Swaragini – tera mujhse nahi hai nata koi (Epi 3)


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Place :at Maheshwari house
Ragini was furious at adi and yuvi’s naughty act and screams
Rags: aaahhh, adi , yuvii stop right there you both are becoming naughty day by day all this u have learnt from shona na well ill deal with her later u two must get punishment wait ill tell adarsh bhai and pari di to get ur brains at right place .. all these days I was protecting u from thier scoldings now ill not wait and watch .
Advi(adi&yuvi):ragu bua were soo soo soo sorry na u know u are our best masi better than shona masi were so sorry pls don’t tell ma and paa abt this , actually shona masi only told us to do this when u force us to this we are shoo sholly
Rags- its okk bachu make sure u don’t do it other time and promise u will drink milk on time ..
Advi- ok masi ..promise
Suddenly they remember something and scream
Advi.: maaassiii ; u forgot shona masi is still sleeping if dadu will ask then what will we tell him be will be here any moment
Ragu : OMG/!!i totally forgot about it
Saying this she runs upstairs, enters her room and yells shonaaa
Ragu: shona shona utho ja pls pls pls wake up na see papa will come at any moment man pls (shakes her vigorously )
but girl seems unaffected this even advi bring water jug and pours it on her still her body isnt ready to show any move

ragini gets fed up and orders advi to call shan bhai ; advi runs to do so their they find a boy engrossed in fixing a metal body (his creation, his robot)he was told to do this as per his Boss Mathew’s order
adi : shan chachu come fast shona masi is not waking up
yuvi : ya and dadu is going to come any time
shan : o god this girl na !! she is 22 still acts as a baby now what chal shaan lag ja kaam pe (go shan get back to work)
shan reaches her room n says
shona princess get up na or else that devil will again come and yell at u na baby so before u get shoutings get up na
but she seems unaffected
rags : bhai u think she’ll wake up we are doing that since past 10 mins
shaan: oo! Now what let try stuffing therapy that’s the only last opt. left
all the ppl present in the room take a teddy and put it on the girls face and scream shonaaa/masiii after a min the girl starts waking up and coughing due to less oxygen in her surrounding
she wakes up in a jiffy and starts beating shagini(shan & ragini)
shona : bhai ragu aaj to ap log gaye (bahi ragu today ur gone)
shan- are we did this to wake u up or else that devil would have killed us along with u
shona throws pillows at shan but hits ragini , ragini hits at shona but it hits advi like this they start pillow fighting and end up messing the whole room which now looks as a candy floss factory .
soon their dad enters and seeing the mess his blood boils and he loses his temper and yells furiously
dad(dp)- shonaaa what have u done to ur room im coming back in 5 mins by then ur room should be neat and tidy understand?
Shona & all- yess papa

At gododia house
Sanky sam and lucky plan a welcome treat for this grandmoms and argue over who is paying the bills
Sumi : durga!!! Why are u guys screaming early in the morning ??
Sam : ma look na bhai ‘s are asking me to pay the bill
Lak- ha tooo! Look the youngest na and u get good amt of pocket money na and u r our sis na then u can pay
San: ya samy he right ..
Sam: but u know na im saving money to buys my gowns since past 2 days
San: man after paying off the bills u can again save na
Sam: by that tym the stock will be over
Lak-so wht u cant do this much for our grandmoms ?
Sam: im not paying the bills means im not
San : see im also not
Lak: me tooo
Sumi : are wait lets done thing write ur names in a chit and we will elect who will pay ok ?
Sanlak,sam : ya superb

PREECAP: elections in gadodia house and first day of collage of samy, laksh and swaragini
sorry for the dealys caused by me
so as im done introducing all characters ill summarize all the characters again
the Gadodia’s
sanskar gadodia : 25 year old , a well known rockstar , kind hearted , bubbly and honest
laksh gadodia : 23 year old , flirty, naughty , hot but honest ,2nd year in M.C collage;Mumbai
samaira gadodia : 22 year old, bubbly , gorgeous,honest , naughty and apple of the eye of the whole family , 1st year M.C collage; mumbai
sumi & shekhar gadodia: parents of sanlaksam
sumi:very kind hearted lady , wife of shekhar
shekhar-well known business tycoon in India
shobha bose : mom of sumi
parvati gadodia: mom of shekhar

The Maheshwari’s
Dp maheshwari- strict , deciplined , well known business tycoon of india
Ap maheshwari: mom of swaragini and adshan(adarsh&shaan), kind , pure hearted lady
Adarsh maheshwari-eldest bro of swaragini and shaan , father of advi ,husband of parineeta , kind hearted but disciplined , youngest business tycoon of Mumbai
Shaan maheshwari: second eldest bro of swaragini and adarsh , belives in working hard and making his own money , well known mechanical engineer in Mumbai,works under Makrand Mathew (boss of MM grp of mechanical engineering )
Ragini maheswari: simple , sweet , adorable , bubbly, honest, dicipined and gorgeous girl. Elder twin of swara . 1st year M.C collage ,Mumbai
Swara maheshwari : naughtiest , bubbliest, gorgeous , disciplined girl , twin of ragini, apple of the eye of the whole family loves adi& yuvi a lot
Aditya&Yuvraj maheshwari : twin bro’s and sons of Adarsh & pari maheswari , naughty lil boys loved by all , grade 3 in Mumbai public school

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