Swaragini – A tale of two sisters 6

Lucky gets inside angrily and closed the door hardly. Ragini smiles seeing this.

Ragini : Poor door
Lucky : Poor what?
Ragini : DOOR………….

They talked random things and taunted each other a lot. Ragini was enjoying each and every moment spending with him. He could make her smile so easily and he could also make her angry easily. His each and every movement was affecting her so much. His smile was really magical. She likes to taunt him because his angry face was sooooo cute. Who is he? Is he a guest who came i her life for one day? But why?

They reached Ragini ‘s house. Ragini tries to open the door but she couldn’t. Lucky also tried but there was no use . Then he tried to open his, but still there was no result.

Ragini : OMG!!!!!!!!! We are stucked.
Lucky : I know choker.
Ragini : How will we get out of this?
Lucky : There’s only one way. Someone should open the door from outside.
Ragini : No one goes through here in this night time.
Lucky : So u r saying that we are trapped in here for the whole night.
Ragini : Unless someone came out from my home.
Lucky : Then call someone from your home.
Ragini : I don’t have my mobile with me, it’s in home.
Lucky : Then from my phone.

Lucky took his phone and gave it to her but there was no battery.

Lucky : I will charge it.
Ragini : No need idiot. I don’t know any one’s number.

Lucky gets angry but controlled because he know there was no use of it. They sat thete in the same position for some time.hoping that someone will surely come for their rescue. But no one came and they gets bored. Ragini plays the music and the ‘ him tum EK kamre mein bsndh ho’ plays. Both of them gets irritated hearing this and they tried to change the song but the button was not working. Then lucky tried turn it of , but that switch also turned out to be not working. They tried many things but there was no use and the song continued as it is. After a long time the song finished both of them relaxed but to their surprise the same song started to play again. Ragini puts her hand on her head. She was burning of anger and it increases her strength . She hits the sound system with her leg and to their surprise the song stopped and it was not damaged. They both gets happy and gave each other a high5. But because of that sudden jerk the whole car gets alright and the door also opened.

They both gets out of the car ahappily and because of excitement Lucky hugged Ragini. She was in his arms , the safest place in the world. His touch never felt new for her. She felt like that he was with her all the life. She wanted to be there the whole life.

Lucky came to senses and he leaves Ragini. She asked him to come to her home and go after freshening up. He complied and they both enter the house. They saw everyone coming seriously smelling something. They saw ragini and lucky, but couldn’t Ragini. Ragini made them understand the situation. Both of them freshed up and in that little time Lucky becomes friendly with everyone except dadaji and dadi. They looked at him with suspicion. Dida and.lucky became best friends and they both start to flirt with each other. Dida requested him to stay there for the night and only leave next day. Dadaji also allowed it and he complied.

Precap : Ragini, dida and lucky get scared seeing jadu

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