“Nothing can dim the light which shines within” …
hello everyone ,this is riya here. I am new here . Hope u all give ur support .
This story is of 2 beautiful couples, who have a sweet and salty relationship .. but how could a life go on with just happiness.. .

The story begins with 2 girls getting ready for elders engagement.
Swara; ragini di .. are my hairs fine.
Ragini; its my engagement dear.
Swara; but even i have to look good na.
Ragini; u r impossible swara.
Sumi arrives.
Sumi; swara bring ragini down in 10 mins.
Swara: chill mom i will handle.
Sumi; but dont be late.
In engagement hall.
The groom ‘s family arrive. Laksh is there but sanskar is missing.
Laksh proceeds towards stage. (yes guys its raglak’s engagememt)
ragini too comes down. She goes on stage.
They both exchange their rings.
Swara: yeah.. di u r finally engaged.
RagiNi;swara .
When a suddenly a man comes tensed and speaks something in laksh’s ears.

After some time . Everyone is present outside ot.
Ap; god pls save my son
Dp; he would be fine.
Sumi consoles ap
Doctor comes out .
Dp; doctor how is he.
Doctor; he is fine. Operation was successful but..
Shekhar; but doctor.
Doctor; he has lost his memory.
Laksh; what bhai lost his memory.
Ragini and swara to reaches ther.
Doc; yes u need to take care. Pls someone come i will tell u about precautions and all
Laksh; yes doctor.
Ap sits .
Ap; what happened wid my son sanskar.
Ragini; aunty atleast he is fine.
Dp; yes his being is more important.
Ap; lets meet him.

They all enter in.
Sanskar; hi mom.
Ap; my son.
Sanskar; chillax mom. And scol this doc. He gave injections to me . Bad doctor.
Laksh; bhai u r fine na.
Sanskar; laksh i am fine.
At maheshwari mansiom.
Shekhar; we should postpone raglaks marriage.
Dp; no shekhar .
Sumi; but in such situation
Ap; we will manage sumi.
Sumi; ok then meet u tomorrow in sangeet ceremony
Dp; sure.

In swaraginis home.
Swara; mom my lehenga ..
Ragini; ma i was saying .. swara is getting ready as if its her wedding.
Swara; di ur sangeet is there .. i just have todays time to make my dress and make everything ready
Ragini; ok ok mataji..
Sumi; u both stop fighting ok.
Sumi; swara if u r free go and check the arrangements .
Swara; yo mom.
Ragini too goes in her room. She calls laksh.
Ragini; hi laksh.
Laksh; ragini we will talk later pls.
Ragini; but laksh.
Laksh; bye.
RagiNi gets disappointed.
Swara comes there.
Swara; did he cut ur phone.
RagiNi; no just..
Swara; di i just saw. I will call and ask.
She calls laksh.
Swara; laksh.

Laksh; haan swara bolo.
Swara; first of all tell me how is sanskar
Laksh; he has just slept. I was busy with him.
Swara; oh.. now u tell me why did u cut di’s call.
Laksh; i was busy making bhai sleep.
Swara; oh then now u can talk na.
Laksh; yes.
Swara; then call her stupid.
Laksh: swara how can i call her.
Swara; why .
Laksh; i am talking wid u so pls keep ur phone first.
Swara; oops. Bye.
Laksh ; bye.

Laksh calls ragini.
Laksh; hi ragini. R u angry wid me.
Ragini; no
Laksh; thank god. Actually i was making bhai sleep.
Ragini; oh i wanted to talk with him.
Laksh; u can talk tomorrow. Achha ragiNi i need to leave. Ma is calling.
Ragini; ok . Bye.
Swara; now happy. Di
Ragini smiles.
Swara; now lets sleep.

Next day.
Sangeet ceremony.
Maheshwari family arrives.
Sanskar; ma what is this.
Ap; it is ur brothers sangeet ceremony
Sanskar; wow wow laksh’ s wedding.
Laksh; bhai come lets go in
Shekhar; welcome .
Ap; see sumi its our children sangeet and toMorrow is their wedding
Sumi; our children have grown up.
Swara; so everyone lets start with the function. We have our couple here to dance.
Ragini and laksh dance on a romantic song.
EVryone enjoys and dances.
Ceremony gets over.

Precap; dhamaka.

Hope u all will like it.

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  1. Jazzy

    i feel it is ragsan ff waiting for it

    1. Riyasmiles

      I could not say anything dear.
      Thank u very much for reading

  2. awesome loved it

    1. Riyasmiles

      Thanks sneha for ur appreciative words

  3. nice i feel it is swasan and raglak ff.. in raglak marriage sanskar fill swara maang or something will happens

    1. Riyasmiles

      Thanks for liking.. suspense would be revealed tomorrow

  4. Berdilla

    it’s Awesome dear friend

    1. Riyasmiles

      Thank u so much ☺☺

  5. Nycccc suprrrrbbbb

  6. Srusti

    Nice I also thinks that it is swasan & raglak ff and I guess that something gonna happen in this marriage sanskar may marry swara r it was my guesses but I request u dear plzzzzzzz make it a swasan& raglak ff coz I’m a swasan fan I can’t imagine ragsan as pair

    1. Riyasmiles

      Oh lets see whether u guessed it right or not…
      Keep ??

    1. Riyasmiles

      Thanks dear

  7. Asra

    awesome dear….

  8. A.xx

    amazing but a bit short and i have a feeling it’s RagSan and SwaLak….can’t wait for next part so post soon xx

    1. Riyasmiles

      Oh .. i will surely try writing bit more and very soon would post next

  9. Vyshu10

    nice…whats d dhamaka? Swasan will also get married?

    1. Riyasmiles

      I cant reveal the suspense.. u need to wait for next episode. Thanks

  10. Hemalattha


    1. Riyasmiles

      Thanks ☺☺

  11. Super interesting

    1. Riyasmiles

      Thank u dear ☺☺

  12. A12345

    I Feel it’s ragsan and swalakff….i think swalak vl get married or may be ragsan….
    And plzz make it ragsan ff….

    1. Riyasmiles

      Ur dp is beautiful dear..
      Thanks for commenting ☺☺

      1. A12345

        Thankyou yaar…☺☺☺☺
        And plzz make our ragsan….☺

  13. Riyasmiles

    Thank u very ??

    1. Riyasmiles

      I mean thanks to everyone who comented

  14. Ragz_teju


  15. Astra

    I read this part after reading 2nd part…. yes…!! It’s really damaka..!!

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