Swaragini- She And Her Tenant (Chapter 9)


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———-❤ CHAPTER 9 ❤———-

Sanskar’s pov…
I confessed her.
I wanted to do this but not in this manner.
I am standing in front of him and can see the change in her expressions.
From angry to shocked to emotionless.

I tried to hold her but she stepped back still not saying anything and recognising the words.

I cursed myself. I hurt her.
“No you dont. U dont. U can never love me.” She murmured.

“Swara. I love you. I really love you. Trust me once please.” I said pleading her.

But she shook her head in negative not listening me.

“Please. Swara. Just trust me once. Please.” I said again.

I saw her forming tears in her eyes.

“TRUST.. I can never trust anyone. Never. Do you know for me the word trust never existed. The one I trusted always betrayed me.
I have no power left to trust anyone now. I cant trust you. Just leave Sanskar. Leave.” She said angrily.

“I dont know. Swara. What happened to you that you are unable to trust me? But please try doing once. I love you. I really do. I will never cheat on you. I will do whatever you will say. But please atleast give me a chance to prove that I am right.” I pleaded.

“What will you do after taking a chance. Will again break me like others.? Will leave me.?” She said.

“I will never leave you swara. Plz. One chance. Please.” I said.

“Okay you cant trust me. But don’t you love me? “ i questioned her holding her from arms.

“No. No. No. Never.” She replied looking down while tears were falling down her eyes.

I hated to see the tears falling down her eyes. This sight stabbed me that somewhere I am the reason of these tears but today i wanted to know the complete reason behind this. Because the pain which she will show up today will be much less than the pain she is keeping for forever.

“Look in my eyes and say the same.” I demanded.

“Mr. Sanskar, it will be better if you will leave my house right now.” She said looking away.
“And keep that in mind I cant love anyone. Because I cant trust anyone. And trust is the basis of every relationship” she continued looking in my eyes.

“Because of your past, you are not able to see your present and future. Just tell me why are you unable to accept me. Give me a reason. But until and unless you give me a reason I will be staying st your place.” I said and started moving upstairs.

“I am afraid. I am afraid of the betrayals I got in my life. The pain everyone gave me. Yes you are right may be because of my past I am unable to see my present and future. But when I wanted someone that time no one was there to support me and now I am afraid if I will get a support that person will leave me. Yes you are right I love you. I dont want to fall for you. But I fell for you.” She said while sitting down and she cried.

I ran towards her and held her in my arms and let her cry her heart out. The pain she was having from years inside her. Let that flow out.

I stroked her hairs gently to calm her, to let her know I am beside her.

“Shh.. Swara.. shh… its okk. I am here beside you always. Forever. Tell me what is giving you this much pain. What past memories are not making you able to think of your present and future. What is making you to stop accepting your love? What is stopping you to trust me.?” I asked.

Soon she calmed down and started her story.

****** PAST ********

A house is shown some laughing sounds are audible from the gate itself.

“Chl mere ghoode.(move my horse).” A little angel of 6 years were saying to her Dad on whose back she was sitting.

“Mummy. Mummy. See. Finally I got this..” A boy of 9 came running towards them.

“Nikhil. Slow. You will fall beta.” His mom said coming from the kitchen.

“What you got, Bhai?” asked the little princess sitting on his dad’s back.

“Oooppsss…” the boy bit his tongue.

“Wo. Nothing Swara. This is the secret between my mom and me. You stay happy with your Dad urf Horse?” he said and laughed.

Swara came down and went towards the corner and started crying there.???.

“Swara. Stop your Drama.” Nikhil said.

“Nikhil. My princess is crying and you are saying she is doing drama. Sharmistha hold your son otherwise I will beat him today.” Shekar said angrily.

“Papa. What did I do.?” Nikhil complained.

“Han. Shekar tell what my son did? This is your daughter who always keeps on doing drama.” She said and went towards Nikhil.

“Mera bhola bhala bacha.” She said running her hands on his head.

“Huhh.. waste to talk to you” shekar said and was about to go near Swara. But Nikhil stopped him and went towards her.

“Princess. Please don’t cry. You know na I can’t see you like this.” He said.

“Then tell me what you got.?” She demanded stopping her fake cry and pouted.

“Princess. I got a prince for you. Do you want it.” He said sweetly.

She nodded so many times saying yes.

She had a lot of toys but everytime getting a one from her brother makes her feel more happy.

“Then you have to wait till tomorow.” He said.

“this mulch time.” She asked.
“please. Bhai. Give it now.” She demanded.

“Ok. Then close your eyes” she closed her eyes thinking she will get a toy but instead her brother started tickling her.

Both started laughing and she completely forget about her toy.


“You know Sanksar. That were the best days of my life. I still remember and love them so much. But good things dont last forever.” She told smiling all the time but at last gets sad.

While so many questions pop in my mind. Where are her parents.? Her brother.? Why she lives alone.? Are they alive or…??

To be continued

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