Swaragini – Tere Bina (Chapter 5)


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Recap: Ragini’s stay at MM. Ragsan moments.
Precap: Ragini and Laksh’s face off. Swalak’s result announcement. Shravan’s accident.

Same night @ MM (corridor)

Ragini was running back to Uttara’s room but hits with someone. Both of them fell down and rolled down the stairs. At the end of the stairs, Ragini was on top of the someone.

Ragini: I’m really sorry. I did not see you coming.
Laksh: I think that you should get up of me first.
Ragini: ohh. I’m sorry.
Laksh (after she got up, she goes): Excuse me, miss. Will you help me get up?
Ragini: Sure. (she helps him).
Laksh: Thank you. But I have not seen you here before. Who are you?
Ragini: I am Uttara’s friend, Ragini.
Laksh (in mind): So, you are that Jhansi Ki Rani’s sister. I should behave with her nicely.
Ragini: And you are?
Laksh: I am Laksh, Uttara’s brother. You can call me Lucky.
Ragini: So, you are the Lucky Swara always talks about. But you are not how she described. You are really nice.
Laksh: Yes I am but I don’t know why, your sister doesn’t like me.
Ragini: Actually, Swara is very childish but she loves me and our bhai a lot.
Laksh: ok, Ragini. We will catch up later. Bye.

They both part ways.

The next morning @ Dida’s house.

Dida: Shravan, do you have to go to college today?
Shravan: Yes, Dida. Actually, I have to submit my presentation and I also promised to pick up Ragini after her college.
Dida: Nothing, I am just not feeling good.
Shravan (cupping her face): Oh my dear Dida, no need to worry. Nothing to worry.
Swara: Ohho. Both of you have started your melodrama in the morning itself
Dida: Bhadmash, why are you here? Didn’t go for college?
Shravan: We are leaving together, Dida.
Swara & Shravan: Bye, Dida.

Swara’s college

All the students are waiting for the results eagerly just like Swara’s Angel Singers and Laksh’s Dare Devils.

Announcer: So, girls and boys. The moment you all were waiting for is here. The winner is…. Angel Singers and Dare devils. Yes, guys. It’s a tie.
Swara & Laksh: WHAT!
Judge 1: Not only that, we have registered both your names for Indian Idol Jodi competition.
Swara (in mind): What? In Indian Idol competition? That too with this unlucky Lucky? No way!
Laksh (in mind): This is what I have been waiting for. But why is this Jhansi Ki Rani is also in it? How can I cooperate and work together with her?
Judge 2: Is there any problem?
Swara & Laksh: NO.

As the crowd leaves, Preethi and Sania join Swara.

Sania: Yippy! We won.
Swara: Yes we did. (she starts to dance with them like a child while Laksh looks at her)
Laksh (in mind with a suprising tone): What happened to me? Why am I getting attracted to this Jhansi Ki Rani’s childishness? What is happening to me?
Swara (on phone): Hi, bhai? Where are you? You know what, we won.
Shravan (while driving): Wow! That’s a great news, Swara. But I’ll talk to you later as I am driving.
Swara: Ok, bhai. Pick up Ragini and come home fast. We need to celebrate. (cuts the call)

Ragini’s college main gate

Shravan parked the car at the parking lot opposite the college ans waits for Ragini. Then, he sees her coming with Uttara. He waves his hand to her and she does vice versa. As Ragini and Uttara were about to cross the road, a truck approached which they were obvious to. The driver was driving recklessly. Shravan who sees this, runs to save them without wasting any time. He pushes them but he gets hit by the pole in the middle and falls unconscious.

Ragini: Bhai!! Bhai, please wake up. Don’t do this to me. What will I answer to Dida, Ma, Papa and Swara?
Sanskar (just came there): Ragini, what happened?
Uttara: Bhai, he saved us from an approaching truck but he got injured by the pole.
Sanskar:Then, why are you guys wasting time? Let’s take him to the hospital.

@ the hospital.
Shravan was inside the ward with the doctor treating him. Meanwhile, the whole Gadodia family (except for Dadi) and Dida along with Laksh reaches there.

Swara (holding Ragini by shoulder): What happened to Bhai?
Ragini narrates everything that happened. In anger, Swara slaps Ragini.

Sumi: Shona!
Swara: How could you be so careless? Look! Because of your carelesess, Bhai is in this condition. If anything happens to Bhai, then I’ll never forgive you.
Dida: Swara, is this the way you talk to your sister?

Ragini runs from there.

Uttara: Ragini?! Swara di, why you scolded her? She has not done her dressing yet. She was bleeding on her forehead. What if anything happens to her? Will you be happy?
Sumi: Uttara, what are you saying? Ragini also got hurt?
Uttara: Yes, aunty. When her brother pushed us, her head hit the rock there. But she refused to get her dressing done until her brother gain his conscious.
Sumi: What have you done, Swara? You know that Ragini is very sensitive, right? Where will be she going? What if anything happens to her?
Sanskar: Aunty, you don’t worry. I will find her. Come, Lucky.
Doctor: Shravan have gained his conscious. You can meet him now.

Inside the ward

Swara: Bhai, are you ok?
Shravan: Swara, I am fine. But where is Ragini? Is she fine?
Sumi: We don’t know, beta. We don’t where is she now.
Shravan: What do you mean, Mausi? (Sumi narrates everything). Swara, how could you think that Ragini was careless? The truck driver was the one who was driving recklessly. What if anything happens to her?

Swara was standing silently in guilt. The screen freezes on her face.

To be continued….

Precap: Sanskar and Laksh searching for Ragini. Will they be able to find her on time before anything happen?

Credit to: Sathya

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