Swaragini – A tale of two sisters 3


Hi guys, I hope u have liked the second part and now this is the third part.

Children are the innocent blooming buds. Their tears rthe heavens. Their laughter is the light of the house. Their life is like a paper on which every person leaves a mark. Ragini is lucky to be with them , to be able to leave that mark on their life. She was not a teacher but more like a friend to them.
It’s evening. School had let off but Ragini stayed as she had some work to complete. By the time her work was finished, it had started getting dark. She walked through that deserted road. The sun was about to set. It’s colour was just like her nose, dark red. The colour was not going and today her students also taunted her because of it. She walked without knowing that it’s day in which clouds that come floating into her life, no longer carry rain nor usher storm, but to add colour to her sunset sky.
Ragini heard a loud scream from one of the houses. Such noises were not common there. She went there to enquire and found out that their cow, Nandini , was lost. It was the only source of income of that family. She understood their difficulty and promised them to find it. She went out in search of it. She wandered here and there but it was no where. She was exhausted but still she couldn’t find it. She had thought it would not have gone too far but she was wrong. She lost hope and decided to went back home as it’s already dark. She was about to turn but stopped hearing a sound from the back. She slowly turns and came to know that it was coming from the bushes. An unknown fear entered her from nowhere. She asked “Who’s there?’ . there was no reply. She asked again but still silence. She was never afraid of darkness because she trusted the moon, but forgot that moon also have dark side. This darkness frightened her more than anything but the thought that ‘the fear doesn’t shut u down, it wakes u up gave her courage.
She stepped towards the bushes. She had closed her eyes because of fear. She gently moves the bushes and saw………..

Ragini gets happy seeing her. She went to it’s back and tried to take it’s rope but before she could get hold of it , she had started to run. She also followed it. Because of Nandini’s high speed Ragini finds it difficult to catch up with it but still she ran in the maximum speed she could. She lost her balance and she fall down.
A bright flashing light was coming towards her. She hides her eyes with her hand. She tried to stand but she find herself uprooted to that spot. She found that the sound was getting close and at last she found that metal touch on her softly. It was a car and she knew that the car driver had applied brake seeing her. She heard the sound ofthe door opening. She heard the foot steps coming towards her. She knew whoever it is , he/she is going to scold because it was her mistake. It was she the one who was sitting on the middle of the road. But what happened was very different. Someone helped me to get up. That touch seemed very familiar and comfortable. Who is he??
Ragini’s POV
As soon as I look up, his eyes click onto my face. The breath whooshes out of my body and everything freezes for a second, as though I’m looking at him through my camera lens, zoomed in all the way, the world pausing for that tiny span of time between the opening and closing of the shutter.

O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
Udne laga kyon man baawla re
Aaya kahan se yeh hosla re
O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
She stood staring at him while he was concerned. He was checking whether she is alright. She came back to her senses but still she couldn’t help herself from looking at him. She tried to convince him that she is alright.
Guy : R u sure that u r alright?
Ragini : I am and don’t worry actually it’s all my fault. By the way I am Ragini.
Guy : Lucky.
She was trying her best to get acquainted with him. A feeling that she didn’t realise was making her do it. But her rage is something that could bring out her from all these feelings and she gets angry when she remembered Nandini.
Ragini : (angrily) What have u done? Because of u I again lost that cow now how I will find it. Just go away, u have spoiled my day.
Lucky : Please miss Ragini, u itself told a min ago that it’s all ur fault and now u r blaming me for that cow. U r putting ur own mistake on my head .
Ragini realised that she is over reacting.
Ragini : I’m sorry.
Lucky : It’s okand I will help u finding ur cow and don’t think that I am doing it for u. I really likes cows very much and I have not seen one since childhood.
Ragini : (surprised) U have not seen a single cow all these years.
Lucky shook his head. In childhood he and his mother always played with their cow. That cow was like his best friend and later their family gets settled in a city and there was no cow for him to talk.
Lucky : Come, we can search for it. In which direction it went.
She showed him the direction. They both moves. They couldn’t find it and ragini again begins to give up hope but lucky gave an idea to follow the foot prints but Ragini thought there will be no foot prints as the land is so dry but he found something which looks more like horse’s foot print and he started to follow it. He was in half sitting and standing position and he was also talking to himself.Although he was determined in his work.

Ragini smiled seeing his actions. He was so innocent which makes her attracted towards him. She didn’t say but just followed and shooks her head on whatever he asks. Lucky was also noticing her strange behaviour.
Lucky : Don’t u have tongue? Then why u r just nodding ur head like a nincompoop.
Whateversheis attracted towards him or not but such a word will not be tolerated by him.
Ragini : How dare u call me a nincompoop? U don’t know who I am, u idiot and if u again call me nincompoop I will cut out that tongue if u called it again.
She again found herself over reacting,.
Ragini (to herself) : Of god! Why I’m getting so much angry? He must have it because of my strange behaviour.(to lucky) I’m sorry
Lucky ( to himself) : This girl is so strange .She will shout at me and will later apologise. Whatsheis thinking of herself. Really complicated.
Lucky alike Ragini has much tolerance do does not react angrily.
Lucky : It’s OK. Actually it’s not u, I am the nincompoop. I had just told that u r not talking. Nincompoop does not suit u but I think chudail will suit u perfectly. But u look more like a joker with that nose. So from now onwards I will call u choker.
Ragini : Choker??
Lucky : haan. CH fron chudail and oker from joker. Choker.

The screen freezes on ragini’s angry face Lucky’s laughing face.

Credit to: Mona (ash)

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