Swaragini- A tale of two sisters 1


Good morning guys.I know by the time it gets updated it will be good after noon. So good after noon guys. Thank to all those who comment on intro. The pairs will swasan and raglak.I had already decided it but I just asked . because if swalak and ragsan fans are more, so I thought to change it. But now I am happy. Actually I am a die heart swasan fan, so wiring swslak would have been very difficult for me. I also like raglak very much but I could not even imagine ragsan.I agree with mystery that ragsan will be good as siblings. But as a couple they really sucks.I am sorry ragsan fans for telling like this. Im sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings. Before starting first chapter I want to make somethings clear.
-The story will be in a village, not in Kolkata city.
-there will be a lot of spring and grammar mistakes. I am sorry for our.
-U may find some resemblance with some scenes u have watched earliersome where. But it may not be a coincidence. It may be done purposefully because my mind is completely blank as I am starting with a single idea.

I don’t know of I could reach upto your expectations, but I will try maximum. So here we go

There was a deep silence which would be beyond imagination for any one. But he case was different. She was feeling comfortable in that calm atmosphere. There was a pin drop silence. Even the cold breeze passing forgot to make sound. The place was strange . No one could imagine being alone there. She looked up at the sky. It was full of cute little pearls – stars and in their middle stood the moon in perfect round shape. She had always admired the moon. It sacrifices its sleep by giving light in night hopingg that there will be someone in any corner of the world who find the right path through its light. But we never thanked the moon and when the day come, it disappears. The sun hides it but it lives for us . But today it was the stars that attracted her more.Although she wasf very far away from that age, she couldn’t resist herself from singing the old nursery rhyme.

“Twinkle Twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky. ”

She sound in same old manner and became so happy. She tried to identify the constellations. She observed the orion’s belt. The 3 stars take her thoughts to her sisters. She compared that starts with them. She took just one selfless wish “Please, always keep us together Just like how those 3 stars are”. But suddenly she looked down. For a moment she had forgotten what is going to happen. She cursed herself for diverting the attention but still the excitement have her goose bumps. At last she is going to see him. It’s the moment for which she was waitinh since a long time. She could feel his presence there. It was that presence that made her feel that place worser than grave yard like heaven. It was that presence that made her feel protected

The whole area was much familiar for her. She knows that the narrow tunnel she could see straight in front of her was the place where our is going to happen. She moves forward and the sound there was of her for foot steps. She does not feel it awkward because of her excitement.

She entered the tunnel. It was much dark as the moon’s borrowed light could not reach there. She walked fixing her gaze at the other end of the tunnel. She knew he would be there any second. She waited for some time which seems like hours for her. At last she saw the figure. He was walking towards her without making sound. A million dollar smile flashed in her face as he comes forward At last he stops. He was very close to her. She could feel his breathing, she could feel his heart beat, she could feel his presence all around but she couldn’t see his face. She was not in a hurry. She was confident that today she will see him and he will not leave her alone today until she seemed a pool of water fallen on her face.

She opened her eyes and saw herself lying on her bed in the same way she lied there last night. The only difference was that she could feel some wetness around her face. She gets up and she could see her dadi standing in front of her in full rage.
Dadi:- Ladu, get up fast and be ready in 15 min. It’s already 8:30 you kumbhakarn. Otherwise I will again come with water
Ragini:- Dadi,I will be there. Nowe please leave.
Dadi:-I will leave but if you are not going to get ready fast you will see my real face. Your are this much big and also teaches childrens to get up early in the morning but you yourself will not get up.

She went from there blabbering live this

Raginis super angry because of that she tried to send her dadi from there. Otherwise she would have jumped in dadi like a tigress She is getting the same dream since long time but everytimes, any such disturbance wound be there just before she sees him. She was feeling disappointed and cheated. She went to fresh up more likely to say, the world of her own thoughts.

Thank u guys for reading. I hop u enjoyed it.

Credit to: Mona (ash)

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