Swaragini – A tale of two sisters 12


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Swara was really tired after doing many pranks. The camera’s memory was also full. But this time she lose in front of Ragini because as she said her jiju is so handsome. She roams around the house . Out was very big. She thought that her sister is very lucky too have such a nice sasural. To her surprise she saw the door of store room opened. She wondered who will be there at that time. She entered the room to check but no one was there. She turned back to get but getting out the door was closed from outside and she was trapped inside that room. She shouted to open the door but the never left the room. Air also does not enter that room and she finds difficulty in breathing. She tried to compose herself but it was very difficult. She bangs the door continuously but still there was no reply.

Meanwhile all were ready. All the functions were over. Sanskar eyes were searching for Swara. He lost her somewhere. Now she was nowhere to be seen. He gets tensed. How could she dissapear in a split second.

The whole gadodia family was ready to leave but they stopped not seeing swara.

Dadi : Yeh chori kahan chalk gayi?
Sumi : Don’t know ma!! She is not seen anywhere.
Dadi : When she will have maturity. Why can’t she study seeing Ladu?
Dida : Areey marwaran let her enjoy.
Ap : Kaakkisa . Swara is nice girl. Only prb is that she is still a little childish.
Dadi : Annapurna ji , u r also apporting her like this Bengal an it’s u all who r spoiling her.

Parineeta : Don’t worry about her ma. Do u remember the last time when we went for a wedding. We get very much tensed by not seeing but when we reached home, she was already there and was watching television. I know this also will be something like that. Soit’s better that we don’tthink about her. Let’s go.
Ap : Sharmishta ji. We will also come with u. We have not came to ur house na.
Shekhar : K then. We can leave.

The whole maheshwari family went with than except sanskar who had made an excuse that he is unwell.

In the car dadi was in control but sumi was still much tensed. They reached the home but swara was nowhere. Swara’s phone was also switched off and slowly everyone begins to panic.
He was still worried about swara. Hehas a feeling she is there itself. He wandered along the corridors but there was no sign of swara. He passed in front of the store room and felt something strange. He stood in front it for a few seconds without knowing why. At last he gets frustrated and he opened the store room door and and figure fall from it directly to his arms. It was her , swara. He saw her face for the first time. The most beautiful one he had ever seen. Her eyes were closed. She was unconscious. He took her in his arms. He gripoed her tightly and found a dreadful fact that she was not breathing. He gets worried. He was not having much medical knowledge and he didn’t know what to do. She made her lie on a bed. He called the family and informed them. He also called the doctor but he said he will take some time to reach there. Hegetsv shocked and gets tensed if she could survive this much time.

A way came in front of him. Itwasthe only way. he went towards her and he leaned onto her. Apologising to her, he moves towards her lips and blows airl to her mouth. His lips slowly touched her rosy lips which was shivering. He continued to blow.

Someone clicked their photos.

He blowed until she started to cough. He moves awayandbythat tome the whole family reached there and gets behind them. Swara opened her eyes. She was still much unwell. He looked around like searching for someoneand sanskar watched this from a corner where she van see.

Credit to: Mona (ash)

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