Swaragini – A tale of two sisters 4


She is not short tempered but she is getting much angry with his taunts. But she behind more frustrated by the fact that she is not being herself. Everyone have taunted her today but only his taunts makes her angry. She tried to control her anger but in vain.

Ragini : Idiot
Lucky : What did u call me?
Ragini : IDIOT. If u can call me choker, then i can also call u idiot. Andy the way we are here to find Nandini not to taunt each other, so let’s go and complete our job fast.
Lucky : Why didn’t u tell me before that ur cow have such a beautiful name Nandini. If a handsome guy like me calls her , she will definitely hear.
Ragini : (laughing) Handsome u????
Lucky : What’s the problem with me?
Ragini : Problem. Ur face is just like a monkey. Then how could someone call u handsome?

Lucky make a sad puppy face. Ragini imitates him and laugh. She smirks and walks away with attitude. He also went, calling out ‘Nandini’. Ragini again imitates him and he gets angry but he controlled it. But they heard the sound of a cow and smiles victoriously looking at ragini. She turns away walked in the direction the sound was heard. Both of them found it at last and lucky gets hold of the rope.

Lucky : Ubwould have found the cow without me, but would not have been able to hold it. There’s a way to hold it but if u didn’t hold it correctly, it will ran aw….

Before he could complete the sentence Nandini had started to run taking lucky with her. He couldn’t free himself and found it difficult to run fastly with it. He fall down and and she pulls him. Lucky screams for help and ragini tries to help him but in vain. Ragini finds it very difficult to catch up . After much efforts ragini stopped it and freed lucky. Lucky gets up wiping off perspiration from his forhead.

Lucky : (smiling) That was quite an adventure.
Ragini : So ur saying that u r not hurt
Lucky : I’m not saying it doesn’t hurt but it was a very different experience.
Both of them hold the cow together took her to home. They both started to leave.

Ragini’s heart was beating fastly as he will be going. She may not be able to see him afterwards. He was so irritating for her but his presence made her feel protected. She looks around and saw something and got a naughty idea.

What is that idea??? What was the thing that she saw???? For knowing wait for the next chapter.
And I am really sorry for the small update.

Credit to: Mona (ash)

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