Swaragini- A tale of two sisters 2

Hi guys, this is the second part of my ff. Enjoy it. And sorry for late update.

The narrow stream of cold water fall on her face washing away all her mistakes. It purifies us and get itself polluted. It does not hurts, it only helps. She was under the metal thing which was her best friend,I mean shower because she spends more time with it rather than with her friends. Suddenly she remembered her dadi’s words to get ready in 15 min but it’s been more than one hour now. She ran out of the washroom.

Ragini was in dilemma on what to wear. After thinking a lot she decided to wear her yellow anarkali suit but she knew that it would be a very difficult process to find it. She opened her closet. It was completely a mess. She pushed herself into it. It was really conjusted. Then she started to search for it but her efforts were in vain. She tried to but a dupatta gets stucked on her hair. She hardly tried to free herself but shook gets stucked on her bath robe. She with much difficulty again tried to free herself but gets more trapped in it. Atlast she found no other way to free herself and she pushed herself outside but she her foot was stepped wrongly and she fall down out of it. She had a soft landing except her nose. It had hardly hitted on the ground. There was no wound but it was turned into chilly red colour which make her look like a joker. She rubbed her nose.

Ragini gets ready. She was looking really beautiful except her nose which was in dark red colour.She listened a familiar voice but it was neither from the house nor outside
It was coming from her stomach. She was that much hungry that she could eat ten rotis in one minute. She ran out of her room to the kitchen. Someone stopped her from entering it. The same familiar angry face with his big moustache and weapon. He beated on her leg with his weapon, I mean his walking stick.

Ragini :- Ouch dadu it hurts.
Dadaji :- It was meant to hurt Ladu. How many times I have told a u to wake up earlier in week days. I know that u will never do it on holidays. But u r not ready to do it, isn’t it? I had warned u that I will bring that stick with thorn to beat u of u repeat this but ididn’t because I thought u r a good girl rather than ur sister. But if u again repeat it again, then there’s no exceptions. Do u understand?
Ragini nods looking down, actually she was controlling her laughter.
Dadaji :- Ladu, look at me. By the way , what happened to ur nose?
Ragini :- I tripped down dadu.
Dadaji :- K. Go and have break fast.

Ragini went to the kitchen and started to have food. She looked around and saw everyone doing the same jobs they are doing everyday. But all were together in taunting on her nose. She was angry because even her di was not supporting her. She wondered why they are not feeling bored by doing the same things everyday. Everyday shekhar will call her in search of his which is always on his table and he will always forget to take his medicines. She was really getting bored .There was complete silence. Is because swara is not there in the house. If she was there they would have fighted a lot. The house would be always alive. Actually she was missing her a lot. She knew that deep inside her heart but she never realise it. She went to her school.

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