Swaragini- She And Her Tenant (Chapter 11)


Chapter 11

Sanskar’s pov.

Saying all this she broke down and cried continuously.

She lost her parents on her Birthday. The pain is visible in her voice, her tears. She hugged me tight and cried out. After some time I made her drink water and tried to calm her down.

“Shh. Swara. Try to be strong.” This is what escaped from my mouth. Literally even I don’t know how to handle this situation but I have to do for Swara.
Seeing her condition I don’t want to force her.

I made her stand and walk to her room properly. I made her sit on bed and sat beside her. All the time she was clinging to my arm. She sat there and opened the drawer and took out a locket from it.
She opened the locket and placed it in my hand.

She smiled a bit seeing it.
She touches the photo inside the pendant and showed me. Her family looks so cute and adorable together. This is unbelievable that someone can kill them so ruthlessly and even by the person whom they know.

While I was looking the picture I felt a weight on my shoulder. I looked in the direction and found her sleeping with teary eyes, looking pale and tired.

I wiped her tears and made her sleep properly on the bed.
I went to couch and sat there thinking.

“I will not leave the person who is behind her pain. Because of whom she suffered these years. Now the person have to face SANSKAR MAHESHWARI before trying to harm his love.” I thought.

But so many questions are still left.
What happened after that? Where is Nikhil? Who is the reason behind all this? What happened when they reached to their bua’s house? And who is LAKSH?

So many questions. I sat there holding my face in my hands and thought all this again from the start.

I have to find some more hidden secrets to complete the puzzle of her past.

I heard some voice from her. She was murmuring something in her sleep. I went near her and caressed her hair trying to calm her down but she opened her eyes suddenly and hugged me tightly.

I hugged her back and caressed her hairs and back in order to calm her down.

After five minutes. She calmed finally. I dont want to push her to say something further.

“Take rest for sometime. I am here only call me if you need anything.” I said and was about to get up from bed when she held my hand.

“I need a friend now whom I can trust and share everything.” She said innocently. I nodded and sat down beside her waiting for her to continue.

“Sanskar you know what after that bhai left me to bus stand to go to bua’s place but he left back to check on my parents and he never returned back. I dont know where he is? Where he went? Is he alive or..??” she choked in between unable to complete her sentence and tears started to fall again from her eyes.

“After this I reach to their place. Bhai gave me address I somehow managed and reached the place.
I told bua about everything. She hugged me and cried and next day all left to house but I was asked to stay back with bua. Some days passed.
She gave me motherly love. Always treated me as her own daughter and I started to forget everything slowly. I was small enough to remember this. But this things always keeps on haunting me in my dreams as nightmares till now. First I was not able to understand why I am able to see this and asked many times about this to bua but she never told anything and told me its all my imagination.

I used to call bua as maa.”


“Maaa. Maaa. Where are you? See your Shona is waiting here.” Swara shouted standing near the gate calling Sujata.

“Shona. Wait beta. I am coming. Ab teri maa itni jawan na rhi chori ki bhaag ke tere pass aa jawe.
( now your mom is not so young that she come to you running).

Sujata shouted back and came towards her holding a bowl full of curd and sugar in her hand.

“Le. Kha le. Chori. Tahri pariksha achi jawegi. (Have it. Your exam will go well.)” She said feeding her from the bowl.

“Thank you, Maa.” She said and left the place on scooty.

Ram came and hold Sujata from her shoulders and smiled seeing Swara going.

“Jii. Dont you think we think of her marriage now. After today her course will also be completed.” She said.

Ram nodded smilingly and left the place.

In evening.

Swara was coming back from college after giving her exam. She parked her scooty and was about to enter her house when she heard something hearing which even Ram and Sujata come out.

“I Love You Swara. Will you marry me??”

To be continued.

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