Swaragini – A tale of two sisters 7


It’s almost midnight and dida and lucky are watching koi mil gaya. They both were really scared, so they also asked Ragini to sit with them. Dida and lucky was watching it with full concentration while Ragini was in half sleeping position. It was the scene in which the space ship landed. Suddenly the power went off. It was not completely dark because of moon light but they both closed their eyes because of fear.

Ragini wakes up and saw them scared. She calls them and they shouted that don’t kill them ,they are innocent. She beats them and they opened their eyes. They saw her and gets shocked and they apoligized. She told them that she will get the candles. She left from there. Dida told to lucky that she was getting scared sitting there and she went to her room.

Lucky was left alone. He sat looking all around just like he know that an alien will come at any minute. He looks through back of his sofa and saw a shadow. He hides under the sofa. His heart was beating much faster. He waited for sometime but there was no movement. He gets up from his hiding position and looks at the place he saw that shadow but there was nothing. He was relieved and turned around and saw something in close up. Jadu’s face was there just 10 cm’s away, staring at him. He gets freezed to thatbmoment , so.that he doesn’t know when jadu left.

Ragini was in the kitchen. She had a candle with her. She was trying to light match stick eeach time she failed. She gets angry because 12 match sticks was wasted. Suddenly someone gave her a lighter telling “ it was something uneeded na?”. She replied “yes” and light the candle but something alert her. The sound that she heard was not of any family member. Then who is it? She pointed the candle and saw jadu’s face. She fall unconscious at the same moment.

Dida was walking to her room. She didn’t reach there until now because she was walking really slow as her legs were shivering. She entered her room making sure that no one is in the room. She sat on her bed and was about to lay on it butbut stopped hearing a sound from the closet. She looked there and saw the door of the closet opening and the same face lucky and Ragini saw came from it. Dida ran out of the room screaming. She ran to the kitchen but tripped down over Ragini. When she tried to sit up, she saw jadu has also reached there. Suddenly the power came and she saw jadu taking of his face and a new face coming from it.
The screen freezes on dida’s shocked face.

Who is that ???????

Credit to: Mona (ash)

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