ward and you guys can meet her.
Sanskar (holding the doctor’s hand): Thank you so much, doctor. And I am sorry for my behavior towards you.

Doctor: It’s ok. That shows your love towards her. All the best.
Dida: I need to tell this to Shravan. He will be really happy.
Uttara: Dida, I will tell him. You go and meet Ragini.

In Shravan’s ward, he was on his bed restless about Ragini condition.

Uttara: Why aren’t you resting? The doctor said that you should do so.
Shravan: How can I rest? That to after knowing my sister’s condition.
Uttara: Ohho, you siblings are one type, right? Ragini doesn’t want to her dressing without knowing your condition and you are not resting vice versa.
Shravan: Stop talking nonsense and tell me how is my Ragini.
Uttara: oh! I am taling nonsense, right? Then why should I tell you about Ragini? I am leaving.

Uttara turns to go while Shravan get hold of her by her wrist. Both felt high voltage of current passing through them. Awkwardness was felt between them. So, Shravan leaves Uttara’s hand.

Shravan: I am sorry. Bu, please tell me how is my sister?
Uttara (sits on the bed): Nothing to worry about. She is fine and Ragini is also shifted to the general ward.

Shravan: Really? Thank god. I want to meet her. (he tries to get up but feels pain on his head). Ouch!
Uttara: What happened? What is the need to hurry? (while blowing on the wound). Wait, I will bring you.

Uttara helps him to get up and walk. But he was too weak. So, she places his hand around her shoulder and they both started walking. Suddenly, Shravan loses his balance and places his hand on Uttara’s waist, shocking her.

Shravan: I am sorry. I didn’t mean to.
Uttara: It’s ok. Come, let’s walk.

They both come out of the ward and see everyone around looking at them. It was because Shravan’s hand is still on Uttara’s waist. Realizing this, he removes his hand but again loses his balance. This time, Uttara herself places his hand around her waist. They both share a very intense eyelock.
The screen freezes on both Shravan and Uttara.

To be continued…..

Precap: Swara and Ragini’s emotional conversation. Laksh realizing his feeling for Swara. Uttara and Shravan becomes friends. Sanskar and Ragini hug in front of the family.

Credit to: Sathya

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