Swaragini – A tale of two sisters 10


Durgaprasad maheshwari (dp) – A strict , serious man. He is a top business man. He always want his children to act only according to his wish. He loves his family but he never shows the affection.

Annapurna maheshwari (ap) – She is dp’s wife. She is a loving wife and mother. She does not like the way in which dp treats their children but she will never say a word against him (not because of fear). She lovea the family a lot.

Adarsh maheshwari : Dp’s son. He takes care of dp’s business. He is a responsible son and is goingtomay parineeta.

Uttara maheshwari : She is dp’s late brother rp’s daughter. Her parents were dead when she was really small and after that ap and dp took care of her and and her brother. She is studying b-tech and have arrived home in the excitement of her bro’s marriage.

And I have saved best for last…..

Sanskar maheshwari : Uttara’s elder brother. He is a young handsome guy but more suitable explanation for him would be angry young man. He was in love with a girl named Kavita and dp was against that relation but kavita cheated him and he was heart broken. After that he always obey what dp said and lives like his puppet. The old sanskar was gone forever and even a small smile have never appeared on his face all this time.

It was the engagement day and the whole gadodia family was completely excited . Swaragini was teasing Parineeta without leaving a second and she was blushing continuously. But someone INA corner of that house was tensed to death. His hands were shivering, he didn’t know what to do. He saw that everyone were ready to go to the groom’s house , where the engagement is heldbuthecan’tg go there. He was scared to go there. He need to find a way that he can’t go there. He got an idea and he decided to implement it. He started to cough continously and everybody get tensed seeing this. He coughed continuously and they made him sit on the bed.

Sumi : What happened to u be beta?
Lucky : Nothing. It haopens frequently. Don’t get tensed. It will be alright after resting for sometime.
Swara : But it’s getting late ma. How can we go leaving him like this?
Lucky : No no.. U all go.
Ragini : What the hell r u telling idiot? Look how much weak you are. What will happen if it get serious? You are doctor, it does not allow you to treat yourself.
Swara : Ragini is right, I will stay here.
Ragini : No no no. U go. U were betting that Jiju is not that much handsome. U go and realise yourself that u were wrong.
Sumi: R u sure?
Ragini : Yes ma but on one condition. Swara u should record the whole function and show me .
Swara : Why u r telling me ? Tell some others.
Sumi : Shona u will do it.
Swara : But ma…..
Sumo : It’s final.

Swara gave a angry look to ragini and she leave from there.

Everyone left for Maheshwari mansion.

His tension was gone but he was feeling uneasy. Because of him Ragini couldn’t be therethere at her sister’s engagement. He cursed himself.

Ragini looks at lucky. When she saw him unwell her heart prickled. She couldn’tsee him in pain but she knew there is something which is bothering. She decided to find it soon.

Gagodia family reached the maheshwari mansion

Credit to: Mona (ash)

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