Swaragini- She And Her Tenant (Chapter 10)


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Chapter 10

Sanskar’s pov.

“You know Sanskar. That were the best days of my life. I still remember and love them so much. But good things don’t last forever.” She told smiling all the time but at last get sad.

I wanted her to bring out all her deepest secrets out which kept haunting her till years.

I hugged her slightly she didn’t withdrew herself and continued again.
*** past ***
Sun rises bringing a new day.
Nikhil was seen running here and there in whole house taking different decorative material in his hands, while Shemish was seen standing far away and smiling seeing him so much excited.

After 2 hours/ 9 a.m.
Swara came downstairs rubbing her eyes and calling everyone.
No one replied her. She pouted and opened her eyes completely and was shocked seeing whole hall filled with toys, teddy bears etc.

She fluttered her eyes many times seeing this and jumped in happiness.
“Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me.” She started singing.

Shemish and Nikhil come towards her and laughed seeing her excitement.
Shekar was moving forward to wish his doll when Nikhil came forward and interrupted him.

“Excuse me Mr. Gadodia. Stay away. Its my turn.” He said dramatically and stuck his tongue at him and ran towards Swara.
He picked her up and rotated her.
“Happy Birthday, Princess.” He wished her.
“Thank you, Bhai.” She replied and laughed in the air.

“Bhai. Gift?” She demanded.
He kept her down and went away.

This time Shekar was about to go to Swara but he stopped hearing Nikhil’s voice.

“Don’t you dare, Dad. Wait till I come back.” Saying this he ran.
Shekar makes a pout face and stand beside Sharmistha.
While Sharmaistha and Swara laughed.

Nikhil came back and eyed Shekar.
“Did you go near him?” He asked.?.
“How can I dare to go to your sister first?” he said dramatically.

“Good Boy.” He said praising him.
“Dramebaaz. Now do fast. We are waiting.” Sharmishtha said.
Nikhil went towards her and gave Swara a small box. She without taking a second took it from him and started unwrapping it and her eyes twinkle on seeing it.

It was a beautiful pendant. It opened to show the picture of whole family in it.
She clapped her hand on getting the gift. She tried to wear but was unsuccessful so Sharmistha helped her. After this both Shemish wished her and gave her the gifts.

Swara and Nikhil ran to their room to open the gifts.
Nikhil came back and stood in front of Shekar.

“I hope these gifts are not better then mine.” He said.

“No sir. Never.” Shekar said. Nikhil ran back to their room.
Swakhil was busy opening the gifts while someone entered their house greeted shemish and sat down chatting.

The person was the known one.

Sharmistha was making the tea when she heard the sound of firing. She moved inside and was shocked to see Shekar lying on the floor in the pool of blood. She shouted and was about to go towards them when something strike in her mind. She rushed towards the children’s room.

“Swara. Nikhil. Go from here.” She said them.

“But mom what was that voice.” Nikhil said.

“Don’t ask anything. You love your sister na. Now I will give you responsibility of saving her. Go away from here and take her to your bua’s house.” She said him and handed him a bag from the cupboard and kissed his forhead.

“Swara. Beta. Take care. Dont be sad ever. I love you. Always support you brother.” She said and kissed her forehead as well.

“But maa.” She tried to ask something but Shamishta pushed them to go. They all were crying.

They were moving out from the window. While they hear a fire sound again.
Someone fired Sharmistha. She turned back and found that person.

She turned again and asked them to leave fast and fell down on floor.

While Nikhil dragged Swara from the place both crying.
To be continued.

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