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Hello. I am very happy to see u people happy wid my ff. But i know many will stop reading because of pairs and all..
But its ok. I will continue..
Frnds no pair will be permanent .. like if u continue reading it u will find that the current pair has been changed. So pls keep reading
Todays episode begins with the marriage day of raglak.
At maheshwari mansion
Sanskar; laksh why r u getting ready.
Laksh; bhai its my wedding today.
Sanskar; o. Good good get ready fast till i will play.
Laksh; as u say bhai.

In swaragini’s house.
Swara; mom see di is not going to get ready.
Sumi; ragini
Ragini; going mom
Swara: good girl.
Ragini gets ready..

Swara; di
Ragini; ab kya
Swara is controlling her tears.
Swara; di how will i live without u.
Ragini; aww. If u say i will take u as dowry.
Swara; di i m not joking.
Ragini; i too
Swara; di
Ragini; swara.
Swara; di i will miss u
Ragini; hmm.. we will meet daily
Swara; but still di.
Ragini; kaash hum saath reh sakte.
Swara; love u di.
Ragini; go now or my make up would get damage.
Swara; how mean.
Ragini and swara laugh
The baraat arrive.
Sanskar; wow so beautiful. Ma i will also marry.
Ap; nahi sanskar its laksh marriage na.
Sumi; whay happened
Ap; nothing
Sanskar; no ma laksh is also marrying

Ap; he is elder to u na.
Sanskar; no then also i will marry.
Ap; come lets go nd have ice cream
She forcibly takes sanskar.
Ragini comes down with swara.
The rituals start.
Sanskar again returns.
Sanskar; pandit uncle get me married first.

Priest; but whom will u marry.
Sanskar; i will marry.. marry swara.
Everyone is shocked.
Laksh; sanskar bhai.
Sanskar; laksh i will marry like u
Laksh; ma take sanskar in
Sanskar takes a knife
Sanskar; either i will marry or i will vut my hand like in daily soaps.
Ragini; sanskar leave it.
Sanskar; no i wont.
Swara; ok sanskar i will marry u.
Sanskar; sachhi
Swara; muchi.. now give me that knife.
Sanskar gives her the knife.

Dp; shekhar pls i want ur swara to marry my child.
Shekhar; swara.
Swara; yes dad i will marry him
Sumi; come wid me swara.
Ragini too goes.
Sumi; u know his condition right.
Swara; its ok ma .
Ragini in mind; how can this happen

Sanskar ; ma tell swara to come in ghungat.
Ap; what.
Sanskar; yes ma i have seen in daily soap. And tell ragini also same same na
Ap; ok.
Ap informs swaragino
After some time both ragini and swara come down.
Marriage rituals take place.
Priest; both couple r now married.
Swaragini remove their veils . Everyone is shocked.
Ragini married sanskar and swara mardied laksh.
Shekhar; what is this ragini.
Ragini; i did this and also gave swara my vow to do this.
Sumi; but why.
Laksh; what have u done ragini.
Ragini; i know laksh i did wrong wid u but … my sister herself is a kid for me. I cant see her managing herself and sanskar. I cant
Swara: di.
She hugs ragini
Sumi; par beta ..
Ragini; ma dont say anything. I am sorry laksh. Sanskar i am ur wife now. Happy na.
Sanskar; very happy.
Ap; i think we should leave for our home
Swalak sit in a car and ragsan in other.

Swara: laksh i ..
Laksh; i know swara .. in these past few months whatever is happening has broken u
Swara; kitni mushkil se bhooli thi tumhe laksh.
Laksh; swara we r still frnds.
In ragsan car. Sanskar is sleeping
Ragini: sanskar fate has its own plans. Do u remeber when we were in school we were happy but..
They all reach maheshwari mansion and then they went to their respective rooms.

In swalaks room.
Swara: laksh i will sleep on sofa.

Laksh; whos room it is.
Swara ; yours.
Laksh; then i will decide.
Swara; ok
Laksh; go and sleep on bed
Swara; going.
Laksh smiles

In ragsan room.
Sanskar is sleeping
Ragini opens her diary.
She starts writng ..
Fate has its own plan .
I never wanted to marry laksh but my destiny forced me to and again my destiny forced me .. tell me why god always i have to .. my sis have to.. face such difficulties …
I still remember .. when i and sanskar were in class 11th.. laksh in 12th and swara in 10th .. everything was going good. We all were in same school. I and sanskar were very good friends.. but. That phase brought so much problems between me and swara and we have managed them with such difficulties and again…



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