Swaragini – tera mujhse nahi hai nata koi (Epi 1)

hi everyone …
Akku here .. 1st of all thanks a lot for ur comments well i never thought i was worth it …thanks a lot
secondly abt the pairs i’ve thought but ill reveal it later (shoo sholly )so stay tuned

sanky – o god samy if today lucky asks me to save him ill really not … mom dad are going to come from Mumbai today
still that fool hasn’t returned … ill kill him if he doesn’t return in tym ….
samy(samaira) – bhai chill ive warned him but i dont know if he really come soon .. it will be better if u call him
sanky-[calls lucky]lucky ke bachhe are u dead u know mom dad r coming still
lucky- bhaaaiii first of all lucky ke bacche aren’t born yet well there is a lot of tym for it secondly if im late u r there na to save me
sanky – listen today even if i try ill not be able to save u cz dadi ma and nani ma are also coming
lucky – oh no i really forgot about it .. bhai im coming but kf im late try to protect me ha
[call ended]
sam-bhai their flight has landed ..
san- today lucky is gone … kk have u odered their favorite food ?
sam – ya bhai ..
bell rings **
sam- aa gaye aur lucky bhai marne wale hai ..
san – dont stand like a statue go open the door
sam- ya
door opened- two old ladies were standing there
1st lady – samaira my flower my kiddo how big have u grown ha , i missed u my kid
2nd lady – arre mhare paar dukh rhe hai andar bulaygi ki na ??(omg my legs are aching will u call me inside or no ??)
1st lady – arre parvati buddhi ho gayi hai kya 2 min khada nhi hua ja rha tujhse kuch seekh mujhse mai to aaj bhi jawan hun (o parvati have u grown old ?cant stand 2 mins also learn something from me im still young )
paarvati- hai shobha u r calling me old first luk at urself .!
a man enters with the luggage
man – o god mom first get inside ..
parvati and shobha – ha shekar
shekhar – sanskar help me dear
sanskar helps shekhar and samy gets water for all
sumi asks – sanku where is lucky
sanky and sam gets speechless

place-another mansion
a girl is seen running behind 2 small boys with a glass of milk
girl – adi ,yuvi beta u r maasi ka good boys na then pls finsh this
adi – no ragu maasi this is not good ill not drink
yuvi – this is bad very bad
adi and yuvi plan something and then start panting
ragini – (panting)huff now pls drink this
adi , yuvi – ok they take their milk and look at each other then at ragini whi is closing her eyes and panting
they pour thier milk on her and run away leaving ragini shocked
ragini – adi , yuvi ill not leave u uff shonaaa im going to kill u day by day they are getting spoilt by u

screen freezes on rags angry face and sam & sankys speechless expression

PREECAP –sanky ‘s house – a guy is seen entering through the window
in the other mansion- ragini is seen waking a girl up

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  1. Yashasvi

    oh akku so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!really really very nice…

  2. Wow..nice epi and poor ragini..adi and yuvi are 2 naughty..plz next part soon

  3. Cutiie

    Make it swaaan

  4. cute….adi,yuvi pouring milk on rag is hillarious

  5. Sonya

    awesome update dear
    im sure itll be lucky who is en trying through window lol

    who r adi n yuvi’s parents ?

  6. ragini is cute, nice part

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