Swaragini – Tere Bina (Chapter 6)


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Recap: Ragini and Laksh’s face off. Swalak’s result announcement. Shravan’s accident which Swara blames Ragini for and she runs from the hospital.
Precap: Sanlak searching for Ragini.

@ the hospital

Swara was standing at the corner of the room in guiltiness.

Sumi: Shona, are you happy now? Don’t know how and where is my child.
Dida: Sumi, nothing will happen to our Ladoo (Ragini). She will be absolutely fine.
Shekhar: Yes, Mishti. Uttara’s brother have gone to search for her, right? They will surely find her.
Shravan: Mausaji, I think you also should search for her. Maybe she went to the mandir. She always goes there when she feels down.
Shekhar: Maybe you are right, beta. I’ll search for her there.

On the road.
Laksh and Sanskar are searching in different areas.

Sanskar (while running like a mad person): Where are you, Ragini? Why didn’t you think about me once before leaving from there? Where will I find you?
Laksh (over phone with Sanskar): Bhai, did you found her? I have searched everywhere, but no clue.
Sanskar: Lucky, I am not gonna accept the defeat. I will find her.
Laksh (over phone with Sanskar): Ok, Bhai. I will also search for her.

Disconnecting the call, Laksh turns to go. But he sees Swara standing in front of him.

Swara: Lucky, did you found anything about Ragini?
Laksh: Nothing. But, what do you care? Go to your Shravan Bhai and stay with him. Don’t waste my time. I need to find my friend.
Swara: Lucky, please. Don’t kill me with your words. I know I was wrong. I shouldn’t have slapped her. But, I can’t control myself after hearing what happened to Bhai.
Laksh: You know, Swara. Even when I complained about you to her yesterday night, she stood up for you. But, what you did to her today… Just go from here.
Swara (collapse on road while crying): This is all my fault. If I wouldn’t have slapped her, she won’t go from here. I am such a bad sister.

Laksh feels really bad looking at Swara’s condition. So, he comes near her and places his hand on her shoulder. Without even thinking, Swara immediately hugs Laksh begins to sob again. Laksh couldn’t resist it and hugs her back to control her.

On the other hand, Sanskar was still searching for Ragini like a mad person. Someone touches him from behind.

Sanskar: Ragini! (but it is an old lady). Yes, dadi? Do you need any help?
Old lady: No, beta. I think you are the one who need help? What happened, beta?
Sanskar: I am searching for a girl. She is not any girl, she is my love. ( he shows her photo to the old lady).
Old lady: This girl? Beta, I saw her the Durga ma temple in the evening. She was really weak. I think that she will still be there. Go and find her there, beta.
Sanskar: Thank you, dadi. I will never forget your favor. Thank you so much.
Old lady: it’s ok, beta. Maybe your love is so strong that made you find her.

Saying this the old lady goes from there. Sanskar immediately calls up Laksh. Laksh who was still consoling Swara breaks the hug when his phone rang.

Laksh: Hello, bhai? Did you find Ragini?
Sanskar (over the phone): Yes, Lucky. She is the Durga ma’s mandir. I’m going there. You also come there.
Laksh: Ok, bhai. I will come there. ( he disconnects the call). Swara, Bhai found Ragini. Come let’s go.

@ Durga ma’s mandir.

Sanskar, Swara and Laksh reach the temple.

Sanskar: Ragini? Ragini?
Swara (sees Ragini unconscious near the idol): Ragini!!!

The three runs near her. Sanskar was really uncontrollable.

Sanskar: Ragini? Please get up. You can’t do this to me. You cannot leave me like this. Get up, please. Lucky, let’s bring her to hospital.

Laksh and Swara were confused on Sanskar’s behavior towards Ragini. But, they still followed him.

@ hospital

Everyone was shocked to see Sanskar carrying Ragini in his arms while Swara and Laksh were behind him.

Sumi: Ragini?! Beta, what happened to her?
Sanskar: I don’t know, aunty. Doctor! Nurse!

The ward boys come with a stretcher and bring Ragini to the Emergency ward. After a while, the doctor comes out of the ward and stand silently.

Sumi: Doctor, how is my daughter?
Swara: Is she fine, doctor? Nothing to worry, right?
Shekhar (slightly angry): Why are not saying anything? How is my daughter?
Doctor (sighs): Actually, her wound have got infected because the dressing was not done earlier. And she had not taken anything for a long time, she is really weak. I think that we should keep her under observation for maybe 8 hours. If her condition doesn’t improve, then…. I am sorry.
Sanskar (angrily grabs the doctor by his collar): What do you mean by sorry. Ragini will be fine. Nothing will happen to her. I believe in our love. (everyone was shocked to hear that). My Ragini can never leave me.
Laksh (tries to calm Sanskar down): Bhai, please calm down. Nothing will happen to her. You just calm down.
Sanskar: How can I calm down, Lucky. Look at what he is saying. He is saying that if she doesn’t gain her consciousness, she will me. Ragini cannot leave me. She have promised that.

Sanskar was uncontrollable. He was crying looking at Ragini who was in the ward. The screen freezes on both their faces.

To be continued…
Precap: Will Ragini gain her consciousness before it is too late? Will Sanskar be able to let Ragini go away?

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