SwaraginI .. “TELL ME WHY ??” EPISODE 3

I am very very happy that stil u people r liking my ff. Thanks to everyone…
The episode begins wid
Flashback begins..
A big school is shown. Many girls and boys r sitting in garden when a girl comes running.
Girl; everyone listen . Our school is participating in the inter school dance music competition ‘Rythm’ so all the students of class 10,11and 12th to give their names to dance and music club coordinators.. come on speed up guys.
Another girl comes to her.
Girl 1: di i made the announcement.
Girl2; thank u swara.
Yeah the first girl was swara and other one was ragini.
A boy comes finding ragini.
Boy; ragini ragini ..
Ragini; yes sanskar..
The boy is sanskar.
Sanskar; u know what ..
Ragini; what
Sanskar; laksh.. i mean my brother is handling the rythm .
Swara; that means.
Sanskar; that means we will easily get selected
Ragini; ya.. wow thats gr8. Atleast kabhi toh tum achhi khabar lae.
Sanskar : see who is talking.
Ragini makes face. Sanskar too teases her.
Swara is walking in corridor when one boy pulls her .
Swara; what the…

She sees the boy and becomes quiet.
Swara: rohan what is this.
Rohan; swara u r my gf right.
Swara; rohan i think we should focus on studies.
Rohan; i am not telling u to be in serious relationship.. its just i like u.
Swara; u r mad.
Rohan; i know.
Swara; have u registered for rythm.
Rohan; no
Swara; lets go then
Rohan; sure.
They both reach auditorium.

A boy is seen handling everything there. He is laksh.
Laksh; music club .. i still need 2 names .. dance club .. i have still not got duo name
Swara and rohan reaches to dance club coordinator an dgive their name for duo dance
Dancle cc; u both r selected. Start preparing.
Laksh; everyone assemble here..i am announcing some names.. swara-rohan .. kavya-sahil and ragini -sanskar and nisha-rajat. U all will start ur practice from today.
Swara rohan and kavya sahil for dance and other 2 pair for music. So start it guys. Others too leave .
Sanskar; bhai. Listen.
Laksh; speak.
Sanskar; bhai can we start the practices from tomorrow.
Laksh; no.
Sanskar; okay bhai.
Rohan; swara i didnt knew ki sanskar is laksh’s brother.
Swara; yes he is. Forget it . Tell me which song have u decided.
Rohan; i cant think of any song.
Laksh; u can do on a medley.
Swara; yes.
Rohan; ya nice idea . Thanks senior.
Laksh; come on show me some steps.
Rohan and swara starts dancing.
Laksh; is that how u people r gonna dance. Swara
He forwards his hand .

Swara dances with him. Laksh is lost in swaras eyes.
Swara; we wont do such mistakes from next time.
Rohan; sorry senior .
Laksh; its alright. Everyone listen. That was all for today. Rest we would do tomorrow
Ragini; sanskar lets go to library.
Sanskar; just a second.
Sanskar; bhai.
Laksh; haan.
Sanskar; some srishti called to say she is waiting for u since long.
Laksh; o .. let her wait. And sanskar dont u dare read my messages.
Sanskar; i will bhai.
Saying this he runs from there.
Laksh; stupid.
Laksh; srishti… (making an irritated face)

In canteen.
swara; rohan when is the science project submission
Rohan; seriously swara u r asking it from me.
Swara; u r impossible .
Rohan; i kNow.
In library.
Sanskar; ragini lets go .
Ragini; i am studying.
Sanskar; r u coming or.
Ragini; or..
Sanskar; or what if u will not come then i will also study..
Ragini; good boy.
Sanskar; bad girl.
Ragini smiles.
Laksh meets a girl srishti.
Srishti; laksh where were u.
Laksh; i was busy in practice .
Srishti; aww u seem a little tired..
Laksh; hmm.
Srishti; lets party tonight.
Laksh; no .. instead we can have coffee in evening.
Srishti; ok. Anything for u.
Laksh; ok then meet u in evening.
Laksh leaves.
Another girl comes to srishti.
Girl; u r very lucky srishti.
Srishti; y
Girl; because laksh is ur bf. If u ever break vid him na i will surely propose him.
Srishti; never think this .

Precap; flashback continues..

Sorry for late episode . I will try to give it on time next time.

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