Swaragini- A tale of two sisters (characters introduction)


Hi everyone, I thought to introduction of characters, so u will know more about it. So here we go.

Ragini gadodia: A beautiful, traditional girl. Her looks are traditional ,but her thoughts are modern.She is bold and strong and can do anything for her family. She is a local school teacher. She loves children a lot and can manage them very easily. She is the pride of the family.

Swara gadodia: A beautiful, cute, modern girl. She is twin sister of ragini. Although they are of same age, swara is considered youngest in the family and thus is pampered a lot. She is very naughty and childish and is son of the family. She completed medicine and wants to start aclinic in her village.

Swaragini are completely opposites of each other. But there are some things that they have in common. They both loves food a lot and have no control over it, especially chocolate and gulab jamun. They both also loves to sleep and can sleep a whole day if no one disturbs them.

They both are weakness of each other. They can’t stop fighting with each other if they are together. Living Without fighting would be like living without getting air for them.

Parineeta gadodia: Swaragini’s elder sister. Both of them love her a lot. She is considered the best sister in the world by them.She is asimple and homely girl.Swaraginishares all their secrets with her. Her marriage is fixed.

Shekhar gadodia: Swaragpari’s dad. He is a loving father.He considers his daufhters as his princesses. He also have asoft corner for ragini. According to him ragini sacrificed her dreams for him.Itwas her dream to become a doctor. But shekar faced a huge loss and ragini dropped her studies for helping him. With her efforts the business bloomed again. She also made swara study medicine. Swara first declined as she know it was her sister’s dream but agreed under her insistence.

Sharmishta gadodia: Swaragpari’s mom. She is abengali but become a complete marwrei bahu after marriage.She is a responsible house wife. But she is always worried about is swararagini’s fighting.

Dadaji : He is shekar’s farher. He is very strict. He loves his grand children a lot, but give them big punishments if the do any mistakes. As swara is the naughtiest ,she is mostly the victim of it . He is just like dadaji from nauc.

Dadi : Shekar’s mother. She is atypical marwaru saas . She always scolds swaragini for waking up late.She is also very possessive over her grand children.

Dida :She is sharnishta’s mother. She is Swaragpari’s rock star. She is involved in all their pranks. She loves flirting. She is the one who saves swaragini from dadaji and dadi. Although she is old she consider herself as very young.

Swaragini’s fights are known for the whole neighbourhood. It is a part of their daily routine. Dadi and dida are also like that but not as much as swaragini.

Other characters are not to be introduced now. They will be introduced as the story goes on. I hope u all like it and please suggest me pairs.

Credit to: Mona (ash)

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