Let’s begin…… With the first chapter

A beautiful resort is shown… Gate opens… And one by one 4 huge cars parks

So let’s look at the first car….
A handsome boy and a pretty girl gets down the car..They are none other than gaurikara a newly married couple
Second car
Rosid(jamai raja)
And the fourth… rabul…..

All stands together all are newly married…Bt something is missing… Something….Which a 2 guys noticed wanna know who are they???
It’s parth and karan

Here 3 friends and partners parth karan and mishkat of resort
Everyone enters
Parth:so u all are newly married
All nods
Kara: bt y there is an incompleteness
Sid:wat u mean
Twin:u don’t know in wat circumstances we got married
Bul:we married…We were very much in love before bt now I think we lost it
Om:and I was not interested to marry her(looking at gauri) who was in the verge of crying
Kunj:our families are close friend sent us here for so called honeymoon
Ro:bt it’s marriage…We can’t deny it
Pur;I agree

Parth:alag alag definitions sun kar accha laga
All glares him
Parth :sorry…
Karan:we hv a solution
Parth:ha mishu…. Even us

Note:here rosid are very much in love couple they are mixed with these unromantic fellows

They all sits in the living room…. At the time a guy comes none other than mishkat urf mishu

Parth:so guys he is mishu
He gives big smile

Om:so wat’s the soln… We all r here for wasting time atleast its the opportunity to stay away from ur partners

Mish:ohhh… So this is the prblm… Don’t worry…. I vl come now…

He goes and brings a big diary
All:wat’s that???
Trio:did u heard the story of taming of the shrew…
All:yes.. Wat’s new in that???

Kar:this story is somewhat like this… Bt surely ur prblm will get over…

Om:i dont believe this
Bul;me too
Pur:wat’s there in listening??
Rosid:we agree with u purab

Par to gauri:dont u hv to tell anything
She nods in no…

Mishu:ok so lets start the story… Famous businessman Shekar gadodia has 2 daughters… Ek kate aur dusri bianka now tho u would hv understood it… Story begins with the college

Here in the college
A new guy enters the college….. Who it would be…. Hmmm…. Lucentio of our story…. Very charming…friendly… Girls drool over him…. But but he was not interested in any… So who it would be….its.. Bataun… Kyun suspense hai na laksh maheshwari lucentio of our story

Karthik the gremio of our story…. And Nikhil the hortensio of our story…. Who was in love with….. (Hahaha u would hv guessed it now) with…. They are scared with the mind twisting condition of shekar…. They are very much sad…. With the condition….

There comes their love….. The girl the bianka of our story…… SWARA
She is ver sweet calm cute kind always smiling beautiful pretty a good girl… The choice of every boys…. Ahem.. Ahem…

Swara:plz karthik… Leave me alone… I m not… U r not understanding me… And papa too gave you a condition which u both cant fulfill.. So its better we not meet eachother

Nikhil :i understand swara please tell me u love me
Sw:no nikhil please….. The situation….
Nikhil:m not asking u abt the situation
Sw:i am sorry… I can’t
She leaves.. She directly goes to library..
She picks few books…
She wants a book which was kept up… She takes a ladder
She takes the book..bt exactly she slips and was abt to fall bt our hero laksh comes in the nick of time and holds her… He was holding her in bridal style… She was closed her eyes in fear.. He was mesmerised to see her…. It was love at first sight to him….. He was happy with a new found feeling

Om to mishu:i dont believe in love at first sight…..
Mishu:i knew it… Bt wait bro.. Let me complete….
Bul:so its a love at first sight to him.. Wat abt her…..
He smiles widely…: Let the story progress

Swara finds she was safe she didnt hit to floor bt a 2 strong hands.. She opens her eyes to find a staring laksh… She panicks… He gets out of his dreamland he makes her stand.. He was lightly blushing…
He brushes his hair

Swara:thank you


Laksh smiles widely…

She immediately leaves from there as its the time RAGINI THE KATE OF OUR STORY TO ENTER THE COLLEGE

She leaves behind one more romeo
Bt swara comes outside and blushes.. Hm hm wat’s going on…

Sw: oops di…..

She runs…..

Precap:a very tough ragini…

So for those who doesn’t know its swalak and ragsan ff….
So be ready to face ragini and a lover boy sanskar urf petruchio

Done… With the first chapter.. Hope u all liked it
And the next update will be on 29…

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