Swaragini- A tale of two sisters (Intro)


Hi guys. I am Mona(ash). I Am thinkingr to write fanfiction. I have read many ff’s. Many of them have very good concepts. And I have also got an idea.

I am going to picture it in a village in West Bengal. And other than showing how swaragini support each other always I would like characterise it in an other way. Swaragini are sisters, who are completely opposites of each other. They always fight with each other for silly things. Actually they lived each other a lot and fighting is the way they express it. Both of them will not accept it. The story goesono with lovee is the sisters buried deep inside their heart. How their thinking is always the same. It will also show how they will meet their love. It will also show what all the so for reach other without the other knowing. Also how they sacrifice their happiness for each other.

Thestory wil bel funny, emotional and everything.I am not saying that it will be perfect story. I know it will not be . But I can promise that my maximum efforts will be there. But I need your support for it.

So guys d please tell me, cam I start it….

(I’m sorry for thespelling and grammar mistakes. Actually I write it very fastly.I will try to avoid it)

Credit to: Mona (ash)

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  1. nice….carry on

    1. Thanks dr

  2. good luck….:-)

    1. Thank u so much dr

  3. Nice..update first prt soon

    1. I will update it soon

  4. Yeah…but swasan only….ragsan sucks as couple but as siblings they r perfect

  5. I agree with mystery and the plot is nice…. Plsssss carry on

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