Swaragini – Tere Bina (Chapter 4)


I am really, truly sorry for not writing for the past three days. As I said, I was busy with a festival at my place. Thank you so much for all your support and love. Your comments have made my day. So without wasting any time, let’s begin with today’s chapter.

@ Ragini’s college

Ragini: Uttara, have you talked to her? What did she said?
Uttara: Of course she did but she was not
as you said. Your mother is such a sweet lady, I guess. Anyways, now we will go to your house first, then mine.
Ragini: Fine, come let’s go.
@ Baadi

Swara and Shravan just came back from college and saw Sumi packing Ragini’s

Swara: Ma, why are you packing Ragini’s bag? Where is she going?
Sumi: To her sasural. (In law’s)
Shravan: What?!
Sumi: She is going to her friend, Uttara’s
house today. They are going to revise
together for the exams tomorrow.
Swara(in mind): Uttara’s house? Then she will meet that arrogant Lucky. Uff, what to to do?

When she jolted out of her thinking, she saw Ragini and Uttara entering.

Ragini: Hi Swara. Where is Shravan bhai?
Swara: I don’t know. He was here just now. Ma, where is he?
Sumi: He went to freshen up.
Swara: Ragini, what is the need to stay at Uttara’s? I mean, how will I sleep without you, I am not used to it.
Uttara: Actually, Swara di, both of us are kinda weak in this subject, so my brother will teaching us.
Swara: What? Lucky gonna teach you both? Are you kidding, Uttara? And Ragini it’s a waste to go as you’ll be failing your exams.
Uttara: No, di. Not Lucky bhai. But my elder brother, Sanskar. He is also a lecturer at our college.
Sumi: Stop it, Swara. Here, Ragini. Your bag and these are some rasagulla. Please pass it to Uttara’s mother.
Ragini (smiling): Sure, ma. Bye Swara.

Ragini and Uttara left while Swara prays to
avoid Raglak face off.

@ MM

AP: Wherw is this Sanskar and Uttara? Both of them are still not here yet.
Sanskar: Good evening, ma.
Sujata: Here is he, jijji. But where is this
Uttara (at the main door): Good evening, all you lovely people. Today, I brought someone special home.

She holds Ragini’s hand and brings her in. Sanskar was really surprised and confused on how to react to his lady love’s arrival, so he decides to stay silent.

Uttara: Bade ma, this is my best friend,

Ragini went to AP and Sujata to take their blessings. Both of them were happy to see such cultured girl.

Uttara: Ragini, they are my bade ma and my mom. And that is my bhai, Sanskar. The one who is a lecturer at our college.
Ragini (nodding her head): Ohh, hello sir.
Sanskar: Sir? (He sees Ragini glaring at him angrily) Hello.
Uttara: Bhai, actually we need your help to cover up a few topics of tomorrow’s exam. So will you help us?
Sanskar: Sure, why not? I will come to your room at 8, ok?
Ragini: Aunty, ma send some sweet for all. Here it is.

After AP and Sujata left, Uttara dragged Ragini to her room while Sanskar smiles.

Night @ Baadi (Swaragini’s room)

Swara: Will Ragini be fine there. No, she will not. Where there is that Lucky then no one can be fine. Durga ma, please don’t let Ragini meet Lucky.

Praying for Ragini’s protection, Swara doses off to bed.

Midnight @ Uttara’s room

After their revision, Ragini and Uttara went to bed. Uttara was sleeping soundly while Ragini was just tossing and turning. So, Ragini decides to go for a walk at the terrace without disturbing Uttara.

@ the terrace

As she was walking, Ragini felt a presence behind which made sweat continuously. She was about to shout, when a hand covers her mouth, and in fear she bites it. It turns out to be Sanskar.

Sanskar: Ouch! Ragini…
Ragini (closing Sanskar’s mouth): Sanskar, why are you shouting? What if someone wakes up and sees us?
Sanskar (removing her hand): What am I supposed to do when you bite my hand?Anyways what ate you doing her in this time of night?
Ragini: Actually I was not getting any sleep. Maybe it’s because of this new environment change.
Sanskar: If that’s the case, then you better get used to it. Or else how you manage yourself at your sasural?
Ragini: My sasural? Why do you care about it? As if you are gonna marry me. I am just a time pass for you, right? (She’s just kidding).
Sanskar(angrily pins her against the wall): Ragini! Don’t you dare to say something like that again. You are my true love, not any time pass, you get it? Ok, fone. Let me, what can I do to prove my love to you?
Ragini (in pain): Sanskar, you’re hurting.
Sanskar (calms himself and then cups Ragini’s face): Look Ragini, you are the first girl that fell for and I’ll make sure that you’re the last one too. I can’t live without you, Ragini. It will be better for me to end myself.

Ragini (covers his mouth): Sanskar, please. Please don’t say that. Even I can’t think of a life, a future with someone else. I was just kidding. I’m sorry.
Sanskar: Ragini, please don’t joke around with our love. I’m sorry for hurting you too. I love you.
Ragini: I love you too, Sanskar.

They both hugged each other and tears begins to skip out of their eyes. Suddenly, it starts to rain heavily, so Ragsan ran from there. Both if them were soaking wet, and this made Ragini feel reall awkward, so she vegins to go. But looks like Sanskar is not in a mood to let her go. He held her by the wrist and pull her towards him. They were really closed to each other and a long silent remained between them. Ragini again tries to go, now this time he holds on her waist and comes close to her ears.

Awaaz hain…
Tum sun ne toh aao kabhi
Chukar tumhe khil jayegi
Ghar enko bulao kabhi
Beqraar hai baat karne ko
Kehne do inka zraa

Khamoshiyan… Teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan… Lipti hui khamoshiyan

Kya uss gali me kabhi tera jana hua
Jahan se zamaane ko gujre zamaana hua
Mera samah toh wahie pe tehra hua
Batao tumhe kya
Mere saath kya kya hua

Khamoshiyan… Ik saaz hain
Tum ko hilao zraa
Khamoshiyan… Alfaaz hain
Kabhi aa gun gunale zraa
Beqraar hai baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zraa

Khamoshiyan… Teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan… Lipti hui khamoshiyan.

Both Ragini and Sanskar were looking straight into each other’s eyes. They were totally lost in one another. Suddenly, from far they heard someone coming. So, Ragini goes from there while Sanskar was still standing there, looking at Ragini going. The screen freezes on Sanskar’s face.

To be continued…

Precap: Ragini and Laksh’s face off. Swalak’s result announcement. Shravan’s accident.

Credit to: Sathya

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