Swaragini – A tale of two sisters 5


Ragini saw a pit full of surprise and she pushed lucky into it. Lucky didn’t understood what had happened because everything was so sudden. Someone pushed him and he fall down. It was really soft landing. He couldn’t open his eyes. There was so semi liquid all over him. He didn’t understand what is it. It’s smell was very bad. Totally he felt disgusted. He had a laughter. He knew it was ragini. She must have done this to take revenge from him. But what is this? He knew that smell but can’t identity it. He opened his eyes and saw himself lying on cow dung fully covered in it.

Lucky : What have u done choker? How dare u do this?
Ragini : I’m so sorry idiot u yourself asked for it. U have taunted me so much that I will not get sleep without taking revenge. It’s just a small punishment that next time u will think twice before playing pranks with me.
Lucky : I will surely take revenge for this choker.

Ragini : U can’t even get up from there, then how you are going to take revenge?

Lucky found that he can’t get out from that pit without someone’s help and there was no one around other than Ragini. So understood that the only way is to impress Ragini.

Lucky : Choker , u r a good girl na , please help me help me.
Ragini : I will not answer to that name.
Lucky : sorry sorry. Ragini, no raguuuu please take me out of this.

Ragini was enjoying this and she wanted to hear it more but she remembered she need to get to home fastly, she complied and gave him her hand.
Lucky hold her hand and instead of getting up, he pulled and she also fall down in the cow dung. Lucky starts to laugh seeing her face which was fully covered by cow dung.

This time ragini didn’t shout at him. She sits upon it Indian style and looked and lucky with her eyes which is burning with anger. She take some cow dung in her hand make a ball with it throws it at lucky. Lucky was still laughing and that ball went directly into his mouth. He feels disgusted and he spit it out. Then he made a ball and throws it at ragini which hits on her nose. They both fights like that for a long time and both gets exhausted. They looked at each other with angry face for some time and at last burst out into laughter. They again gets exhausted, because of laughing. They both helps each other getting up and they get out of the pit. Still their clothes, face everything was covered with cow dung. They walked together and reached the place where Lucky’s car was parked.

Ragini : I will go from here.
Lucky : Wait. I will drop u to your home.

Her heart was saying to comply but her ego doesn’t allow it.

Ragini : I don’t need ur help. I know how to go to my home.
Lucky : K. If u don’t want help, I will go .I also don’t want to tolerate u for some more time but I can’t stop thinking about the people who are walking through way to ur home.
Ragini : What hapoened to them?

Lucky : What ff they fainted seeing u choker.
Ragini : U were not going it help.me but to taunt me again isn’t it? Bur don’t worry. I will not let u go so easily.

She gets into his car and lucky looks on.

Credit to: Mona (ash)

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  1. Where is swasan. … till now each ep is abt raglak… plz give some swasan ep

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