Swaragini: Tere Bin (Intro)

Swara: what are you doing sanskar? Why are you doing this? I knew i am at fault but pls don’t do this now this separation is killing me (glassy eyes)

Sanskar: you should have thought this before swara doing this with me(emotionless face and leaves from there)

Swara: sanskar sanskar pls listen to me(falls down with a thud)

Ragini: swara pls compose yourself everything will be alright. Says she seeing her sister who is sooo broken

Swara: ragini my sanskar left me, he will not accept me, he will not accept me says swara continuously mumbling walking with ragini who was supporting her and some tears were escaping from her eyes seeing her sisters condition which is sooo broken

Ragini takes swara to her home and makes her sleep just then he recieves a call

“is swara alright”says the person on the on the other side

Ragini: hmm she is(controlling her tears which were ready to flow out)

Other person: pls take care and of her too

Ragini: thank you for doing this(this was for her and not able to control more she starts crying) i am sorry sanskar ji i am really sorry because of us you both have to bear this

Sanskar: no ragini its not your fault infact its not anyone’s fault its written in our destiny. Hmmm take care

Sanskar cuts the call and sees towards laksh pic which was kept infront of him: how long laksh or else everything will be destroyed (serious face)

This concept was running in my mind from sooo long so thought to write it. Its from six months track

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    Heyy nice story continue pls don’t separate SWASAN

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    nice concept..continue

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  8. hello moon please dear continue Sparkle of love , I love that ff please please please dear ,
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