Swaragini – tera mujhse nahi hai nata koi (Epi 2)


hi ppl Akku here
im soo soo sorry for not posting as the two days my bro wasnt well
i was supposed to take care of him ..im shoo shooly

so here is the epi 2

Gadodia mansion

sam – dadi wo lucky bhai is ….is ..is in his room ya in his room right bhai ??
san – hain ?? really ?? he is in his room? (sam eyes him angrily)oh yaaaa ya he is in his room ill call him
dadi – go call my son asap.. my eyes are longing to see him
san – ya im going dadiii ! i dont have wings ..
sam – i hpoe u had (signs him )
sanky reached lucky ‘s room n calls him
on call
san- lucky are u wearing anklets ??!!
lucky : what ?? bhai did they reach
san: ya long back the’ve asked abt u twice
lak-bhai bear them for a min more im just on the door
san- door no no no i told them ur in ur room listen when they ask y u took long just tell them that u were in the washroom
lak : kk ..
call ended
san goes down
dadi : where is he ??
san- dadi he is coming he is in the washroom
dadi – kkk
sam – ma tell me u brought me dresses ??
sumi : ya beta come ill show u like this she engages elders in her talks and actions

meanwhile lucky enters his room through the balcony and grabs lil roses from the pot in his room and rushes down
dadi- turns and sees lucky coming and then rushing back to his room and rushes to him and catches his ears
lak : aaa maa im sorry i know im late sorry na leave my ears na pls pls pls
dadi : ha chore u come late and we wait still u r coming and again ronning ha ? dont want to meet ur daddi??
lak : arre no na paru well u r looking hot ha soa red rose for all the hot ladies present here
he presents roses to dadi dida and his maa
sam : bhai no rose for me ??
san : sam he told hot ladies not naughty girls
sanlak hifi
sam pouts : and says – hawww bhai u to are soo bad ill not talk to u
saying this she turns back
sanlak luk at eachother smile and laksh gives rose to sam and san gives ring which he had got for her
sam gets happy and kisses her bro’s cheeks and hugs them
while elders admire thier bond

PRECAP .: ragini and adi , yuvi waking a girl up

guys soo sorry for a shot update but i count right much more than this at about
8:30 in the morning (i know i wake up too early 😛 ) so sorry

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  1. Nice. Reveal pairs

  2. Yashasvi

    aw so nice akku , luved it a lot. luv u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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